W4OS – OpenSimulator Web Interface


Ready to use WordPress interface for OpenSimulator grids. Provide user registration, default avatar model choice and basic grid info.

See Features and Roadmap sections for current and upcoming functionalties.


  • Grid info: [gridinfo] shortcode and admin dashboard widgets
  • Grid status: [gridstatus] shortcode and admin dashboard widgets
  • Avatar creation:
    • Opensimulator section in standard wp profile page
    • [gridprofile] shortcode can be inserted in any custom page
    • Avatar tab in account dashboard on WooCommerce websites
  • Choose avatar look from default models
  • Avatar and website passwords are synchronized
  • Reserved names: avatar whose first name or last name is “Default”, “Test”, “Admin” or the pattern used for appearance models are disallowed for public (such avatars must be created by admins from Robust console)
  • OpenSimulator settings page:
    • grid name, login uri and database connection settings
    • naming scheme of default models
    • exclude models from grid stats


See (https://github.com/GuduleLapointe/w4os/projects/1) for up-to-date status.

Short term (version 1.0, WordPress repository release)

  • Login page (with grid FirstName, LastName and password).
    Optional redirect of standard login page
  • Auth with avatar credential (as fallback to wp auth).
    Create new WordPress user if auth by avatar.
  • Option to use WordPress name as avatar name (in this case, lock WordPress name changes once an avatar is set).
  • Use avatar profile pic.
  • Check if avatar password is properly updated after a password reset request.
  • Sidebar grid info and grid status widgets.

Middle term

  • Public avatar profile
  • Admin Start / Stop regions
  • Admin Create region
  • Admin Use sim/grid configuration file to fetch settings if on the same host
  • get grid info from http://login.uri:8002/get_grid_info
  • Helpers (assets, search, currency, map…)
  • Use cache for grid info
  • Integrate web asset server

Long term

  • Admin create users
  • Admin create models (from current appearance)
  • Choice between Robust console or database connection
  • User’s own regions control (create, start, stop, backup)
  • WooCommerce Subscriptions integration for user-owned Regions or other pay-for services


  • Grid info and grid status examples
  • Avatar registration form in WooCommerce My Account dashboard.
  • Settings page


Robust server must be installed before setting up W4OS.

  • To allow users to choose an avatar on registration, you must enable user profiles in Robust.ini (see [UserProfilesService], [ServiceList] and [UserProfiles] sections)
  • Install a web assets server (see Dependencies in INSTALLATION.md)
  1. Download the latest stable release, unzip it in your wp-content/plugins and activate it.
  2. Visit OpenSim settings (admin menu > “Opensim” > “Settings”)
    • Enter your grid name and grid URI (like example.org:8002 without http://)
    • Enter your robust database connection details and submit. If you get a database connection error, it might come from a case-sensitivity issue, see (https://github.com/GuduleLapointe/w4os/issues/2#issuecomment-923299674).
    • insert [gridinfo] and [gridstatus] shortcodes in a page or in a sidebar widget
    • create a profile page for registered users and include [gridprofile] shortcode. This will display the an avatar creation form for users without in-world avatar. For accounts already having an avatar, it will display avatar details.
  3. To create default avatars:
    • from ROBUST console (defaults creation is not allowed from the website), create users for your models. Name them according to W4OS settings: one part of the name is “Default”, the other part is the name displayed on the form (for example, “Default Casual”, “Default Rachel”, “Default Tom”). Don’t mention e-mail address to avoid counting them as regular accounts in stats.
    • log in-world with each of these model accounts and give them the desire appearance. Take a snapshot and use it as profile picture. It will be used for the web site avatar choosing form.

See INSTALLATION.md for more details.

Preguntas frecuentes

Current status

Code is a mess. Don’t blame me. I want to do it the right way but I’m learning
as I progress in the project. I’ll try to put things on the right places while
getting more familiar with it. Feel free to give advices. Yeah, it’s not a
question, but you might wonder.

Can I use this plugin for my standalone simulator?

This plugin is intended for grids. For standalone simulators, see OpenSimulator Bridge.


7 de octubre de 2021
OK, it's not fair to rate your own extension, but it comes from a good intention. I give myself a maximum mark, not for the current status of the project, but on the intentions. And honestly, this plugin is already helping me a lot in the day-to-day management of my grid, so maybe it would be a deserved note. Or not. I invite you to test it and evaluate it on more objective criteria.
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Registro de cambios


  • added login form to gridprofile shortcode when not connected instead of login message
  • added w4os-shortcode classes
  • added screenshots
  • fix fatal error when trying to display WooCommerce Avatar tab form in My Account
  • fix localisation not loading
  • shorter “Avatar” label in gridprofile shortcode
  • removed uuid from gridprofile shortcode


  • sanitize avatar First and Last Name


  • fix other WP plugins directory requirements
  • renamed plugin as W4OS – OpenSimulator Web Interface


  • fix localizations not loading


  • fix regression, automatic updates restored. Users with version 2.0 to 2.0.3 will need to reinstall the plugin from source. Sorry.


  • fix fatal error in last update, restored update libraries for dev version


  • fix fatal error if both new official version and old devel version are activated


  • use plugin dir to detect slug instead of hardcoded value


  • updated to meet WordPress plugins directory requirements (remove self-update and related instructions, git installation instructions, updated names, readme, urls)
  • renamed [w4os_profile] shortcode as [gridprofile] for consistency. w4os_profile is kept for backwards compatibility
  • gridprofile shows avatar name instead of separate avatar first and last name when avatar exists
  • replaced gitlab urls by github
  • added web asset server instructions in settings page


  • fix: only show profile form for current user
  • better css loading
  • load textdomain first in init


  • fix error when home region is not set
  • fix wrong letter cases in auth table name
  • added login page link to message displayed when trying to see profile while not connected
  • more detailed error messages for avatar creation


  • fix #10 invalid JSON response when adding [w4os_profile] shortcode element
  • don’t render w4os_profile shortcode in json response
  • don’t render w4os_profile shortcode in edit pages
  • only check once if w4os db is connected
  • avoid undefined constant warning


  • tested up to 5.8.1


  • added avatar models creation instructions


  • added web assets server in README, updated INSTALLATION


  • added more installation instructions to readme


  • fix #4 Database connection error triggered if userprofile table is absent


  • added a hint in grid URI settings field example.org:8002


  • updated assets (icons and banners)


  • fix some remaining case-sensitive mysql requests issue #2


  • fix issue #2 Database check fails if mysql is case insensitive


  • added changelog, banners and icons to view details
  • fix bug in d6fe07c62bb6be189a820c416bc8402f7f5de56a
  • fix “Yes” and “No” translations
  • fix typo in banners and icons urls, can’t believe I didn’t see this before…
  • fixed conflict with other extensions settings pages
  • fixed w4os_updater var name
  • fixed view details not shown
  • update authors
  • use transparent icons
  • changed update server library to frogerme’s WP Plugin Update Server


  • use plugin repository for stable releases updates, GitHub Updater no longer


  • See full history in changelog.txt