Mail Queue


This plugin will improve the security of your WordPress website, by delaying the email submission of wp_mail().

If your website might show any strange behaviour, e.g. a spam bot is trying to flood your contact form, you will be alerted directly.

  • Intercepts wp_mail() and puts emails into a Queue
  • Control how many emails and how often emails are sent
  • Log every email submission of the Queue
  • Get alerted if your Queue is running full
  • Get alerted if WordPress is not able to send emails



Upload the the plugin, activate it, and got to the Settings to enable the Queue.

Please make sure that your WP Cron is running reliably.

Preguntas frecuentes

Do I need to configure anything?

Yes. Once activated please go into the Settings of the Plugin to do some configurations.

You can enable the Queue, control how many emails and how often they should be sent.

You can enable the Alerting feature and control at which point exactly you want to be alerted.

How does this plugin work?

If enabled this plugin intercepts the wp_mail() function. Instead of sending the mails directly, it stores them in the database and sends them step by step with a delay during the WP Cron.

Does this plugin change the way HOW the emails are sent?

No. This plugin does not change HOW the emails are sent. For example: If you use SMTP for sending, or a third-party-service like Mailgun, everything will still work.

This plugin changes WHEN the emails are sent. By the email Queue it gives you control about how many emails should be sent in which interval.

Does this plugin work, if I have a caching Plugin installed?

If you’re using a caching plugin like W3 Total Cache, WP Rocket or any other caching solution which generates static HTML files and serves them to visitors, you’ll have to make sure you’re calling the wp-cron file manually every couple of minutes.

Otherwise your normal WP Cron wouldn’t be called as often as it should be and scheduled messages would be sent with big delays.

What about Proxy-Caching, e.g. NGINX?

Same situation here. Please make sure you’re calling the WordPress Cron by an external service or your webhoster every couple of minutes.

My form builder supports attachments. What about them?

You are covered. All attachments are stored temporarily in the queue until they are sent along with their corresponding emails.

What are Queue alerts?

This is a simple and effective way to improve the security of your WordPress installation.

Imagine: In case your website is sending spam through wp_mail(), the email Queue would fill up very quickly preventing your website from sending so many spam emails at once. This gives you time and avoids a lot of trouble.

Queue Alerts warn you, if the Queue is longer than usal. You decide at which point you want to be alerted. So you get the chance to have a look if there might be something wrong on the website.

I have a MultiSite. Can I use Mail Queue?

Yes, but with limitations.

You can’t activate the Mail Queue for the whole network. Instead, please activate it for each site separately. Then it will work smoothly. In a future release we’ll add full MultiSite support.

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  • Perfomance and security improvements


  • Resend emails
  • Notification if WordPress can’t send emails


  • Initial release.