Store credit / Gift cards for woocommerce


Offer store credit to customer that they can use till there credit finishes you can offer refund in the form of store credit.

Personal coupons are a good way to hack through the mental resistance of your clients and get them to buy your products. Whether you focus on offering a big discount, Store Credit coupons are truly effective to get your sales going, and WooCommerce Store Credit is the simplest, most effective way to do it.

Why use Store Credit?

  • Store Credit coupons allow your customers to make multiple purchases until the credit is exhausted or the coupon expires.

  • It can be used as a personal refund or compensation card in case there’s a problem with your product or service.

  • Sell Store Credit coupons to your customers for their own usage

  • Allow multiple purchases per coupon

  • Send a unique Store Credit coupon to your customers by email.

  • Set minimum purchase amount to apply this store credit

  • Set a Maximum purchase amount on which store credit can be used

  • Show all the store credit code in My account section

  • Apply store credit code with the click of simple button

  • Automatically send a reminder email to customer informing them about the expiry date of there coupon, this reminder email will be send 7 days prior to the expiry date. you can configure the number of days before this reminder email should be send

  • Control the amount of store credit that can be used in single order.

  • Percent of order subtotal restriction: You can set a restriction that only 20% of the order subtotal can be paid by store credit and remaining amount has to be paid by the customer

  • Fixed Coste restriction: You can set a restriction that if you have given them a store credit of 100 $ then only 20 $ store credit can be used in single order

  • Auto apply store credit if the user is logged in to his account and he has a store credit available

Selling store credit on your website

Gift cards are the perfect solution for both customers and businesses. Not only are they convenient for customers to purchase, but they also organically increase sales for the store. And now, with the WooCommerce Store credit plugin, it’s never been easier to start selling gift cards on your WooCommerce store. In just a matter of minutes, you can have gift cards available for purchase on your website.

  • you can sell custom amount gift cart where customer will set the amount they want to buy.

  • you can predefine the amount of gift cards that user can buy

  • customer can specify the email id who will receive the gift coupon

  • you can set the expiry days for the gift coupon, so if you set expiry to be 365 days then the store credit coupon will expire after 1 year of purchase


Preguntas frecuentes

Can I send email to customer regarding credit coupon ?

Yes, you can send email from within coupon “credit usage” tab

Can I set a Expiry date for a store credit

Yes, you can set a expiry date the store credit should be used by that date after that date it cant be used

Where can customer see there store credit

In the My Account > Store credit section user can see there all the store credit coupon and remaining amount in those coupons

Customer can apply coupon from My account > Store credit list

Yes customer can see all of there store credit coupon in My account > Store credit section and they can apply those coupon from there by the click of a button

Can I send reminder email to customer about there coupon expiry

Yes, plugin will auto send reminder email to all the customer whose coupon is about to expire within next 7 days (you can configure this number of days)

Can I restrict the amount of store credit can be used in single order

Yes you can restrict the amount by fixed amount, or a percentage of the order subtotal

I want to restrict the store credit to be only 50% of the order total and remaining has to be paid by the customer

Yes you can do that

Auto apply store credit

Yes, store credit will be auto applied if user is logged in to his account and he has a valid store credit coupon

Can I disable auto apply feature for store credit

Yes you can disable this feature

Can I sell Gift cart using this WooCommerce Gift cart plugin

Yes you can do that with this gift card WooCommerce free plugin

How do I allow customer to purchase gift cart/Store credit from my site

You can create a product of type Custom amount store credit or Predefined store credit and then customer can purchase this from your store like any normal product


23 de marzo de 2023
Very good plugin, do what it does and very simple to configure.It fits well in the front-end And the support is very quick to solve issue too! Thanks!
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