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Yandex.News Feed by Teplitsa


Yandex.News Feed by Teplitsa – allows you to convert your site materials into Yandex News format with turbo pages support.

WARNING: this plugin is no longer supported.

The goal of the plugin is to simplify the integration of any WordPress-powered website with Yandex.News.

  • The installation process is smooth and requires minimum settings.
  • Feed compatible with Yandex.News format is available immediately after installation.

The plugin is developed and maintained by Teplitsa of social technologies.


  • Compatibility with Yandex.News guidelines.
  • Yandex turbo-pages support.
  • Custom post types support in feed.
  • Filtering by category or custom taxonomy term.
  • Individual settings for posts in feed.
  • If the feed generation process overloads your DB server, you can enable cache. Just set cache lifetime value.

After installing the plugin settings are available under menu Settings -> Yandex.Novosti.

Feed is accessible at the link A custom URL could be specify through Settings page in case of active “pretty permalinks”.

The plugin has the minimum of settings. Read more about it’s usage at the developers’ website:

Help us

We will be very grateful for your help us to make the plugin better. You can do it in the following ways:

  • Report bugs or suggest improvements at GitHub.
  • Send us a Pull Request with your fixes or improvements.
  • Translate the plugin or optimize it for your country.

If you have questions about the plugin, then ask for support through GitHub.


  • Feed sample
  • Settings page sample


Installation process is typical for WordPress.

You can also use GIT:
or download as ZIP:


12 de abril de 2021 1 respuesta
Плагин великолепно работает и при желании легко расширить под свои "хотелки". Полезный и продуманный!
7 de noviembre de 2020 3 respuestas
Новости с сайта перестали транслироваться в Яндекс новостях. Проблема с экспортным файлом. Плагин перестал работать. Разрабы, когда почините свой плагин, изменю отзыв и оценку. Ну а пока единица....
14 de octubre de 2020 1 respuesta
Служба технической поддержки Яндекс.Новостей исключила наш фид из каталога по причине его несоответствия их требованиям. Что по словам техподдержки нужно починить в фиде: убрать из шапки фида первую пустую строчку. "уберите, пожалуйста, из шапки фида первую пустую строчку", - ответ службы поддержки Яндекса.
25 de enero de 2019 15 respuestas
У меня стоит версия плагина 1.10.1. И вот сегодня обновился до 1.10.7 и появился косяк. Не стала срабатывать опция "Максимальный возраст записей ленты" (у меня стоит 8 дней). Пришлось откатится до старой версии плагина, так как в ЯН стали попадать старые записи (старше 8 дней), а это ошибка фида. Версия WP - 4.9.9 Можете сказать в чём косяк может быть?
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Colaboradores y desarrolladores

Este software es de código abierto. Las siguientes personas han contribuido a este plugin.


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Registro de cambios


  • Update: PDA link deleted from feed.
  • New: Added shortcodes to place custom button, share widget, contact widget, feedback form etc. in post content.
  • New: Added integration with Yandex.Turbo API. Post will be updated in Yandex right after saving if you provide API Auth Token.


  • Update: Turbo=False option added for excluded turbo-pages when turbo-feed is on, and for all turbo-pages when turbo-feed is off.
  • Update: If “Include post thumbnails into feed” is off, then a post thumbnail will be removed from turbo-page header.
  • Update: Turbo pages feed pagination added.
  • Update: Separate turbo pages feed added.


  • Update: Compatibility with PHP5.3 restored.
  • Update: Caching optimized.


  • Update: Default min feed items limit removed. Now less than 300 records allowed.
  • Update: Figure video tags support added.
  • Update: Caching improved.


  • Update: Escape special chars in item description improved.


  • Update: Embed shortcode support added.


  • Update: Compatibility with WP Multilang plugin added.


  • Update: Some Turbo settings moved to Yandex.Webmaster.
  • Update: Turbo-pages limit settings updated.


  • Update: New tags allowed.
  • Update: Yandex Plugin ID added.


  • Fix: Timezone negative UTC offset bug fixed.
  • Update: Authors list extended.


  • New: Yandex Ad Network blocks support added.
  • New: Analytics support added.
  • Update: mp4 video support added.
  • Fix: Protocol issue in enclosure resolved.
  • Fix: “More” tag removed from short description.


  • New: Option to set max age of the feed posts added.
  • Update: Yandex turbo-content header composition even for posts without thumbnails.
  • Update: Links to useful articles fixed.


  • Update: Yandex turbo-pages support added.


  • Update: Readme updated.


  • Update: External URLs removed from enclosures list.


  • Fix: Feed limit fixed.


  • New: Terms slug support added in tax filter.
  • New: Terms slug support added in tax exclude filter.
  • New: Clear cache occurs when save empty cache lifetime.


  • New: Feed cache added. Generated feed cache is stored in WP options table. Try to turn it on if feed generation overloads you DB server.
  • New: Cache lifetime option added.


  • New: Exclude terms feature added from h8every1 pull request:
  • Fix: Text domain changed


  • Fix: Feed optimized


  • New: Remove unused shortcodes option added
  • New: Remove pdalink tag option added
  • New: Remove teaser from yandex:full-text option added
  • New: Feed length optional limit added
  • Fix: Feed Content-type fixed for WordPress 4.5


  • New: thumbnails in feed replaced to original images
  • New: Option to include or exclude featured image from feed added
  • Fix: youtube links parsing improved
  • Fix: duplicated enclosures removed

  • Fix: media:group structure optimized

  • Fix: Size of youtube video thumbnails changed


  • New: Youtube video thumbnails added
  • Fix: media:group structure optimized


  • Fix: Minor fixes and updates for feed content


  • Fix: Minor fixes and updated for admin settings


  • Fix: Incorrect custom URL behaviour on existing installs


  • New: Support for YouTube video embedded in the post content
  • News: Custom URL for the feed (with pretty permalinks active)
  • Fix: Image caption text stripped out from the translation context


  • New: Added support for new Yandex square logo format update


  • Fix: Minor fixes in plugin dashboard area


  • New: Own options page for plugin settings
  • New: Posts in feed could be filtering by category or custom taxonomy term
  • New: Posts could be excluded from feed with individual setting


  • Fix: Incorrect formatting filtering applyed for the full feed content


  • Fix: Inline styles appear in feed content


  • Fix: Category field should contains only one category label
  • Fix: Some shortcodes appeared incorrectly in the feed content


  • Fix: Some invalid characters appear in feed
  • Fix: Security fix
  • Fix: Translation files not loading
  • Fix: Incorrect content behaviour due to conflicts with some themes


  • First official release!