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WP SMS Plugin: If you’ve ever wanted to enable sending SMS from your wordpress website or app, This plugin was created for this by using Twilio,One of the best SMS solutions on the market. And they’re reasonably priced and have an excellent API.

The plugin includes functionality to directly send a text message (SMS) to any permissible number from the plugin settings page. You can use it to send BULK SMS to any user role of your website, or to all the users.It’s an excelent marketing approach.

The plugin also allows WordPress Users/Developers to extend its settings and functionality and integrate it into any type of site. For example, it can easily be extended to send a text message on virtually any WordPress action.

Here’s a list of what the plugin provides out of the box:

  • Custom function to easily send SMS messages to any number (including international ones)
  • Functionality to directly send a text message to any permissible number from the plugin settings page
  • Send Bulk SMS to all the users of the website or to a user role.
  • Send SMS Newsletter to all the users of the website or to a user role or to a custom list of numbers.Many premium features and options are integrated within this one.
  • Enable sending SMS notifications to the admin or any number about any activity on the website (New comment,New Post,..)
  • Hooks to add additional tabs on the plugin settings page to allow managing all SMS related settings from the same page
  • Basic logging capability to keep track of up to 100 entries
  • Mobile Phone User Field added to each profile (optional)
  • Shorten URLs using Bit.ly or Google URL Shortener API (optional)

Extend, Contribute, Integrate

WP SMS Pro Addons

The plugin is extended by premium addons.

  • Woocommerce SMS : It will send SMS to your Woocommerce store’s customers to notify them about their orders’ statuses. (Order completed, Shipped, Cancelled,Delivered,..)
  • Event Espresso SMS Reminder : It sends SMS reminders to event attendees who registered on your Event Espresso website.
  • Bulk SMS: Send Bulk SMS to the users of your websites, You can select which one you want to receive your SMS.
  • WPSMS for Contact Form 7: Send notifications to the admin when someone send a message through the website forms..
  • AdForest Theme integration: Enable options to send SMS to the sellers on your website when they are contacted through their ads’ contact form.
  • Easy Digital Downloads Integartion: if you use EDD, You can enable sending SMS notifications to your customers when they have any action in the store (Order completed, Shipped, Cancelled,..)
  • WPSMS for Vantage (By Appthemes): The admin receives SMS when a new business is being submited on his Vantage directory website.
  • WPSMS for Classipress (By Appthemes) : The admin receives SMS when a new listing is being submited on his Classipress classified ads website.
  • More integrations to come next. Check out more addons here.

// If you want us to create a custom addon for your plugin or a theme, contact us , We will be happy to help You.

Visit the WordPress SMS Plugin for full integration details. Contributors are welcome to send pull requests via GitHub repository.

For custom integration with your WordPress website, please contact us here.

Disclaimer: This plugin is not affiliated with or supported by Twilio, Inc. All logos and trademarks are the property of their respective owners.


  • Send text messages from your WordPress website to any number using Twilio!
  • Settings page in the WordPress admin back end.


  1. Extract and upload the folder wp-twilio-core to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress
  3. Go to Settings -> Twilio in WordPress and enter API details and Twilio number.

Preguntas frecuentes

Please make sure you read through the SMS FAQs on the Twilio website.

Is this service chargeable?

The plugin is free, but you will need to signup on Twilio, and obtain a number with SMS capability. However, they have trial accounts available which should have enough credit for you to try out the plugin!


8 de junio de 2023 1 respuesta
it gave error for activation and not working don't waste your time
23 de marzo de 2023 4 respuestas
I have tried to contact the developer of this plugin to request a refund of my purchase. I purchased the life time subscription of the Pro version. The plugin does not work as claimed. There is also no support. I tried to email the developer but have not had any type of response.
11 de enero de 2023 2 respuestas
Stay away from this plugin if you are looking for any support or refund. Many things DONT work and there is no support what so ever from the developer on this channel or their Facebook page.
6 de octubre de 2021
Support is non existent... The plugin is okay, however support is non existent. The videos demonstrating the plugins capabilities on the website are of every single addon, you can not replicate this functionality with individual addons it is a little deceiving. The plugin also cannot be used to SMS existing customers without manually entering their phone numbers again. After learning of its shortfalls for my situation and requesting a refund, there was no response from support. I only managed to get a response when posting on the public forum. They would send a short email, I would reply and then again I would get no response. Now 3 weeks later and still no refund and only superficial responses from support. By far the worst experience with a Plugin author...
2 de septiembre de 2021
Kudos to the developers of this plugin. We've tried many SMS plugins from WP's repository and, by far, this one performs the best. It integrates nicely with other plugins that depend on Twilio and/or offer SMS capabilities such as gAppointments. Support is friendly, fast, and effective. Job well done. Cheers!
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Colaboradores y desarrolladores

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Registro de cambios


*/ Fixed logs issue


*/ Update compatibility with WP 6.2.0
*/ Added WP SMS OTP Addon Integration
*/ Compatible with PHP 8.X
*/Fixed minor issues
*/ Update Freemius SDK


  • Update compatibility with WP 6.1.0
  • Update Freemius SDK


  • Update compatibility with WP 6.0.0


  • Fixed/Removed permanent admin notice, not dismissable
  • Updated Twilio PHP Library


  • Fixed minor issues


  • Compatible with WP 5.9


  • Updated Twilio SDK


  • Fixed Admin security bugs


  • Enhanced SMS features


  • Added Addons integrations


  • Fixed Admin Notices bug


  • Updated Twilio SDK


  • Updated Freemius Package


  • Added Newsletter Feature


  • Enhanced site activities’ notifications and logs


  • Added site activities’ notifications


  • Added Extra Addons integrations


  • Fixed minor admin notice issue


  • Added Woocommerce addon notice


  • Update Twilio PHP helper library to 5.42.2
  • Update Freemius library to 2.3.2


  • Security fix
  • Changed links


  • Added contact and add-on menus


  • Added URL shortening option via Bit.ly URL Shortener API
  • Update Twilio PHP helper library to 5.24.1


  • Update Twilio PHP helper library to 5.7.0


  • Fixed backslashes in test message


  • Made “Mobile Number” field available on front end


  • Added URL shortening option via Google URL Shortener API (goo.gl)


  • Initial release version