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WP Register Profile With Shortcode


  • This is a simple registration form in the widget. The form is responsive.
  • just install the plugin and add the register widget in the sidebar.
  • Change some ‘optional’ settings in Settings-> WP Register Settings and you are good to go.


  1. Use this [rp_register_widget] shortcode to display registration form in post or page.
  2. Use This shortcode to retrieve user data [rp_user_data field=”first_name” user_id=”2″]. user_id can be blank. if blank then the data is retrieve from currently loged in user.
  3. Use this [rp_profile_edit] shortcode for user profile page. Logged in usres can edit profile data from this page.
  4. Use this [rp_update_password] shortcode to display Update Password form in your page.

Other Optional Options

  • Redirect users to a chosen page after successfull registration. Maybe to a thankyou page.
  • Users can be logged in automatically after successful registration. Option can be enabled from admin panel.
  • Enable password fields so that users can choose there own passwords. Otherwise password will be auto generated and mailed to user.
  • Admin will get a notification email once a new user make registration in the site.
  • Enable additional fields in the registration form like First Name, Last Name, Display Name, Website etc.
  • Custom Registration/ Profile fields can be created in the PRO version of the plugin.

WP Register Profile PRO

The PRO version of this plugin has additional features like.

  • Multiple registration forms can be created and each form can be assigned to different user Roles. So that when user make registration they are assigned to that perticular Role.
  • Registration with support for adding additional custom fields.
  • Custom registration fields can be sorted by Drag & Drop.
  • User Profile page with custom fields. Here users can update their profile data.
  • Create file type fields in Registration and Profile forms. Users can upload files to their profile. Uploadable file types can be allowed form plugin settings page.
  • Reset user password shortcode.
  • User profile data can be displayed easily with the help of shortcodes.
  • Support for user profile image upload. Profile image can be used as Avatar. If this is enabled then profile image will be used as user Avatar throughout the site. When user posts a comment his profile image will be displayed instead of the defalut WordPress Avatar.
  • Subscription option is available with the PRO version. Payment for subscription is managed by WooCommerce for ease of use. Users will be able to select subscription packages at the time of registration. etc

You can get it here in USD 2.00

Post your plugin related queries at


  • Registration form
  • Enable / Disable Registration Form Fields
  • Other Settings
  • Success Message Settings
  • Email Settings
  • Shortcodes


  1. Upload to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory.
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress.
  3. Go to Settings-> WP Register Settings, and set some options. It’s really easy.
  4. Go to Appearance->Widgets ,in available widgets you will find Register Widget widget, drag it to chosen widget area where you want it to appear.
  5. You can also use shortcodes to insert registration form in post or pages. [rp_register_widget title=”User Registration”]
  6. Now visit your blog and you will see the registration form section.


  • The Serbo-Croatian Language translation file is provided by Web Hosting Hub
  • Dutch translation is provided by Jeroen Zwart
  • Portuguese translation is provided by David Costa
  • Italian translation is provided by Federico Mulas
  • Finnish translation is provided by Anne Mattila
  • French translation is provided by Guillaume de boysson

If you want to translate the plugin in your language please translate the sample .PO file and mail me the the file at and I will include that in the language file. Sample .PO file can be downloaded from here

Preguntas frecuentes

  1. Please email me at for any queries or Contact me here


24 de abril de 2018
I purchased the Pro version of this plugin for the custom fields feature and absolutely love it! It has an easy to use interface, works seamlessly with my site and the support from the plugin author can't be beat - incredibly responsive and helpful with all questions and concerns.
13 de noviembre de 2017
Thank you for your support, and for any changes you made to be more usefull!. Bought the premium versions. Everyone should test this plugin. Best Regards, Konstantinos
16 de septiembre de 2017
In the past 6 days I tested several Login/Registration widgets plugin and I have no hesitation to give 5 star to login-sidebar-widget. The widget is uncomplicated, very fast and above all very untuitive when is used in combination with the wp-register-profile free and pro version. Very reccomendable
4 de abril de 2017
WP Register Profile PRO The PRO version of this plugin supports Custom Fields in user Registration/ Profile form. Let user upload their own Profile Image. This image will be used as User Avatar. User can upload additional Files when they register. Admin can check uploaded files from WordPress admin panel. Upgrade to PRO version with USD 2.00
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Registro de cambios


  • Bug fixes.


  • Improvements.


  • .POT file added in language folder for easy translation.


  • Bug fixed.


  • Bug fixed.


  • Plugin settings panel is updated and other fixes.


  • Bug fixed.


  • Some minor design changes.


  • Bug fixed after 3.4.7 update. Now the plugin will work much faster.


  • Plugin code structure updated.


  • Plugin code updated.


  • Bug fixed.


  • File structure updated.


  • Bug fixed.


  • More hooks are added for easier plugin customization.


  • CAPTCHA in default WordPress registration form added.


  • loopback related bug fixed.


  • Message display updated.


  • Settings fields update functionality updated.


  • Registration form validation updated. Settings form bug fixed.


  • Bug fixed.


  • Plugin code updated.


  • Password field sanitization bug fixed.


  • Registration success message edit option added.


  • Plugin settings page updated.


  • User email update option added.


  • Bug fixed for notice messages.



  • Bug fixed.


  • Plugin code updated.


  • Registration Notification Email system is updated.


  • Registration Notification Email system is updated.


  • Some bug fixes.


  • Register form fields will stay in case of error in the form submission.


  • Hooks are added for compatibility.


  • Plugin code updated.


  • Users can be logged in automatically after successful registration. Option can be enabled from admin panel.


  • Code updated with some security modifications.


  • news dashboard widget optimized.


  • One small bug fixed.


  • CAPTCHA security added in the registration form.


  • news dashboard plugin added.


  • Email var bug fixed.


  • Form structures are updated.


  • Bug fixed that was mistakenly added in the last update.


  • Translation text updated.



  • The plugin is now Multilingual.


  • admin menu related bug fixed.


  • this is the first release.