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WooCommerce – Beanstream Payment


The WooCommerce Beanstream Payment gateway plugin allows you to accept online payments in your WordPress WooCommerce store. Download the WooCommerce Beanstream plugin and start accepting payments from all major brands with your Beanstream account: Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover and more.

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WooCommerce plugin is an e-commerce toolkit that helps you sell anything. Transform your WordPress website into online eCommerce store. Delivering enterprise-level quality, features and add ons to help you control your users experience.

This plugin works with the WooCommerce plugin and allows you to accept payments via your online store.

Beanstream payment gateway is for canada so it will be use in on canadian doller.

Sure your woocommerce currency in canadian doller.


Coming soon


Simply follow these steps to install:
1. Unzip the file.
2. Upload the “woocommerce-beanstream-gateway” folder to your WordPress Plugins directory.
3. Login to your WordPress Admin, then go to Plugins and activate the “WooCommerce – Beanstream Payment” plugin
4. Within the WordPress Admin, go to WooCommerce >> Settings, then click on the Payment Gateways tab, then click on the Beanstream link.
5. Enter the proper information…

To use in “Live Mode”

1. Gather your QuickLink API Login and Password as explained on the following article:
2. Login to your WordPress Admin.
3. Go to WooCommerce >> Settings >> Beanstream.
4. Un-check “Enable Beanstream Test”.
5. Enter your Marchent ID (Provided by beanstram).
6. Enter your Passcode (Provided by beanstram).
7. Click “Save”. Your website/shopping cart is now setup to process transactions via your Beanstream acount. We recommend that you process a test transaction, then login to your Beanstream account to confirm that it appears in your Current Unsettled Batch ( Transaction History).

To use in “Test Mode”
1. Login to your WordPress Admin.
2. Go to WooCommerce >> Settings >> Beanstream.
3. Check the box for “Enable Beanstream Test”.
4. Use the following API Username = pj-ql-01
5. Use the following API Password = pj-ql-01p

Test Credit Card Info:
Test Credit Card: 5100000010001004
Test Credit Type: Master Card
Test Expiration Date: 05/17
Test CVD: 123 (If your settings are checking for CCV)


3 de septiembre de 2016
One small thing. When a credit card is rejected, it shows an internal error message. That’s confusing for people.
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