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Increase your audience engagement by allowing your readers to share immediate feedback on your content.


  • Increased audience engagement
  • More time spent on site
  • More content consumption from your site visitors
  • Quick and easy feedback from your readers
  • Free emotional site analytics + reporting


  • The top emotions on your site
  • Which emotions lead to the most page views
  • How your users feel about your content
  • How to create better blog content
  • How to create content that converts

Discover what your audience is feeling. Watch the Video to learn more:

Feelback Reactions prompts your site visitors to react to your content by clicking on one of the five emotions. In turn users are provided with content recommendations based on their current mood.


  • Themes to perfectly match your site’s look and feel.
  • More control over where and how Vicomi’s feelbacks are displayed on your WordPress site.


Engage your users on an emotional level by allowing them to respond to your content with just one click.

Comment systems are a great way for your visitors to react to the content but require a larger commitment on the part of your users.

By having comments only on your site, you’re missing out on feedback from more visitors who normally wouldn’t leave a full textual feedback.


Users reactions are displayed immediately. Learn what emotions users are feeling and which content is evoking the most emotion. Additionally, Vicomi’s analytics platform not only shows you shows you how your audience feels about your content, but also delivers period reports and analysis about reader sentiment.


You can now completely customize your text using your Emotion Dashboard. Follow the directions here


English, Spanish, German, Russian, French, Portuguese, Hebrew, Italian, Arabic, Greek, and more.

You can also add other languages or fully customize the reactions text!
Your language not listed? Customize your text using your new dashboard, or contact us at to help provide us with the translation for your language.


Select the design that best fits your site. Choose between emoji icons and text buttons!

For more Info

For more info go to

For company updates, check out our Blog and make sure to follow us on twitter and facebook


  • Emotional Engagement
  • Emotion Analytics
  • Design Options
  • Mobile Version
  • Content Recommendations
  • Facebook Share
  • Text Customization



  1. Download the Vicomi Feelbacks wordpess plugin .ZIP folder.
  2. In your WP Admin panel, click on Plugins.
  3. Add the new Feelbacks plugin from the Plugins menu.
  4. Upload the file (choose the plugin file) to the ‘wp-content/plugins/’ directory inside of WordPress and then click Install Now.
  5. Click Activate Feelbacks Plugin.

Via wordpress Feelbacks plugin page
1) Log into wordpress
2) Select ‘Plugins; in the side menu
3) Click add new
4) Search for Feelback Reactions
5) Install the plugin
6) Activate your Feelback Reactions

More documentation

Go to

Preguntas frecuentes

Why should I use Vicomi?

Increase your audience engagement by up to 5X by allowing people to share their reactions with one click. One-click reactions – similar to Facebook – are a fun way to activate your readers and get more social media shares.
People react up to 30 times more than they comment!

Do I need to Register my website?

After you’ve successfully installed your Vicomi WordPress plugin, you will be invited to register your email and website in order to enjoy the full benefits of Vicomi’s emotional analytics dashboard.

Can I choose where Vicomi will appear on my site?

Yes, absolutely, we’ve made it very easy for you to choose where you’d like Vicomi’s emotional feelbacks to appear, and alternatively pages you don’t want it to appear on. You can choose these options via the Vicomi Pluggin Settings Menu Text in your WordPress dashboard.

Can I use Shortcodes?

Yes, if you would like Vicomi to appear on specific pages, simply paste the [vicomi_feelbacks] shortcode anywhere you’d like.

Is the Feelbacks Reactions plugin FREE? Will it stay FREE?

The Feelbacks plugin is free and will stay free!

Is the Feelback Reactions plugin responsive? Mobile friendly?

Yes it is responsive and works great on mobile!

How do I get to the Emotion Analytics Dashboard after I register?

Go to and log in using your email and password.

How do I change my Feelback Reactions text?

You can customize your Feelbacks text using your new dashboard:

1) Login to your account at
2) In the left sidebar scroll down and click on “settings”
3) In the settings page find the Adjust Your Widget box
4) Edit your text by typing into the boxes and select “Update Emotions” when you are finished

How do I remove/adjust the “YOU MAY ALSO LIKE” Content Recommendations?

You can now choose when to display your Feelbacks’ recommendations or whether to remove the recommendations altogether.

The options offered are:
1) Show recommendations after click (default), 2) Always show recommendations, 3) Remove recommendations


To adjust your Recommendation Settings:

1) Login to your account at
2) In the left sidebar scroll down and click on “settings”
3) In the settings page find the “Recommendations Settings”
4) Select your recommendation display type
5) Make sure to click on the “Update Settings” button when you are finished.

How do I switch my Feelback Reactions icon design?

To change your design settings, first, find Vicomi Feelbacks on your plugin page (make sure you are updated to version 1.2 or later). Select settings, and log in to your Vicomi account. In the settings page select your language and new design theme, and then click save changes.

NOTE: Changing your icon design will reset your number of clicks

Learn more:

How do I change my Feelback Reactions Language?

To change your language settings, go to Vicomi Feelbacks on your plugin page (make sure you are updated to version 1.2 or later). Select settings, and log in to your Vicomi account. In the settings page select your new language click save changes.

How do I remove Feelbacks from certain posts/pages?

Follow the instructions on our support page:


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11 de agosto de 2019
The plugin will not activate and eventually times out giving you en error page. Thanks for wasting my time!
10 de marzo de 2018
Horrible user experience. Don’t waste your time. You’ll just get frustrated. I’ve seen very few plugins that gave me such a visceral feeling of disgust.
20 de febrero de 2018
One of the most useful plugins to increase reader engagement. Super easy to install and set up on any page. Highly recommended.
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Colaboradores y desarrolladores

Este software es de código abierto. Las siguientes personas han contribuido a este plugin.


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Registro de cambios


  • Bug fixes, speed increase, aws server support


  • Ad HTTPS support


  • Servers update


  • Now supports php 7


  • Updating to faster servers


  • Fix version 2.02 bug


  • Moved plugin location links to the admin sidebar
  • Created a settings sub page in addition to the plugin dashboard sub page
  • NEW – more control over where Vicomi’s feelbacks are displayed, by selecting pages, posts, front page, products and different CPTs in your website.
  • NEW – even more control, now you can exclude from displaying Vicomi’s feelbacks in specific pages, posts, CPTs and more, just by writing there ID in the “Exclude pages” section.
  • NEW – introducing our shortcode “[vicomi_feelbacks]”, get more control where you want to display Vicomi’s feelbacks by implementing our shortcode wherever you want in your page or theme.


* Remove widget from ‘front page’ and ‘home page’
* Fix iFrame max width


  • Update API


  • Fix Registration