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WpStream is the only video streaming solution on WordPress that is designed to help you create your video streaming website without adding any load to your hosting server.

WpStream makes it possible for you to stream live content directly on your site, bypassing the need for third-party solutions. By taking control of your live stream, you can fully maximize the use of your video content, choosing how to display it, to whom, and whether you want to charge for it.

Live Streaming

Live Streaming on your website can be carried out directly from your browser or with the help of Streaming Apps with custom RTMP. With just a webcam, you can go live in less than 3 minutes. As for streaming apps, a few popular client picks are:

  • OBS Studio
  • StreamYard
  • Restream
  • Wirecast
  • Larix
  • Melon App
  • Streamlabs
  • Zoom

Whether you are using your laptop, phone, or GoPro, going LIVE and streaming video on your website has never been easier. Gone are the days where you needed a sophisticated and complex live streaming set up. Free-To-View, Pay-Per-View, and Subscription live streams available.

Recordings / Video On Demand (VODs)

Record your live streams or upload video files to create Video-On-Demand content. Video playback or streaming video is compatible on all modern browsers and platforms.

Allow your viewers to catch up on your video content by offering it On Demand. Free-To-View, Pay-Per-View, and Subscription VOD available.

Monetization with WooCommerce

Live streaming and VOD monetization is carried out with WooCommerce. Transform your business idea into one that includes video streaming and watch how your profits follow. With just a basic setup, you can create your Pay-Per-View and Subscription Livestreams and VODs on your website.

Content Rights and Free Speech

WpStream believes in your Right to Free Speech and autonomy over what you live stream on your website. Add your own logo, branding, and identity to your live streams and videos.

If you have a private event, you can set up a password protected live stream. Perfect for company meetings, kids activities, weddings, and other private events.

Widgets, blocks, and shortcodes

Live and VOD Player embedding

Each Live Stream and On Demand video will have its own pre-made video page. Alternatively, customize the location and position of the video player using the “WpStream Player” block, widget, or regular shortcode. Available with Elementor, WPBakery, and other page builders.

E-Commerce Marketplace / TWITCH feature

Allow regular users, streamers, and influencers to go LIVE on your website via the front-end (like TWITCH). Set up profiles and add the “Start Streaming” block, widget, or shortcode to their page so they can go live at any time without admin access. Available with Elementor, WPBakery, and other page builders.

Live Channels and Video Lists

Show viewers which streamer or channel is currently LIVE on your video streaming website and all the On Demand videos they can catch up with any time, any where, on any device. Use the WpStream Channel List or WpStream Video on Demand List. Available with Elementor, WPBakery, and other page builders.

What’s New?

  • Onboarding wizard experience – We walk you through your first live stream via browser broadcasting
  • Affiliate program for experienced WpStreamers. Partner with us on this live streaming journey for attractive lifetime commissions.
  • Improved plugin functionality, User experience (UX), and language.
  • New website design, logo, and makeover. A fresh start, elevated ideas, and on a serious mission to take your video streaming needs to the next level.

Check out our documentation, blog, and YouTube Channel for latest updates, tips, and instructions on how to create your video streaming website.




  • Add your WpStream Credentials
  • WpStream Onboarding Wizard
  • WpStream Onboarding Wizard - Going Live
  • WpStream Settings Page
  • WpStream Channel Settings
  • Turning On a Channel
  • WpStream Player on frontend
  • Pay Per View Live Channel with WooCommerce
  • Your Channel List
  • Your Recordings
  • Setting up a Subscription with WooCommerce Subscriptions Plugin


  1. Review our comprehensive tutorials here https://wpstream.net/category/getting-started/
  2. Install and enable the plugin from https://downloads.wordpress.org/plugin/wpstream.zip or by searching for ‘WpStream’ in your plugin install page
  3. Signup with WpStream and get your credentials
  4. Under the “WpStream” section of your WordPress admin, use the WpStream credentials to activate your plugin
  5. (Optional) Install and activate WooCommerce if you need to create pay-per-view video products
  6. Create and publish a new ‘Free Live Channel” (under ‘Free Free Live Channel / Free Video’) or a ‘Live channel’ type Product (under ‘Products’)
  7. After publishing your Channel/Product, click the “BROADCAST TO CHANNEL” button. Wait for the channel to become available and select your favorite way to broadcast (‘Browser’ or ‘3rd Party’). The browser broadcast will open a pop-up that will immediately begin to broadcast. The ‘3rd party’ option will give you the ‘rtmp’ parameters you need to set up on your encoder (i.e. OBS)
  8. Live video will be available on the Channel/Product ‘permalink’ page shortly after starting your broadcast

Preguntas frecuentes

What can I use WpStream for?

Live Streaming, Video (On Demand), and Pay-Per-View on WordPress websites. Most popular use cases for live video content include Fitness, Faith, Education, and News / TV Broadcasting.

Which subscription plan is the best for my streaming needs?

We calculate your ideal plan based on the number of hours you will be streaming, the number of viewers, the amount of storage you need, and the quality of your broadcast. You can calculate which plan is best for you by adding your numbers here.

How many LIVE channels can I run concurrently?

You can run anywhere from 5 to 150 LIVE concurrent channels, depending on the subscription plan you have. Check them out here.

Can I monetize my LIVE and Video (On Demand) content?

Absolutely! You can set up subscription plans, pay-per-view, or hybrid models with WooCommerce. Find out more information about the different monetization options for LIVE and Video content here.

Can my website users go live on my website on their own?

Regular users are able to GO LIVE via the Front-End. Check out the documentation to find out how streaming video is done by regular users.

What can I live stream with?

Through any modern browser or using apps with RTMP (Real-Time Messaging Protocol) capability. For example, StreamYard, OBS, Wirecast, iPhones, and Androids. See here.


18 de mayo de 2023
works really smoothly and hooks up to OBS easily. requires buying server ho$ting from them, would be nice to use the plugin with a self hosted server - not sure if that functionality exists. great plugin. it works.
25 de mayo de 2023 1 respuesta
EDIT: After this post, costumer support contacted me and offered to keep my data franchise even after my subscription expires. So I have changed the title and review. Thanks! ORIGINAL: I purchased the FAMILY pack (100GB limit) for $19 USD to host a live streaming event, but we ended up having more viewers than expected. When we had only 20GB of data remaining, I clicked on the "UPGRADE SUBSCRIPTION" button in my account, assuming that it would charge the price difference and switch us to the TEAM account (250GB limit) for $49 USD. I thought it would deduct the 80GB we had already used and provide an additional 170GB for the price difference. Isn't that what UPGRADE should mean? To my surprise, the entire amount of $49 USD was deducted, and my data allowance was reset. It used the remaining 20GB and then started deducting from my new plan, but I couldn't track the remaining credits because I was now on a different plan. So I reached out to support to understand what had happened, and they simply told me to re-sign up for the FAMILY pack to get an extra 100GB. I politely asked if a refund was possible since I now have around 200GB left that I don't need, but my request was rejected. Regarding the technical aspect, the streaming itself went well, but I have two complaints: Embedding the stream on a webpage is challenging. When using the WordPress plugin, it creates a blog post with a link, but it's not straightforward to embed it elsewhere. Occasionally, although not frequently, the live feed stutters and repeats a few milliseconds. This never happened during our YouTube live streams before, so I'm wondering if it's an encoding bug. Overall, the plugin is good, but the billing system could be clearer, and the customer support team could be more attentive to customers' needs.
24 de marzo de 2023
Easy to setup, good to configure. We had the live stream going in a few minutes. Nice work.
28 de febrero de 2023
This was easy to set up, the pricing is fair, and it works pretty well. We've been experimenting thus far, figuring out what we can do with it, and it has made our ability to reach out to our community so much better.
28 de diciembre de 2022
WpStream @streaming4wp #STRAIGHTALK Live Video Plugin for all your Live Streaming needs on WordPress. Monetization with WooCommerce. It only took a few minutes to upload and activate this plugin if you plan on doing any video streaming and you want full control of your data.
25 de diciembre de 2022
This is a great plugin dose what it says it will and the streams look amazing really easy to set up and get it all working. 5 mins then you can be live on your own website. maybe as an upgrade have a live chat as well
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