SWPM – Elementor Template Protection



Only the templates registered as sections are displayed in the Elementor template list.


Here are the filters available within the plugin:
svilapp/elementor/swpm-elementor-template-protection/categories: Allows you to assign the category of the elementor widget.
svilapp/elementor/swpm-elementor-template-protection/template_results: Allows you to filter the selectable Elementor templates.
svilapp/elementor/swpm-elementor-template-protection/membership_results: Allows you to filter the selectable Simple Membership memberships.
svilapp/elementor/swpm-elementor-template-protection/widget/register_controls/template_type_condition: Allows you to validate the template type.
svilapp/elementor/swpm-elementor-template-protection/widget/render/condition: Allows you to filter the rendering by an external condition.
svilapp/elementor/swpm-elementor-template-protection/widget/render/content: Allows you to modify the content output of the widget.

Below are the actions available within the plugin:
svilapp/elementor/swpm-elementor-template-protection/widget/register_controls/before: Runs before elementor controls are registered.
svilapp/elementor/swpm-elementor-template-protection/widget/register_controls/content: Runs after the main ** content ** controls are registered.
svilapp/elementor/swpm-elementor-template-protection/widget/register_controls/after: Executed after registering elementor controls.

PRO version

The PRO version has in addition the possibility to add a Logged-In condition and the possibility to select multiple memberships with the AND / OR condition.

In addition, the list of available Elementor templates is extended to all registered templates.


Upload the plugin to your site, activate it.

1, 2, 3: You’re done!


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Release Date – 6 August 2021

  • Initial release

For older changelog entries, please see the additional changelog.txt file delivered with the plugin.