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Hotjar helps you to connect the dots between what your users do and why—so you can confidently create and optimize user experiences that convert. See what your users see, ask how they feel, and connect 1:1, all from one powerful and intuitive platform.

Hotjar Observe:

  • Visualize user behavior – Heatmaps visually represent where users click, move, and scroll on your site. With this context, you’ll be inspired with simple ways to improve your site.
  • Put yourself in their shoes – Watch recordings of real user behavior on your site. See visitors’ clicks, mouse movements, u-turns, and rage clicks. Learn what frustrates users and resolve issues early.
  • Measure conversions and learn why users drop off – Visualize your conversion flows with Funnels, and understand where your users are getting stuck by zooming into relevant recordings.
  • Explore and understand your metrics – Trends connects the dots between numbers and user behavior insights so you can visualize your most important metrics and find the recordings and heatmaps of the underlying user behavior with a single click.

Hotjar Ask:

  • Hear from your users – Surveys bring voice-of-customer to your decision-making. Gathering evidence for a landing page or feature? Use a targeted Survey to validate your ideas and better understand your users.
  • Get feedback with context – A real-time suggestion box on your site, Feedback lets users express frustration or delight about individual parts of your site, right down to the page, form, or image they’re looking at.

Hotjar Engage:

  • Connect with users – Automate the recruitment, scheduling, and hosting of moderated user interviews, and focus on what matters the most—connecting with users.

Hotjar Platform:

  • Stay on top of your user metrics – Use your Dashboard to get a high-level view of user data and spot issues before they become serious, identify trends, and find deeper insights.
  • Integrate Hotjar with the tools you love – Connect Hotjar with thousands of popular apps, so you can automate your work and have more time for what matters most—no code required.

This plugin provides a simple installation of Hotjar on your WordPress site. Sign-up for your free trial today!


  • La interfaz de ajustes. Añade tu ID de sitio único de Hotjar al campo vacío y guarda los cambios para instalar el script de Hotjar en ese sitio.
  • Después de guardar, verás este mensaje de proceso exitoso. Haz clic en el enlace para verificar que tu instalación fue exitosa.
  • ¡Proceso exitoso! Si ves este mensaje, Hotjar se ha instalado en tu sitio. Visita Insights para configurar las herramientas de Hotjar en tu sitio.


Instalación sencilla

El plugin Hotjar está disponible para instalar a través de la biblioteca de plugins de WordPress y puedes instalarlo directamente desde tu escritorio de WordPress. Para conseguir una guía de instalación paso a paso, échale un vistazo a nuestro práctico documento de ayuda.

Instalación manual

De forma alternativa, puedes instalarlo manualmente:

  1. Descarga el plugin Hotjar como un archivo .zip.
  2. Sube la carpeta hotjar al directorio /wp-content/plugins/.
  3. Activa el plugin desde el menú «Plugins» de WordPress


Después de la instalación, configura el plugin visitando «Ajustes -> Hotjar» e introduciendo tu ID único de sitio de Hotjar. Puedes encontrar tu ID de sitio en la lista de sitios y organizaciones en «Insights».

Preguntas frecuentes

¿Necesito una cuenta de Hotjar para usar este plugin?

Yes. You can sign up for a free Hotjar account which provides access to all our features including heatmaps, recordings and feedback tools.

He configurado Hotjar, ¿y ahora qué?

You can enable, disable and enable all the Hotjar features from within the Insights app. Any changes will be reflected immediately on the site(s) where you have the Hotjar script installed.

Para más información sobre cómo comenzar con Hotjar visita nuestro centro de ayuda.

¿Dónde puedo conseguir más información acerca de Hotjar?

Visit our website to learn more about Hotjar and how you can use it to start gaining insights into how users use your site.

¿Dónde están los «Términos de servicio» de Hotjar?

The full terms of service are available here together with other legal and privacy documentation. If you have further questions do not hesitate to reach out to our support.

¿Hotjar cumple con la RGPD?

We’ve built Hotjar with a privacy by design approach and have developed a number of compliance controls for our customers to be able to use Hotjar in a GDPR compliant manner.

¿Mis usuarios pueden darse de baja?

Yes. Hotjar respects the Do Not Track header and users can also opt-out on a per-browser basis by visiting Hotjar opt out.

¿Cómo borro Hotjar de mi sitio?

You can uninstall this plugin at any time to remove Hotjar from your site. Data which has been collected can be removed through the Insights interface, or by deleting your site or account. For more information see our data retention documentation..


6 de junio de 2024
…Now it won’t even correctly verify the installation. The tracking script was in my website yet the HotJar control panel claimed over and over that it wasn’t when I tried to verify the installation. I tried FOUR different browsers, since it claimed that ad blocking in my primary browser was preventing it from working. The other 3 browsers have no ad-blocking extensions. Still no dice. I could see the requests reaching the site while trying to verify, and I even tested the requests that were made and, sure enough, the tracking script was installed. So… I’m done. I’ll find another way to tackle the task I needed to complete. My HotJar account is deleted and I will no longer be suggesting it to my customers.
3 de septiembre de 2023
the plugin states connection is verified on all pages I checked. The site says I need to complete the installation before continuing.
7 de junio de 2023
I have already tried a few analytics applications. However, I never found the right one. hotjar is easy to use and provides considerable insights even in the free version. Super. I can only recommend it.
26 de mayo de 2023
I know that Hotjar is awesome, but this plugin was useless to me. After activating, it does not show anywhere. All I’ve got is a folder in the plugins directory.
23 de mayo de 2023
Went against the better judgment of 1 star reviews and tried this plugin anyway. Manually placed the code and did the WooCommerce setup. The plugin still can’t receive data, but it gives a warning message that two code snippets are successfully installed.
28 de abril de 2023
The plugin worked only on one of my two sites. On the other site, I can see that it has added the tracking code to the header, but hotjar fails to find the code every time. Ironically, it worked on the site that had more plugins, features and custom code installed! Just doing it manually will likely save you time
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Registro de cambios


  • cross-site scripting vulnerability fixed.


  • Updated description.


  • Fixed a warning (PHP 8 compatibility).


  • Tested on WP 6.0.


  • Se actualizaron los activos y se probó en WP 5.8.1


  • Probado en WP 5.8.


  • Probado en WP 5.7.2.


  • Probado en WP 5.6.


  • Probado en WP 5.5.


  • Actualización de la descripción


  • También se ha actualizado el registro de cambios.


  • Corrige el archivo «readme» publicado con la etiqueta 1.0.4.


  • Probado hasta la versión 5.3.2


  • Versión inicial.