Shipping Zones by Drawing for WooCommerce


Shipping Zones by Drawing allows you to draw your shipping areas into a map and use them with WooCommerce. You will no more be limited by zip code level when defining a shipping zone.
By connecting a drawn shipping area to a WooCommerce shipping method you can define a shipping cost for every zone.
Limiting shipping methods by a transportation radius from your store location is also possible.

To get knowledge of WooCommerce shipping zones and methods, we recommend a visit to the WooCommerce Shipping Zones Documentation. Remember that the drawn shipping areas will be added as shipping methods to WooCommerce.
If you are experiencing problems with the address validation for your country on the checkout page, please report it in the forum.

Para usar este plugin con funcionalidad extendida, hay una versión premium disponible.


  • Dibuje su zona de envío

  • Al finalizar la compra

  • Añadir como método de envío

  • Agregue su mapa de entrega a un método de envío


  1. Despues de activar, ve a WooCommerce -> Shipping Zones by Drawing.
  2. You will need to enter a Google Maps API Key. (Maps JavaScript API, Places API, Geocoding API, Directions API)
  3. Ahora, ve a WooCommerce -> Shipping Zones by Drawing y dibuja una zona de envío.

Now you are ready to set up your WooCommerce shipping zones and methods at WooCommerce -> Settings -> Shipping.
Add your drawn shipping area as a WooCommerce Shipping Method into a WooCommerce Shipping Zone.

Remember that WooCommerce always chooses the first WooCommerce shipping zone that matches an address. So remember to put all your drawn shipping methods per country/region / postal code in the same WooCommerce shipping zone.

Para conocer las zonas y métodos de envío de WooCommerce, recomendamos visitar Documentación de zonas de envío de WooCommerce

Esto es todo.

Preguntas frecuentes

¿Por qué mis métodos de envío no aparecen en el checkout?

Remember that WooCommerce always chooses the first shipping zone that matches an address. So remember to put all your drawn shipping methods per country/region/postcode in the same shipping zone.

¿Es posible agregar más de una zona?

Yes, five zones. But you draw as many you like with the premium version of the Shipping Zones by Drawing.

Which APIs of Google are needed?

Tu clave Google API necesita Maps JavaScript API, Places API, Geocoding API, Directions API .

¿Hay alguna forma de mostrar un mapa de entrega a los clientes?

Yes, use shortcode [szbd ids=”id1,id2″ title=”Delivery Zones” color=”#c87f93, red”] to display a delivery map.

The arguments are:
ids – a list of drawn maps by post ids
radius – a list of radii that draws circles
circle_color – a list of colors of the circles (optional)
radius_unit – kilometer or miles, (optional, kilometer is the default)
title – the map’s title to display above the map (optional)
color – a list of colors of the delivery zones polygons (optional)
interactive – set to “true” if to enable user map interaction (optional, default is false)


8 de marzo de 2024
Mesmo seguindo os passo, ele mostra os métodos de entrega para região que não deve.Edição bem confusa o que não traz confiança na ferramenta.
4 de agosto de 2022
The plugin works great. Highly recommended if you want to organize shipping/delivery areas at different prices. I had some problems with the configuration and contacted support. The response was very fast and professional and very effective. The technical support provided by Viktor is 5 stars! Thank you for your quick response, kindness and great work! Congratulations!
21 de marzo de 2021
I’ve tried different plugins and this works just incredible. The bundle with address checker just makes it a killer combination. Worth every dollar.
17 de febrero de 2021
Excellent plugin for shipping and differentiated costs Try it because it is very simple, very good support from the team, for some difficulty, even in free. I tried other shipping plugins, but they did not meet these requirements. Here we can choose the zones, drawing on the map, and apply the shipping cost for that zone. Excellent
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Registro de cambios


Fix: Clear shipping rate cache when updating customer on blocks checkout.


Compatibility fix: Requests from the “Check My Address” extension were affected by the current Food Online delivery session.


New policy: Google requests from server never uses client API Key (formerly the 1st key).

Fix: Clear shipping location data when choosing pickup location on blocks checkout

Fix: Removed underscore methods from blocks


Fix: Import Lodash library into blocks

Fix: Missing file


Fix: Picked delivery location display twice at ThankYou page


Fix: Component request string for Google calculations
Fix: Intergration with method selection block on checkout page


MAJOR UPDATE – Please back up your installation before upgrading

New Features: Ability to show an info message on checkout when no methods are available
New behavior: Google requests from the server now using address components for better accuracy. This can be disabled by using the new filter “exprimental_szbd_piped_request” and returning FALSE

Compatibility: Compatible with WooCommerce blocks checkout
Fix: Show only one shipping method with minimum cost when running in server mode


Fixes: Bug fixes regarding checkout map and plus code.


Fix: Bug fixes


Important change: It is now default to run the plugin in server mode.
Backward compatibility: Compatibility with older WC versions where OrderUtil class is not defined.


Compatibility: Compatibility with High-Performance Order Storage (HPOS) (BETA)


Fix: Modify the address format for Chile to be Google compatible


New: Updated [szbd] shortcode arguments


Fix: Google Maps requires callback function on initiation

Fix: Google Maps now use v3 where a callback function is not required

Compatibility: Compatibility with Elementor Pro 3.7 & Eelementor 3.5. (native JS events)

Improvement: Blocks Checkout improved compatibility
Compatibility: Food Online Premium

Compatibility: Food Online Premium 5.4.1
Improvement: Blocks Checkout basic compatibility


Compatibility: WordPress 6.1 & WooCommerce 7.1
Improvement: Checkout map & marker behavior


Fix: Geolocation of store address when running in server mode

Development: Shipping method filtering compatible with block checkout.


Fix: Unregister szbdzones post type on plugin deactivation


Bug Fix: Calculation of shipping rate depending of package weight


New: Option to run the plugin in server -mode. All method filtering performs at the server.
New: Possibility to use cart weight as an argument when defining a shipping flat rate.

Bugfix: Error geolocating shop address when wc shipping isn´t initiated


  • Fixes: Minor bug fixes and adjustments

Fix: Trailing whitespace may cause incorrect output


New: Option to enable geo-calculations on cart page
New option: Restrict shipping methods by product categories


Improvement: Added wp noces to ajax requests


Improvement: Monitoring of when shortcode [szbd] is inserted into DOM now waits until map is visible


Improvement: New advanced option to monitor and initialize when shortcode [szbd] is inserted into DOM


Improvement: More efficient way to geolocate checkout map center points


Fix: Reset chosen map location when set/unset “Ship to different address?”
Dev: Bind shipping method list by element id (“shipping_method”) and try with wildcard if this id does not exist


Compatibility: Compatibility with Food Online 5
Fix: Hide map on checkout when geolocation is not necessary


Bug Fix: Failure when shipping methods have class costs


New: Support for use of shortcodes [qty] & [fee] when defining a flat rate for a “Shipping zones by drawing” shipping method
New Option: Added option “Mandatory to precise at map”. This feature adds the possibility to force customers to use the map at checkout to precise their delivery location
Improvement: Major improvement when geolocating to always display the most relevant map at checkout
Dev: Updated checkout javascript file with increased stability and bug fixes

Mejora: trata de no cargar el js de Google Maps si ya fue cargado


Fix: Shortcode [szbd] with radius argument do not show
New: Argument radius_unit added for shortcode [szbd]
Fix: Removes empty locality component restrictions


Fix: Removed js arrow functions for improvement of browser compatibility.


Shortcode class [szbd] and javascript methods updated to allow multiple maps at same page

Actualizada la compatibilidad con WP 5.6 y WooCommerce 4.8

Bug fix: Shipping methods disappears from checkout when location is picked from map and methods are re-selected more than one time

Resolved naming conflict add to email filter

Bug Fix: Map for delivery location don´t show when Food Online plugin is installed

Bug Fix: Compatibility with Food Online when store address needs to be geolocated


Bug Fix: Radius methods fail at rare cases
Do not run js at order-pay endpoint page


Compatibilidad con Food Online 4.1


Nueva funcionalidad: como una opción, permite a los usuarios elegir la dirección de entrega en un mapa cuando no se puede geolocalizar una dirección


New use of color argument for the [szbd] shortcode


Compatibilidad con WordPress 5.5


New option on how to define the store location
New advanced option to force shortcode [szbd]. May be needed if showing the shortcode in popups etc.
New argument “radius” to the shortcode [szbd]. Display a circle with specified radius
Improved compatibility (with 3rd party plugins) when checkout fields like “Country” are removed from the checkout page


Improved evaluation of customer default address


Improved error handling at checkout along with 3rd party plugins


Impoved error handling at checkout
Improved messages at checkout


Improved compatibility with jQuery 3
Bug Fix: Feature “Select Top Shipping Method”


Nueva opción: el primer método de envío será seleccionado en el checkout


Corrección de errores: error de pago cuando el carrito solo consta de productos que no se pueden enviar


Agregado opción para desactivar la restricción del código postal


Se agregó el argumento de shortcode ‘interactive’ para permitir la interacción del usuario en el mapa de entrega
Soporte mejorado para direcciones en Polonia


Corrección de error: Mapa de shortcode [szbd] colocado en el lugar incorrecto
Las direcciones de las tiendas aceptan el establecimiento y la ruta como tipos de geolocalización


Permitir respuestas de Google con tipos de ruta
Compatibilidad mejorada para direcciones brasileñas


Ahora permite resultados de geocodificación con tipos de establecimiento


Mejor compatibilidad con los estados en algunos países.
Se agregó soporte para usar clases de envío


Corrección de errores: tasas de redondeo


Columna agregada en edición para mostrar post ids.


Se agregó shortcode [szbd] para mostrar las zonas de entrega dibujadas en el front-end.
Ejemplo [szbd ids = “post_id1, post_id2” title = “Zonas de entrega” color = “# c87f93”]


Mejor compatibilidad cuando el pago se realiza paso a paso (con complementos externos)
Mejor compatibilidad con direcciones en Angola

Mejor compatibilidad con el formulario de pago donde algunos campos están deshabilitados

Mejor compatibilidad con direcciones en Rusia


Mayor compatibilidad con versiones anteriores con métodos de envío creados antes de la versión 2.0.0
Mejor rendimiento de checkout.


Compatibilidad con versiones anteriores mejorada con métodos de envío creados antes de la versión 2.0.0



  • Núcleo actualizado para un mejor rendimiento.

  • Posibilidad de limitar el envío en un radio de distancia desde la dirección de la tienda.
  • Posibilidad de elegir el estado del impuesto del costo de envío.
  • Posibilidad de elegir el título de los métodos de envío que se muestran al finalizar la compra.


  • Mejor compatibilidad con direcciones en Rumania.
  • Validación de dirección mejorada.


  • Mejor compatibilidad con direcciones en Canadá.


  • Solución: control de versiones de archivos javascript


  • Corrección de errores: no muestra correctamente los métodos de envío al finalizar la compra

  • Corrección de errores


  • Posibilidad de dibujar hasta 5 zonas.


  • Mejor compatibilidad con direcciones en Israél.

  • Arreglos menores de javascript


  • Se agregó opción para ocultar el costo de envío en la página del carrito.
  • Mejora visual del comportamiento de la página de pago.


  • Arreglo errores Javascript en el checkout


  • Habilitado dibujo de mapa con más de 4 coordenadas


  • Opción agregada para deshabilitar la carga del script de Google Maps API


  • Compatibilidad mejorada para la instalación en red (multisitio)


  • Corrección de errores: Editar enlace desde la página de configuración


  • Corrección de errores: referencia de ruta de archivo


  • Corrección de errores


  • Versión inicial