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WordPress Galleria


WordPress Galleria provides a simple way to collect image attachments into a image gallery. This plugin uses the Classic theme.


Upload /wpgalleria/ into the /wp-content/plugins/ directory, and activate the plugin through the plugins menu.

Attach images to a page via the media gallery panel. On that page, add the shortcode ‘[wpgalleria]’ and the
attached images will be displayed as an image gallery.

shortcode options: none

formatting gallery contents

The title of an image will be added as the caption in the gallery. By default, this is the name of the image file.

Index links

links to image galleries (as an index) can be generated using another
shortcode: ‘[wpgalleria-index]’, which has the following

  • id the id of the page containing the gallery
  • title or optionally the title of the page containing the galery

  • index can be the title of the image, ‘random’ to pick a random thumbnail, or the numeric index of the image. Default is to pick the first image. This will be displayed as a thumbnail for the gallery link

  • caption ‘true’ to display the caption with the image, or ‘false’ not to. Default is false.

Note that the title of the page will appear as a link to the gallery itself.

Preguntas frecuentes

Galleria what now?

Galleria is a rather nice and feature-rich javascript image gallery. I am not affiliated in any way with it or its developers, just providing a way to use it in wordpress. Galleria wth the Classic theme is licensed under the MIT license.

How do I change the Galleria settings?

Refer to the Galleria site, then go into the /js/galleria folder inside the plugins folder and do whatever. The script is initialized in /js/main.js

You mean I can’t change settings in the editor?

No. The plugin just provides a shortcode and an interface with post attachments. You’ll have to do it the old fashioned way.

How do I add images to a gallery?

Attach new images to the page with the gallery using the media panel

How do I remove images from the gallery

Unattach images from the page with the gallery using the media panel

How do I change the theme?

This plugin uses the Classic theme, which is free. Refer to the page for their other themes.


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