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WP Custom Cursors


WP Custom Cursors is a WordPress plugin that enables integration of custom cursors. The Plugin is packed with a set of ready-to-use HTML/SVG cursors. Beside that you can also upload your own image cursor.
The cursors are customizable through width, color, blending mode, hover effect etc. You can apply the cursor on any page/any section that you would like to. You can also have multiple cursors on the same page. Installation, configuration and usage is very simple and fully documented. With version 2.2 the performance is highly optimized and many new options added.
If you are experiencing any difficulty or issue with this plugin, don\’t hesitate to immediately contact the author. We will keep regularly updating the plugin, fixing issues and adding new features base upon user\’s feedback.


Blending Mode

Default Cursor

Hover Type

Cursor Width

Cursor Color

Image Cursor

Shape Cursor

Custom Integration

Multiple Cursors

18 Pre-made HTML/SVG Cursors


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Compatible with WordPress 5.4

Compatible with All Themes & Plugins




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Installation and configuration is super easy! Just follow these steps:

  1. Copy the plugin files to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory or in WordPress admin panel go to plugins menu and upload the plugin zip file.
  2. Activate the plugin through the \’Plugins\’ menu in WordPress
  3. Go to plugin settings at WP Custom Cursors menu on the left, add your favourite cursor, set the options and click save button.
  4. Go to front end of your website and refresh the page.

Preguntas frecuentes

Is it mobile compatible?

Yes, the plugin is totally device responsive and cross-platform. You can use it on phone, tablet, ipad, laptop or large screens.

Is there any dependencies for this plugin?

No, the plugin is a stand-alone set of scripts and requires no other plugins or third-party scripts to work.

My theme is not supported?

If your theme is not fully or partially supported, immediately contact the author. We will be constantly upgrading the plugin.


8 de diciembre de 2021
Fantastic plugin works out of the box.
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Registro de cambios

17 September 2020 – Ver 2.2.3
* Fixed: Safari 9.1 compatibility added

15 September 2020 – Ver 2.2.2
* Fixed: Safari 13 and above compatibility added

14 September 2020 – Ver 2.2.1
* Added: Hide custom cursor on iframes
* Fixed: Ajax Loaded Elements Issues

08 May 2020 – ver 2.2.0
* Added: Section Activation Added (enabling multiple custom cursor)
* Updated: UI/UX Enhanced and Improved
* Added: Show Default Cursor
* Added: Hover Effects Type
* Updated: Performance Highly Optimized
* Updated: Link Hover Effects Updated

04 Dec 2019 – ver 2.1.0
* Fixed: WP Page Bakery Compatibility Issue Fixed
* Fixed: Revolution Slider Compatibility Issue Fixed

23 Nov 2019 – ver 2.0.0
* Added: Page activation
* Added: Blending mode option
* Updated: UI enhanced

09 Nov 2019 – ver 1.9.0
* Added: Slider Revolution links hover effect
* Fixed: Cursor size issue (box-sizing)

04 Nov 2019 – ver 1.8.0
* Fixed: Fixed some console issues

27 Oct 2019 – ver 1.7.0
* Added: Blob cursor shapes added
* Updated: Cursor 14, link hover state updated

22 Oct 2019 – ver 1.6.0
* Added: 2 new cursor shapes added.

16 Oct 2019 – ver 1.5.0
* Added: Cursor width and image width support.
* Fixed: Performance optimized.

13 Oct 2019 – ver 1.4.0
* Added: Custom image support.

10 Sep 2019 – ver 1.3.0
* Fixed: Mobile and small device issue.

30 Aug 2019 – ver 1.3.0
* Fixed: z-index issue fixed.

30 Aug 2019 – ver 1.1.0
* Added: color option for the cursor.