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An easy and effective solution against Comment Spam

WP-BlackCheck combines various ideas to protect your blog from spam.


  • Easy Installation
  • Block known spammers
  • Block Trackback/Pingback spam
  • No need to adjust default templates
  • Spam counter on the dashboard
  • Statistics


  • Albanian (thanks to Taulant Ceka – )
  • Inglés
  • Alemán
  • Eslovaco (gracias a Black Cat Artworks – )

If you want to see this plugin in your language, feel free to contact me or use to contribute.



Blocking spammers via htaccess or other server settings would do the job, but that would require
to keep all the files in sync. So I decided to write a centralized solution that enables
innocent users to remove their IP from the blacklist via removal request. As a blacklist gets queried
way too often, I added some local detection of spammers to reduce load at my side.
By now many additional features have been added, making this plugin a full grown anti-spam solution.


  • The Admin-Page


  1. Upload the contents of the wp-blackcheck directory into your WordPress plugin directory or use the plugin installer.
  2. Activar el plugin
  3. Configure the plugin to your needs
  4. Optionally report Spam

Preguntas frecuentes

What happens if a blocked IP hits my site?

The Plugin does not prevent reading of your blog. But if a blocked IP tries to post a comment
WP-BlackCheck will block it, displaying a link to the removal request form.

What happens if I am blacklisted?

I’d assume that spammers do not authenticate against your blog. The plugin will block your comments if you are not logged in.

I am blacklisted! What now?

Just follow the link to and follow the instructions on the page.

¿Por qué debo reportar el spam?

Spammers usually hit quite a few servers with their IPs. It’s pretty uncommon that you are the only one who has been hit from that IP. Sharing that info prevents Spam on other blogs.

WP-BlackCheck is not available in (insert language here)

The plugin comes with a file named wp-blackcheck.pot which contains the messages printed. Feel free to translate it into your language and send the .mo and .po file back to me, so I can include it into the next release.


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Colaboradores y desarrolladores

Este software es de código abierto. Las siguientes personas han contribuido a este plugin.


Traduce “WP-BlackCheck” a tu idioma.

¿Interesado en el desarrollo?

Revisa el código, echa un vistazo al repositorio SVN o suscríbete al registro de desarrollo por RSS.

Registro de cambios


  • Bugfix release – fixed forgotten closing bracket in precheck.


  • Do not mess with Akismet (who uses that function anyways?)
  • Unhide config options for faster setup
  • Viktoria Rei Bauer se hará cargo a partir de ahora


  • Implement redirection of spammers (i.e. send them to the fbi website)
  • Implement comment hash checking
  • relocate some functions to (where they should be)
  • Increase HTTP Timeout for Web-Requests to avoid some server problems


  • Se corrigió wpbc_get_comments_approved


  • Se añadió un contador para las IPs reportadas.
  • Fix bar graph text issue
  • Nueva URL del servicio web


  • Improve trackback/pingback checks
  • Remove obsolete trap field
  • Fix update notifications


  • Fix typo in function name
  • adjust speed check


  • Add Icon to reporting
  • Adjust speedcheck to more realistic values
  • Add another Spam trap (dummy field)
  • Relocate ‘Report Spam’ as it belongs to ‘tools’
  • Update translations
  • Se agregaron estadísticas
  • Fixed bug with the blocked spam counter
  • Fixed bug with header checks
  • Reorder spam checks to be more effective
  • Algunos cambios cosméticos


  • Update notification optional
  • E-Mail notification
  • Known problems -> FAQ


  • Honor previously approved comment settings from WordPress (whitelist)
  • Replace comment time with type rate (keystrokes per second via comment length)
  • Encrypt timestamp to make it less obvious


  • Another overlooked function.


  • Fix reporting function


  • Prefix ALL functions with wpbc_ to avoid clashes with other plugins
  • Update Notifications
  • Checking for PHP/WP Requirements
  • Detect Akismet to work with it
  • Purge old comments
  • Make sure we meet the requirements


  • Fixed notification bug


  • Add config option for speedlimit
  • Add ‘reset to defaults’ function
  • Add Settings to plugin-page
  • Add warning for outdated settings
  • Support wp_remote_post()
  • Split off pre-checks
  • Use WP-CSS stuff for warnings/alerts
  • Correcciones de idioma


  • Localización
  • Rewrite speed limit code
  • Add debug code for speed limit
  • Fix spam counting for queue


  • Split off some functions to, relocated some code to improve readability
  • Corrected typo in wp_die message
  • Improve trackback handling
  • Improve some message texts


  • Add Link-Limit
  • Add explicit trackback/pingback check for proxy servers
  • Add check for valid trackback/pingback URL


  • bugfix release to fix whitespace issue and typo in request


  • Code cleanup and inline documentation
  • Fix direct access to admin-page
  • Check permissions before doing the admin page
  • Set report stacks to 100 IPs at once
  • Fix issues with IPv6
  • Add throttle for spammers hitting the server quite heavy
  • Add option to decline bbCode and optionally report them automatically
  • Add option to decline comments that come in too fast and optionally report them automatically
  • Se excluyen pingbacks/trackbacks de nuestras revisiones.


  • Se agrega página de administración
  • Add reporting in chunks
  • Las estadísticas ahora son opcionales


  • Remove multiple Spam-comment per IP check
  • Fix Spam deletion
  • Prepare limit for reporting in chunks


  • Tighten Security
  • Se agregaron estadísticas


  • Integrated Report Button into comments view


  • Corrected messages
  • Fixed comment IP querying


  • Changed Spam count before reporting
  • Empty quarantine now supported


  • If someone hits us 3 times, it’s most likely NOT an accident


  • Remove reported Spam to prevent double reports


  • Se agregan reportes


  • Versión inicial
  • Revisión sencilla contra la lista negra centralizada