Markup For WooCommerce


🤩 Easily Markup Your WooCommerce Products and Track Earnings 🛒

The Markup for WooCommerce plugin allows you to create and apply custom price markups on your WooCommerce products and variations. You can add fixed or percentage markups to specific product types, categories, and attributes. Enjoy native bulk actions for streamlined management.


  • Set your products price markup.
  • Create a fixed value price markup (example: $10)
  • Create a percentage value price markup (example: 10%)
  • It works with all product types – simple, variable, grouped and other.
  • Fast and easy plugin install, prices setup using Markup tool.
  • WooCommerce compatible
  • Native Design & Native Bulk Actions
  • And more…

🏆 Premium Version

The premium version of Markup for WooCommerce offers advanced features:

  • Variation Products Markup: Set markup prices for product variations.
  • Category Markup: Apply markup prices to entire product categories.
  • Quick Edit Mode: Edit markup prices in the Quick Edit mode.
  • Global Markup: Set a global markup price for all products in WooCommerce.
  • Analytics Dashboard: Track how much revenue the plugin has generated for you.
  • Dedicated Support: Reach out to us with any questions or issues.
  • And More…

📌 Fixed Amount Markup: Add fixed price markups to individual products.
📌 Percentage Markup: Apply percentage-based markups to products.
📌 Product Type Markup: Create markups for different WooCommerce product types and categories.

🙋 A Big Thank You! 🎉🙌

We appreciate everyone who uses our Markup for WooCommerce plugin. Your support and feedback drive us to continually improve and innovate. Explore our other plugins to enhance your WooCommerce experience:


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Preguntas frecuentes

Will it work with my theme?

Our plugin has been tested with a variety of free and premium themes. As long as your theme is compatible with WooCommerce, it should work seamlessly. If you encounter any issues, please contact us for support.

Is it compatible with other plugins?

Yes, Markup for WooCommerce has been tested with many third-party plugins and themes to ensure compatibility.

How do I set a markup for product variations?

In the premium version, you can easily set markup prices for product variations through the product settings page.

Can I apply a markup to entire product categories?

Yes, the premium version allows you to apply markup prices to entire product categories, saving you time and effort.

How do I track the earnings from the markup?

The premium version includes an analytics dashboard where you can track the revenue generated by the markup plugin.

Can I set a global markup for all products?

Yes, the premium version lets you set a global markup price for all products in your WooCommerce store.

How do I edit markup prices quickly?

With the Quick Edit feature in the premium version, you can edit markup prices directly from the product list page.


29 de octubre de 2023
This tool actually show how much markup I earn of each product! And also support is very helpful!
11 de noviembre de 2022
I used Markup For WooCommerce, and I loved it. It’s an essential tool for any WooCommerce user. Trust me! This will make your job more accessible than ever.
6 de noviembre de 2022
I contacted this plugin creators, and they build me on top features I needed with no extra price! I will use this plugin on my all projects if I will need it.
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  • Initial plugin build


  • Fixed issue when applying markup for variable products


  • Fixed problem of messed up tables in products list page


  • Fixed problem to be able to type in 0 in value field


  • Fixed problem to open settings


  • Fixed Issue by adding markup to variation products


  • Fixed problem that it was rounding amounts


  • Added abilities to make notices visible


  • Hygiene stuff


  • Upgraded to latest version of wordpress
  • Upgraded to latest version WooCommerce plugin


  • Notification about premium feature – analytics


Added new images of features
Cleanup code and make it more faster


  • Added Discord community link


  • Fix some errors while activating


  • Fix some Fatal errors


  • Tidy up the code


  • Fix notifications part


  • Fix errors


  • Fix errors


  • Add performance ad minor issues


  • Fix required setup + change description and make compatable with WP 6.5


  • Upgrade to 6.5.2


  • performance


  • FLoat values & errors for invalid values


  • Add new functionality – Quick Edit


  • Add new functionality – Quick Edit


  • Improve description


  • Refresh the plugin


  • Tags fixes


  • Fix number field to accept only numbers


  • Added tags