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TheWebGears Members Plugin


This plugin allows you to have members and profiles in WordPress independent from wp built-in users functionality.

The administrator is able to customize registration fields from the plugin settings panel Settings -> TWG Members.
Several types of fields can be added for the registration form.
User-defined values and messages can be added for different cases and elements.

Many features not implemented yet will be developed soon… New feature requests and bug tracks are accepted by e-mail <>.

About ‘The Web Gears’

The Web Gears is a company/community of web-developers who are busy with developing new features and implement them in web environment to make the new web more comfortable and suitable for you.


  • Registration fields configuration view
  • Login errors configuration view
  • Registration fields customization looks like this


  1. Upload the plugin to the “/wp-content/plugins/” folder
  2. Activate the plugin through the “Plugins” menu in WordPress
  3. Customize the registration fields, success/failure messages and element values through Settings -> TWG Members settings panel


  • Create a page for registration form and use [twg-register-form] shortcode on it, or if you have a custom template for that page – use <?php twg_register_form(); ?> PHP code to get the registration form
  • Create a page for login form and use [twg-login-form] shortcode on it, or if you have a custom template for that page – use <?php twg_login_form(); ?> PHP code to get the login form
  • Use [twg-login-errors] on the login page in place where you want login errors to be displayed, or <?php twg_login_errors(); ?> code – for custom template
  • You can use twg_logged_in() PHP function to check whether there is a currently logged-in user (the function returns boolean true or false)
  • Use [twg-get-username] shortcode or twg_get_username() function to get username of currently logged-in user (returns ‘Guest’ if user is not logged in)
  • Place on the page of user own profile the shortcode [twg-my-profile] or a function twg_my_profile() (user can edit his profile from the page where you place this code)
  • [twg-profile-page] shortcode or twg_profile_page() PHP function to be placed on users public profile page (user profile can be seen calling url like this [assuming that your page name/slug is ‘users’ – where uid=15 is ID of the user whose profile is to be displayed)
  • To log out the user you either redirect user to login page’s /?logout location (like this: or add a new page for logging out and put there [twg-logout] short code or <?php twg_logout(); ?>.
  • To display someones public profile by his user ID, you either need to proceed by the link from the user list or if you want to preview the public profile of the current user, you should get user ID by using [twg-my-id] short code or twg_my_id() PHP function and append it to the public profile page link like this: <a href=”[twg-my-id]“>preview my profile</a> or like this: <a href=”<?php echo twg_my_id(); ?>”>preview my profile</a>
  • To get list of all members you can just call short code like this [twg-member-list profile_page=”my_public_profiles_page”] or a function like this twg_member_list(‘profile_page=my_public_profiles_page’) from PHP. If you don’t use profile_page parameter (both in short tag and in PHP function) it will take “profiles” as a default value. This option points to your profile page (it must be the slug of the page where you have used [twg-profile-page] or twg_profile_page() function). profile_page is an optional parameter, so if not passed no profile links will be displayed for individual users.

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write an email to plugin development chief 😉 MrBeatMasta


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  • Added user logout separate function and shortcode
  • Get own user ID functionality added
  • Getting member list functionality added


Initial release of TheWebGears Members plugin