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Welcome to the #1 referral marketing software for WooCommerce! Harness the power of word-of-mouth marketing! Increase traffic, credibility, online visibility, and revenue! provides a cutting-edge way for your customers to recommend your products to hundreds of their followers.

To illustrate how ShareitEffect works, here’s a true story: Jackie shared a post on her social media about a pillow she bought. Over 400 of her followers saw the post, 27 commented, 19 shared it, and 45 clicked the embedded link and bought the same pillow.

Log into your WooCommerce site and search for the ShareitEffect plugin; you will be glad you did.


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Preguntas frecuentes

Do I need WooCommerce to utilize this awesome plugin?

Yes, you must have a WooCommerce website to utilize this awesome plugin.

What percentage or dollar amount discount do I need to offer my customers?

The average is 10%, but you are welcome to use any percentage or amount you believe will help motivate your customers to post on social media regarding the purchase they are making today.

Do I need to close my website while the service is added to the backend? I don’t want to lose any potential shares during the update.

No. The beauty of our platform means that you can add our service to your website without it having to shut down at all. The process is very simple and only takes about 30 minutes to set up. Our dashboard is very user-friendly with tutorials and step-by-step assistance. Plus, if needed our staff is happy to help answer any questions you have and even walk you through the setup process.

Which Social Media Platforms do you support?

Great Question! Currently, we only integrate with Facebook, but this is subject to change at any time. In the future, we may offer other platforms as an option to post to.

Does ShareitEffect work for companies that sell services and not products?

Yes, our proprietary solution is equally as great for companies selling services as it is for companies that sell products. Do you remember a service that someone suggested to you, like a good auto repair facility or a new software solution? Businesses that offer only services can greatly benefit from our services at ShareitEffect. In fact, we can help almost any online business (products, services, subscriptions, etc.).

What precautions have you taken to help your website,, be secure?

Since 2020, our company,, has been designed to be a secure solution. The owners at have procured the strongest online protection and security available. has the highest level of PCI compliance, malware protection, SSL certification, and the most fortified payment processor in the world. Additionally, our cybersecurity is managed by certified security engineers that routinely scan our internal and external security controls to help keep our clients and our website safe from potential threats. On a regular basis and its associated sites are scanned for and protected against thousands of potential vulnerabilities.

We have partnered with Trust Guard; a global leader in cybersecurity protection and cyber insurance. To find out more about this third-party security business, please go to their website:

If you have more questions about our security solutions, please do not hesitate to ask one of our support specialists.


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