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WP Attachments is a plugin that enhance the download experience and file managing in WordPress. It adds some features for attachments and automagically shows them in posts and pages.
When you upload a file, the download link will be automatically shown after the content without manual insert of the html link in the content.
Includes utilities for attaching, unattaching or reattaching assets in the media library.

Demo: www.sanpellegrinoterme.gov.it

Main Features

🤖 Automatic function to show your attachments
ℹ️ Backend writing metabox
🔃 Fast Attach, Unattach and Reattach files in the “Media” menu
🔢 Download counter with anti-spamming system and logged users filter
🧑‍💻 Developer hooks and filters
🛍️ WooCommerce compatibile
🎨 5 icon packs to choose from
📜 Support for pages, posts and custom post types
🎢 Customizable themes with many options (title, date, size, caption…)



  • The list generated

  • Simple and intuitive options

  • Demo from www.sanpellegrinoterme.gov.it

  • Metabox (back-end)

  • WP Attachments allows you to attach, unattach and reattach files in “Media” screen


  1. Install the plugin either via the WordPress.org plugin directory, or by uploading the files to your server

  2. After activating, you’ve all done. If you want to customize it, please have a look to Settings -> WP Attachments

  3. You will also notice a new metabox while editing a post, page or whatever custom post type. In addition you can find new features in the media page: “Attach”+”Reattach”

Preguntas frecuentes

How can i hide the list for a certain page?

While in the edit screen, you will see the plugin metabox that lists every file uploaded to the content. At the bottom-right of this metabox you can easily turn off the automatic listing by checking Disable.

How can i avoid double listing?

When you upload a file, you usually click to insert the link in the content. Please note that this action is not required with WP Attachments. When you upload a file, WordPress assigns it to the content ID (even if its link is not inserted as html) and WP Attachments will show it. Instead of clicking “Insert in this page”, just click “X” in the upper right corner of the media popup. The file will still be there, and this plugin will show it!

How can i reorder files?

Just drag them while editing the page (in WP Attachments metabox or Media Popup)

Developer Filters

WP Attachments includes many filters to allow developers easily change its behaviour 🙂

  • wpatt_list_html ~ list output ($html > $html)
  • wpatt_before_entry_html ~ single entry output (before %TAG% parsing) ($html > $html)
  • wpatt_after_entry_html ~ single entry output (after %TAG% parsing) ($html > $html)
  • wpatt_accepted_formats ~ alter files to shows ($mime > $boolean)


function my_custom_function( $html ) { //Alter final html
    return $new_html;
add_filter( 'wpatt_list_html', 'my_custom_function' );

function my_custom_function( $mime ) { //This snippet shows only PDF in the list
    if ( $mime == 'applicationpdf') {
        return true;
    return false;
add_filter( 'wpatt_accepted_formats', 'my_custom_function' );


1 de octubre de 2023
E’ un fantastico plugin, con tutta la sua semplicità. Metto 5 stelle con la speranza che l’autore lo vorrà aggiornare. Perché ad esempio, ogni volta che aggiorno un/a pagina/articolo gli allegati si attivano automaticamente, anche se prima erano disattivati. Sarebbe meglio averli disattivati in default.
5 de agosto de 2022
also I’d love an option not to show the list at all in frontend – i would use it only for unattaching in the backend. A zip-all-attachments download would be nice. And as mentioned, images in the list should be shown as thumbnails. Also there is a bug – when I edit the post and then try to unattach, it wants to reload and leave the post unsaved. Ajax would suit better.
24 de febrero de 2022
I tried over a dozen other plugins in order to display a simple list of PDFs which the user can upload and display on a page. I was relieved to finally find WP Attachments worked as expected and was simple to set up. Php 8 update, if needed, would be great and compatibility with page builders and ease of CSS customisation are always welcome features. Thank you for your work which is much appreciated.
1 de diciembre de 2021
This plugin is simple but very focused and achieves what it needs to. That said, the underlying code is messy and at times poorly written. For example, the attachments div has no class or id so you can’t target it with css. It forces its style using the “style” attribute which is pretty bad for customizability. I had to use a filter and wrap it in another div just to have a class I could target with custom CSS. Another big issue: in the admin options, I am not able to use a custom template for the attachment title. Selecting the “Custom” option does nothing because the plugin: – Uses a script HTML tag to load jQuery from an external CDN, in the middle of the page. This is not the Wordpress standard way of loading jQuery (or any script at all) and can potentially cause many issues. – Attempts to use the “$” variable instead of using “jQuery”. This causes an error (TypeError: $ is not a function) that blocks the execution of javascript and prevents the options from working correctly. So if the plugin works for you out-of-the-box, that’s great. If you need to adapt it somehow, be aware that the code is very hard to work with.
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Registro de cambios

5.0.6 20230215

  • Compatibility check
  • Security fixes
  • Minor changes

5.0.4 20211020

  • Compatibility check
  • Linked development workflows on Github – https://github.com/WPGov/wp-attachments
  • Minor changes

5.0 20201128

  • WooCommerce compatibile: add files to your clients’ orders
  • Huge improvements and technical changes under the hood
  • Rewritten add_media popup, with custom behaviour
  • Removed various files, including old translation .po translation files
  • Added support for native translate.wordpress.org translation system. Help us!
  • Minor changes

4.4.2 20200429

  • Minor improvements

4.4.1 20200220

  • Compatibility check

Version 4.4 18/11/2017

  • Fixed critical bug for missing icons in WP 4.9
  • Some problems may occur in previous WP versions for icons. Please update!

Version 4.3.6 10/01/2017

  • Tested with WP 4.7
  • Fixed php warning in custom post types with capabilities mapped

Version 4.3.4 06/07/2016

  • 4.6 compatibility check

Version 4.3.3 02/04/2016

  • Fixed bug in metabox date
  • Tested with WP 4.5

Version 4.3.2 19/02/2016

  • Fixed php notice error when debug active

Version 4.3.1 18/02/2016

  • Auto exclusion of dropdown if attachments < 2

Version 4.3 23/12/2015

  • Added option to show a dropdown for ordering
  • Various improvements and bugfix
  • Added support for translate.wordpress.org

Version 4.2 02/08/2015

  • Added developer functions and filters
  • Minor improvements
  • ReadMe changes (FAQS added)

Version 4.1.2 6/07/2015

  • Added es_ES translations by Joaquín Alejandro Duro Arribas
  • ReadMe changes

Version 4.1.1 1/06/2015

  • Tested with latest beta version
  • Readme changes

Version 4.1 26/04/2015

  • Added option to exlude logged-in users from download counter
  • Fixed “extended” template
  • Minor bugfixes
  • Minor readme.txt changes

Version 4.0.2

  • Correct bug of 404 error when file title contains special characters (download counter only)
  • Minor improvements

Version 4.0.1

  • Fixed download error 404 for some permalinks when counter enable

Version 4.0

  • New and better metabox
  • Added download counter function
  • Added icon themes
  • Added multiple schemes
  • Redesigned options
  • Performance improvements (2x faster)
  • Minor improvements

Version 3.7 05/03/2015

  • Added filter and option to restrict the plugin to single and page views
  • Minor performance improvements
  • Fixed wrong version in settings panel
  • Better style for attachments list

Version 3.6.1 28/02/2015

  • Added check for password protected posts

Version 3.6 28/02/2015

  • Improved performance
  • Improved metabox (faster & nicer)
  • Improved option panel
  • Added opton to deactivate the plugin on certain pages

Version 3.5.6 21/10/2014

  • Fixed css conflict with italian schools WordPress theme “pasw2015”

Version 3.5.5 05/09/2014

  • Added plugin icon
  • Added serbian translation sr_RS
  • readme.txt changes

Version 3.5.4 26/07/2014

  • Fixed possible conflict with other plugins (ex. Members)
  • Fixed missing translation of “Update” button in the options panel (world-wide)

Version 3.5.3 20/07/2014

  • Added Brazilian Portuguese translations by Henrique Avila Vianna

Version 3.5.2 15/07/2014

  • Fixed add media button not being displayed when no file attached
  • Fixed metabox not showing up for add-new “admin” pages
  • Upgraded uploader to be the same as WordPress’ integrated
  • Improved add media button style to exactly match the WordPress’ standard

Version 3.5.1 12/07/2014

  • Tested and working on WordPress 4.0 (beta)

Version 3.5 09/07/2014

  • Added unattach link in media admin page
  • Added unattach link in page/post/cpt editor
  • Improved back-end metabox
  • Improved capability handling for attach/reattach/unattach functions
  • Improved some variables handling
  • Added function to check if a file doesn’t exist and must skip filesize calculation (in order to avoid front-end errors)

Version 3.4 08/07/2014

  • Added reattach link in media admin page
  • Added attach link for unattached file in media admin page

Version 3.3 28/03/2014

  • Added option to open files in a new tab [in Settings -> WP Attachments]
  • Fixed conflict with “Members” plugin causing the metabox appearing in its options page
  • Added an “eye” icon in the editor metabox showing that the file will be listed front-end

Version 3.2.3 26/03/2014

  • Solved conflict with some newsletter plugins by addind code for avoiding the attachments list if the given post id is null

Version 3.2.2 12/03/2014

  • Added support for MP3, ODT, ODS
  • Changed size text for small files: now showing “< 1KB” instead of “n B”
  • Better compatibility for Internet Explorer

Version 3.2.1 03/03/2014

  • Added wp_enqueue_style for loading css style
  • Performance improved

Version 3.2 03/03/2014

  • New localization system. English & Italian already translations included
  • New back-end metabox. That’s in beta, but i’m sure you will like it!
  • Better option page

Version 3.1.4 4/11/2013

  • Fixed missing ‘Backend.php’ (this function will be available in the next versions (3.2+)

Version 3.1.3 27/10/2013

  • Another bugfix

Version 3.1.2 27/10/2013

  • Fixed a bug causing content not to be loaded in some cases

Version 3.1.1 19/10/2013

  • List title is now hidden correctly

Version 3.1 15/09/2013

  • Fixed missing icon for images
  • Added option to exclude images from being listed
  • Improved settings page layout

Version 3.0.4 24/08/2013

  • Readme minor changes

Version 3.0.3 23/08/2013

  • Improved Css appearance

Version 3.0.2 23/08/2013

  • Fixed activation error: unespected output – 1 charater

Version 3.0.1 22/08/2013

  • Fixed missing external shortcode rendering
  • Fixed reduntant css code
  • Improved loop
  • List header doesn’t show up anymore for empty attachments

Version 3.0 22/08/2013

  • Added Css for showing icons
  • Added file size
  • Added attachment data
  • Added options panel

Version 2.0 04/07/2013

  • First functional release. Enjoy!

Version 1.0 07/01/2012

  • First Release