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VidCheck is a web platform that makes video fact-checking more standardized for fact-checkers, easy to read and understand for audiences, and scalable for platforms & fact-checkers. VidCheck can be used in cases where claims being fact-checked are part of the video such as political speeches, news content, documentaries, any other type of commentary, manipulated content, etc.

The current model of fact-checking claims in videos is to pick specific parts of the video where claims are seen or where manipulations are made and fact-check them. Usually, fact-checkers use timestamps in their article to identify the claims/manipulations if it’s a longer video. They then fact-check the identified claims. This process has certain drawbacks such as fact-checkers going through lengthy videos to identify claims, audiences opening the video, and navigating to specific parts of the video.

VidCheck aims to solve these issues and present a refreshingly new & intuitive UI for these types of fact-checks.

VidCheck’s WordPress plugin is for organizations that are running their websites on WordPress and would like the features of VidCheck within the same instance. While the core features of the plugin are same as the standalone version, there are a few features that are not supported through the WordPress plugin. A detailed document will be published at a later time highlighting the difference in features between the WordPress plugin and the self-hosted version of VidCheck.

Calling files remotely

VidCheck uses an external service called Vumbnail, to provide the thumbnail images for Vimeo Videos within the Plugin.


  • Vidcheck Ratings List
  • Vidcheck Claimants List
  • VidCheck List
  • Add New Fact Check
  • Fill Add New Fact Check
  • View of Vidcheck after creation
  • List of VidChecks for Users
  • Single VidCheck View

Preguntas frecuentes

How does it benefit Fact-Checkers?

Fact-checkers need to identify the timestamps (from & to) where claims are made in the video that is to be fact-checked. They enter these timelines in VidCheck and the specific claim being made at that specific time. VidCheck then enables them to write their research, fact-check for these claims. In the case of manipulated videos or out-of-context videos, fact-checkers will identify & enter the time frames used for the purpose of evidence or clues. The relevant clip or the GIF will automatically be a part of the fact-check without having to manually embed or take screenshots. We also plan to integrate all this into the original videos so that reading the fact-check becomes a seamless exercise. Claim Review schema is populated automatically for published fact checks.


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