Advanced Shipment Tracking para WooCommerce


Advanced Shipment Tracking (AST) for WooCommerce lets you add tracking information to orders and provides your customers an easy way to track their orders. AST provides powerful features that let WooCommerce shop owners to better manage and automate their post-shipping orders flow, reduce time spent on customer service and increase customer satisfaction.

Características clave

  • Add Tracking information to orders
    Easily add tracking information to your orders, AST lets you add the tracking from the WooCommerce orders admin or from a single order admin, we also allow you to mark the order as Completed when adding the tracking information.

  • Customize The Tracking Display on the Order Emails
    You can fully customize the tracking information display on the order emails and on their accounts. With our customizer with a live preview, you can choose the design layout, show/hide tracking information, edit the content, fonts, colors, and more..

  • List of 250+ Shipping Providers
    AST provides a list of more than 250 shipping providers (carriers) around the globe with a predefined tracking link, AST automatically generates the tracking link sent to your customers when you ship their orders.

  • Keep your Tracking Links Up-To-Date
    We maintain this list and you can sync the shipping providers list to keep it up-to-date with any changes in the shipping providers info.

  • Custom Shipping Providers
    If you can’t find your shipping provider on our list, you can suggest it for us to add or you can add your own custom providers, you can set a tracking link with tracking information variables to use in the tracking link.

  • WooCommerce REST API Support
    AST creates a Shipment Tracking WooCommerce REST API endpoint so you can easily update the tracking information in your WooCommerce orders from any external system or shipping labels service you use and automate your daily workflow..

  • Bulk Upload from CSV
    If your shipper provides the tracking information in files and you want to avoid manually adding them into orders, AST provides a quick and easy interface to import multiple tracking numbers to orders in bulk from a CSV.

  • Custom Order Statuses
    Improve your order management flow, with custom order statuses, enable the Partially Shipped for orders that you ship in separate packages at different times or enable the Delivered order status if you use TrackShip for tracking & delivery automation.


  • Tracking per item
  • Fluid Responsive tracking widget
  • Custom order status “Shipped”
  • Custom email templates
  • Multiple API name mapping
  • Unfulfilled orders filter
  • Auto-detect shipping providers
  • Integrations with ShipStation, WooCommerce Shipping & Tax, Royal Mail Click & Drop, PDF invoices and more..
  • Updates & Support

Get the AST PRO

PayPal Tracking Integration for WooCommerce

The PayPal Tracking for WooCommerce will automatically export the tracking numbers, shipping provider and shipment status to PayPal using the PayPal Tracking API. adding the tracking information to PayPal transactions can help reduce chargebacks and will help you to quickly resolve PayPal payment holds.

Get this Add-on

TrackShip IntegrationTrackShip is a Multi-Carrier Shipment Tracking platform that seamlessly integrates into WooCommerce with the AST plugin, TrackShip auto-tracks your shipments, automates your post-shipping workflow, reduces the time spent on customer service and lets you provide a superior post-purchase experience to your customers.

  • Auto-Track Shipments with 200+ Shipping Providers
  • Automate Your Post-Shipping Workflow
  • Keep Your Customers Informed with Shipping & Delivery Updates
  • Further Engage Your Customers With a Tracking Page on your store
  • Tracking & Delivery Analytics

You must have a TrackShip account to activate these features.


The Advanced Shipment Tracking plugin is compatible with many other plugins such as shipping label plugins and services, email customizer plugins, Customer order number plugins, PDF invoices plugins, multi vendor plugins, SMS plugins and more. Check out AST’s full list of plugins compatibility.


You can get more information, detailed tutorials and code snippets on the AST documentation.


The AST plugin is localized/ translatable by default, we added translation to the following languages:
English – default, German (Deutsch), Hebrew, Hindi, Italian, Norwegian (Bokmål), Russian, Swedish, Turkish, Bulgarian, Danish Spanish (Spain), French (France), Greek, Português Brasil, Dutch (Nederlands)

If your language is not in this list and you want us to include it in the plugin, you can send us on our docs
the translation files (po/mo) and we will add them to the plugin files.

Proveedores de envíos

AST comes with a list of 300+ shipping providers (carriers) with predefined tracking link:

USPS, ePacket, Delhivery, Yun Express Tracking, UPS, Australia Post, FedEx, Aramex, DHL eCommerce, ELTA Courier, Colissimo, DHL Express, La Poste, DHLParcel NL, Purolator, 4px, Brazil Correios, Deutsche Post, Bpost, DHL, EMS,, GLS, China Post, Loomis Express, DHL Express, PostNL International 3S, Royal Mail and more…
Check out the complete list of shipping providers



  1. Sube la carpeta woo-advanced-shipment-tracking al directorio /wp-content/plugins/.
  2. Activa el plugin a través del menú ‘Plugins’ en WordPress
  3. Select default shipping provider from setting page and add tracking number in order page.

Preguntas frecuentes

Where will my customer see the tracking info?

The tracking info and a link to track the order will be added to the Completed (Shipped) order status email and will also display for each order on the customer accounts (orders tab).

Can I customize the Tracking info display on the order emails?

Yes, you have full control over the design and display of the tracking info, you can customize the display and content in a customizer with a live preview. Check out our documentation for more information + How to Video

Can I add multiple tracking numbers to an order?

Yes, absolutely you can add as many tracking numbers to orders and they will all be displayed to your customers on the order email and their my-account area.

Can I attach a tracking number to a specific product?

Yes, you can upgrade to the Tracking Per Item add-on which allows you to attach tracking numbers to specific line items and even to add tracking numbers to specific line items and split quantities.

Does AST auto-track my orders and send delivery notifications to my customers?

No, AST provides ways to add tracking information to orders and communicate this info to your customers, if you want to have a post-shipping automation, you can sign up for Trackship, it’s a Multi-Carrier Shipment Tracking API which integrates into the WooCommerce ecosystem, once you connect TrackShip to your store, it will auto-track your Shipped orders and will poractivally update your orders with shipment status and delivery events. TrackShip will automate your orders flow, you can enable a tracking page on your store and you can set automatic shipment & delivery notifications to your customers.

Can I add a shipping provider that is not on your list?

Yes, you can add custom providers, choose your default shipment provider, Change the providers order in the list and enable only providers that are relevant to you.

How do I add a direct tracking link to my custom provider?

If your shipping providers has a tracking page and the URL contains the tracking number to allow direct tracking, you can add tracking number parameter that will automatically generate a tracking link with the tracking number, add the tracking URL in this format: where the %number% variable in the URL will be replaced with the tracking number, you can even use the country code and postal code variables. Check out the AST documentation for more details.

Can I Import tracking information from CSV files?

Yes, you can use our CSV import tool to import multiple tracking numbers to orders, you need to add each tracking number in one row.

Can I use Custom order Numbers when importing CSV files?

Yes, some plugins do not use the WooCommerce order_id (post id) and use custom fields instead for the order numbers. We added compatibility and you can use the custom order numbers in the CSV file in the order_id column for more details, see our documentation.

Can guests also view their shipment tracking info on my store?

Yes, if you use the WooCommerce order tracking shortcode and your guest customers will have to enter the email address and the Order ID to view their order details and track the shipment.

Do you have an API to update tracking info from my shipping service?

Yes, if you use external shipping services that work with the WooCommerce REST API to update your orders, they can use the AST shipment tracking API endpoint to update the tracking information in orders. AST offers tracking integration add-ons for automatic tracking fot a few Shipping services and you can check the AST compatibility list for more information on compatibility with shipping services.


28 de mayo de 2021
This is the best plugin I've found for shipping tracking information. It's simple, intuitive, and does exactly what I wanted!
27 de mayo de 2021
It is great plugin. But I have one question, how can i export order with the tracking number? I cannot find the meta key for the tracking number.
22 de marzo de 2021
We've been using this since early version and it's by far the simplest and best plugin for the use case. Support is also very helpful by taking a quick glance in the support forums. The reason for 4/5 instead of 5/5 is increasing advertising for Trackship with every update. i.e. a separate Track Ship" admin menu in recent updates. It'd be great if the menu only shows for users who opt to use trackship. Regardless, keep up the good work, great plugin over all!
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Registro de cambios

  • Enhancement – Added TrackShip menu inside Shipment Tracking if TrackShip not connected


  • Dev – Tested with WordPress 5.7.2 and WooCommerce 5.3
  • Dev – Added admin notice for the TrackShip For WooCommerce plugin
  • Dev – Added WPML compatibility with TrackShip connection


  • Fix – Fixed warning – Undefined array key “wc_ast_tracking_page_customize_btn” on file “wp-content/plugins/woo-advanced-shipment-tracking/…class-wc-advanced-shipment-tracking-trackship.php” line: 435
  • Dev – Tracking page on carriers website in Orders which are not tracked by TrackShip
  • Dev – Tested with WooCommerce 5.2.0

  • Fix – Fixed issue with default shipping provider not automatically select on Add Tracking form
  • Dev – When user migrate from WooCommerce Shipment Tracking(official) to Advanced Shipment Tracking for WooCommerce plugin it will automatically migrate shipment tracking data
  • Fix – Fix search provides design issue for small screen on shipping providers list page
  • Dev – Improve TrackShip Tracking page design and make Estimate delivery date multilingual compatible
  • Fix – Fixed – Failed Attempt filter not working on orders page

  • Enhancement – Added datepicker on Add tracking lightbox on orders page
  • Enhancement – Removed the multiple API name option
  • Dev – Updated Admin html function

  • Enhancement – Update order details, Shipping address and billing address email template
  • Enhancement – Added admin notice and WooCommerce inbox message for Advanced Shipment Tracking PRO
  • Enhancement – Split Shipment Tracking customizer and TrackShip customizer
  • Fix – Fixed issue with the” Reset providers database” option in Synch providers

  • Enhancement – Updated Settings page header design
  • Enhancement – Updated TrackShip Settings page header design
  • Enhancement – Updated Email order details template for shipment status emails
  • Fix – Fixed Trackship shipment status customizer issue
  • Fix – Fixed database warnings on plugin installation


  • Enhancement – Updated Settings page design
  • Enhancement – Moved TrackShip menu to a new page under WooCommerce and updated its design
  • Dev – Added compatibility with WordPress 5.7 and WooCommerce 5.1.0
  • Fix – Fixed Trackship Late Shipments variable issue
  • Fix – Fixed compatibility with PHP 8

  • Enhancement – Updated settings page option design from multiple checkbox to multiple select2
  • Dev – On first installation make 15 shipping provider active by default
  • Dev – On plugin activation check if shipping provider table column, if not exist any column create new and update the provider list
  • Dev – Added compatibility with WooCommerce 5.0.0

  • Enhancement – Improved the TrackShip tools page design
  • Enhancement – Set pagination in shipping provider list when bulk Activate/Deactivate all providers
  • Enhancement – Improved the design of Shipping Providers list search bar
  • Enhancement – After adding custom shipping provider reload the page and sort the shipping providers list by custom provider
  • Enhancement – Add sub tab and notification type in settings page URL parameter
  • Enhancement – Improved the design of Documentation button in header of settings page
  • Enhancement – Improved the TrackShip shipment status email customizer and tracking page customizer
  • Enhancement – On Shipping provider sync with check “Reset providers database, it will reset all your shipping provider database” option delete the Shipping provider table and create again
  • Enhancement – Added back functionality for add only one API name in shipping providers list
  • Enhancement – On My account order details page if TrackShip tracking page is enable open tracking page in lightbox
  • Enhancement – Updated design of Addons page
  • Fix – Fixed shipment status filter bug in orders list page

  • Fix – Fixed issue with custom order status is not show in Order Email Display Add Tracking action settings

  • Enhancement – Improved the TrackShip tracking page customizer
  • Enhancement – Updated design of Tracking tracking page
  • Enhancement – Updated design of TrackShip analytics widget on WordPress dashboard

  • Fix – Fixed Invalid user key in Shipment tracking section if TrackShip is not connected


  • Enhancement – Updated the Shipment Tracking settings page design
  • Enhancement – Updated the Shipping Providers listing page design
  • Enhancement – Moved the TrackShip settings inside Shipment Tracking
  • Enhancement – Updated the TrackShip settings page design
  • Enhancement – Changed TrackShip dashboard widget
  • Enhancement – Moved the TrackShip tracking page settings to customizer
  • Enhancement – Updated Add Tracking lightbox design on orders page
  • Dev – Removed delivered order status and moved only for TrackShip users

  • Fix – Fixed – PHP warning when tracking number added via API or an external source via ast_insert_tracking_number function


  • Fix – Fixed – Parse error: syntax error, unexpected ‘?’, expecting variable (T_VARIABLE) in woo-advanced-shipment-tracking/includes/class-wc-advanced-shipment-tracking-front.php on line 389
  • Dev – Updated REST API Endpoint for add tracking information if “custom_tracking_provider” is NULL passed in API
  • Dev – Added a validation Updated default shipping provider


  • Enhancement – Added a option for add multiple API Name for default shipping provider
  • Enhancement – Updated tracking page form design
  • Enhancement – Updated tracking page content if Trackship shipmet status is “Pending TrackShip” or “Pending”
  • Enhancement – Updated design of TrackShip section in Add-ons page
  • Dev – Updated Spanish translation files
  • Dev – On creating new custom provider added “cp-” prefix to the provider slug
  • Fix – Fixed deprecated warnin – Required parameter $tracking_number follows optional parameter $custom_provider_name


  • Dev – Tested with WordPress 5.6 and WooCommerce 4.8
  • Fix – Fixed license tab issue with ShippStation, WC Shipping, Ready To Ship and Paypal Tracking Addon


  • Enhancement – Improved the tracking info display customizer, custom order status email customizer and TrackShip shipment status email customizer
  • Enhancement – Added new PayPal Tracking Add-on
  • Fix – Fixed show Display shipping provider name and Display shipping provider image issue in Tracking Display Customizer
  • Fix – Fixed bulk import CSV Replace tracking information issue with Tracking Per Item addon


  • Enhancement – Added back Track button in actions column in My Account orders list page and added option in settings page to show /hide Track Button and open track button link in new tab
  • Enhancement – Updated settings page design
  • Enhancement – Change defAult color of custom order status
  • Enhancement – Updated Tracking Info display customizer
  • Enhancement – Added a message if the shipment status is Pending TrackShip or Pending in TrackShip tracking page
  • Enhancement – Added a new TrackShip shipment status Exception
  • Dev – Add a Value for Updated Tracking (3) in the “status_shipped” column in the CSV file
  • Dev – On add tracking information through REST API or Import CSV check first in API Name column and than in provider name
  • Dev – Added functionality for override TrackShip tracking form template in theme
  • Dev – Added functionality for override My Account Tracking info template in theme
  • Fix – Fixed custom order number issue in TrackShip Tracking page
  • Fix – Fixed Import CSV issue with Tracking Per Item and Partially Shipped order status
  • Fix – Fixed TrackShip Tracking page issue if there is a WPML lang parameter in URL
  • Fix – Fixed validation issue in TrackShip tracking page form


  • Enhancement – Added “Add Provider” button in the Custom Providers Tab
  • Enhancement – Hide the option to Save and “mark as shipped” for New admin orders (before “created”)
  • Enhancement – Updated settings page design
  • Enhancement – TRACK button open the tracking url in a new window in My Account Orders history page
  • Dev – Shipping providers – by Default non of the Shipping Providers active when first time install plugin
  • Enhancement – Set all lightbox background opacity to 0.8
  • Enhancement – Set delivered shipment status email notification customizer link disabled if delivered order status email is enable and added a message
  • Fix – If WooCommerce is not installed showing multiple admin message of Advanced Shipment Tracking
  • Fix – Fixed CSV Import issue for Tracking Per Item Addon
  • Fix – Fixed warnings – Undefined variable: order_id in …\wp-content\plugins\woo-advanced-shipment-tracking\includes\class-wc-advanced-shipment-tracking-settings.php on line 516
  • Fix – Fixed warnings – PHP Notice: Undefined index: wcast_show_tracking_details in …\wp-content\plugins\woo-advanced-shipment-tracking\includes\emails\class-shipment-delivered-email.php on line 142
  • Fix – Fixed warnings – PHP Notice: Undefined index: wcast_show_order_details in …\wp-content\plugins\woo-advanced-shipment-tracking\includes\emails\class-shipment-delivered-email.php on line 143
  • Fix – Fixed warnings – PHP Notice: Undefined index: wcast_show_billing_address in …\wp-content\plugins\woo-advanced-shipment-tracking\includes\emails\class-shipment-delivered-email.php on line 144
  • Fix – Fixed warnings – PHP Notice: Undefined index: wcast_show_shipping_address in …\wp-content\plugins\woo-advanced-shipment-tracking\includes\emails\class-shipment-delivered-email.php on line 145
  • Fix – Fixed warnings – PHP Notice: Undefined index: wcast_enable_delivered_ga_tracking in …\wp-content\plugins\woo-advanced-shipment-tracking\includes\emails\class-shipment-delivered-email.php on line 149
  • Fix – Fixed warnings – PHP Notice: Undefined index: wcast_delivered_analytics_link in …\wp-content\plugins\woo-advanced-shipment-tracking\includes\emails\class-shipment-delivered-email.php on line 150


  • Enhancement – Added Tracking Button on Orders History (my-account) page
  • Dev – Set default preview in Tracking Info Customizer
  • Dev – Added new parameter – ‘replace_tracking’ in Add Tracking API Endpoint
  • Dev – Used Rest API name in Bulk upload CSV and programmatically add tracking info
  • Dev – Updated design of Late shipment Email Content
  • Fix – Fix CSS issue in TrackShip Tracking page
  • Dev – Create Order (Admin) option to add the tracking info on initial order.
  • Fix – Custom order status not enabled/diabled
  • Fix – jQuery Depreciated – jQuery.fn.load() is deprecated


  • Enhancement – Updated Add Tracking, Add Custom Shipping Provider, Edit Shipping Provider, Sync Shipping Provider popup background color
  • Dev – Removed Sync Providers notice and TrackShip notice from admin
  • Dev – Removed the material design library
  • Dev – Added filter in TrackShip Tracking page event message and location so user can add filter change event message and location – ‘trackship_tracking_event_description’ , ‘trackship_tracking_event_location’
  • Fix – Fixed TrackShip tools Get Shipment Status issue for ‘TrackShip Balance 0’ option


  • Enhancement – Updated design of CSV Import process
  • Enhancement – Updated AST settings page design
  • Enhancement – Move Custom order status manager tab to general settings
  • Enhancement – Updated design of TrackShip tracking page
  • Enhancement – Updated design of TrackShip tracking page settings panel
  • Dev – Seperate code of Tracking Per Item Addon option from AST to Tracking Per Item Addon files
  • Dev – Remove the option to add tracking from order actions panel for Local Pickup Orders
  • Dev – Add Support – sequential order number plugin(free)
  • Dev – Updated Translation Files in Dutch (nl-nl)
  • Dev – TrackShip Emails – added hook in order details template for shipment status emails (‘ast_email_order_items_args’)
  • Dev – Check if enable option – ‘Rename the “Completed” Order status to “Shipped”’ than change “Completed” tooltip in actions to “Mark as Shipped”
  • Dev – Move all Tracking Per Item Addon translations from AST to TPI
  • Dev – Remove ALP admin notice message
  • Dev – Set default settings of “On which order status email to include the shipment tracking info?” and “On which Order status to display Add Tracking icon in the Order Actions menu?” on initial installation
  • Fix – Sync Providers – duplicate view/hide details + updates issue
  • Fix – Can’t find variable: api_provider_name issue on edit custom shipping provider
  • Fix – Trying to access array offset on value of type bool on woo-advanced-shipment-tracking/includes/views/admin_options_osm.php:30
  • Dev – Added custom order number plugin compatibility in shipment status email variables “{order_number}”


  • Enhancement – Added a option in AST general settings for select On which Order status to display Add Tracking icon in the Order Actions menu.
  • Enhancement – Uppdated Late Shipments Customizer
  • Enhancement – Updated design of tools
  • Enhancement – Updated toggle design
  • Enhancement – Updated Shipping Providers List
  • Enhancement – TrackShip – Added a option to set shipping provider tracking page link in TrackShip tracking page
  • Dev -Added compatibility with Advanced Order Status Manager plugin
  • Fix – Fixed issue with TrackShip Dashboard widget


  • Enhancement – Add API Name column to the shipping providers. User can use use API name for the providers lookup when adding tracking information through REST API
  • Enhancement – TrackShip tracking page – added option for add custom URL as a tracking page
  • Enhancement – Added a option in AST settings to select API Date Format
  • Dev – Removed the shipment status Counts from the WC orders filter and added option in TrackShip for remove shipment status filter from orders page
  • Enhancement – Tracking Per Item – Added Settings Option in the AST general settings – Display products SKU in add tracking form
  • Enhancement – Change the Tracking # input to be first in the add tracking form
  • Dev – Added Default colors for Custom Order Statuses
  • Dev – Added and Updated API Endpoint
  • Enhancement – Updated Shipment Tracking and TrackShip page settings
  • Dev – Remove the Add Tracking from action menu for completed order status
  • Enhancement – On deactivate plugin check if order in custom order status and give option to reassign that order to different order status
  • Fixed – Tracking Page – Events CSS issue
  • Fixed – Fixed rtl issue of settings page
  • Enhancement – Added admin message for review

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