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sexyCycle for WordPress


sexyCycle is a lightweight yet very sleek jQuery plugin for making sliding image galleries. And to quote it’s creator: “One of the good things about sexyCycle is that you’re not forced to stick with a fixed width of all images. It’s actually quite nice to use different width on each image.” Actually, it’s now also possible to use different height thanks to Nick O’Neill.

This WordPress plugin makes it possible to add this image sliding functionality to galleries in WP, you can simply just override the [gallery] shortcode generated by WP or you can use it’s own [sexy-gallery] shortcode. Galleries are handled the same way as usual by the ‘Add an Image -> Gallery function’.

It’s now possible to use per gallery settings, see the Installation page for documentation.

An examples of sexyCycle in action can be seen at sexyCycle for WordPress, more examples can be found at sexyCycle image jQuery plugin. (These examples are not implemented in WordPress, but they show the functionality)

sexyCycle for WordPress created and maintained by Linus Lundahl.
sexyCycle jQuery plugin created by Andreas Pihlström.
Contributions by Nick O’Neill.


  • The settings page.


  1. Upload sexycycle-for-wordpress to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress
  3. Go to ‘Settings -> sexyCycle’ to setup the plugin.
  4. Upload images on a page / post and insert your gallery, alternatively insert [sexy-gallery] manually in html mode.

Different settings for galleries

Using variables in the shortcode enables you to setup galleries differently from post to post.


[sexy-gallery size="small" animation="easeInExpo"]  

This setting would use small images and the animation easeInExpo instead of the defaults.

Settings available:

  • Animation: animation= “easeInQuad”, “easeOutQuad”, “easeInOutQuad”, “easeInCubic”, “easeOutCubic”, “easeInOutCubic”, “easeInQuart”, “easeOutQuart”, “easeInOutQuart”, “easeInQuint”, “easeOutQuint”, “easeInOutQuint”, “easeInSine”, “easeOutSine”, “easeInOutSine”, “easeInExpo”, “easeOutExpo”, “easeInOutExpo”, “easeInCirc”, “easeOutCirc”, “easeInOutCirc”, “easeInElastic”, “easeOutElastic”, “easeInOutElastic”, “easeInBack”, “easeOutBack”, “easeInOutBack”, “easeInBounce”, “easeOutBounce”, “easeInOutBounce”
  • Animation speed: speed= “int” (milliseconds)
  • Auto cycle speed: interval= “int” (milliseconds)
  • Use controls: controls= “0”, “before”, “under”, “beforeafter”
  • Image click: imgclick= “0”, “image”, “nothing” (0 = swap to next image)
  • Previous text: prev= “string”
  • Next text: next= “string”
  • Use stop: controls_stop= “boolean” (0/1)
  • Stop text: stop= “string”
  • Use caption: caption= “0”, “caption”, “desc”
  • Show counter: counter= “boolean” (0/1)
  • Disable cycle at end: cycle= “boolean” (0/1)

Defaults that are also available: exclude, orderby, size

Preguntas frecuentes

Does sexyCycle support video?
No, there is no video support.

Known Issues
  • Captions disappear and reappear when cycling restarts.


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Colaboradores y desarrolladores

Este software es de código abierto. Las siguientes personas han contribuido a este plugin.


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Registro de cambios


Minor bugfixes.


Minor bugfixes.


Added possibility to use full image in gallery.
Added possibility to exclude images in shortcode.


Minor bugfixes.


Gallery now supports images with both different height and width.
Added image counter.
Added possibility to show the controls before the gallery.


Added possibility to choose image click behavior, defaults to “Swap to next image”. Other options are “Link to original image” and “Do nothing”.


Fix bug that only made per gallery settings available for the [gallery] shortcode, and not the [sexy-gallery] shortcode.


Added per gallery settings.
Added possibility to add a stop button to auto cycling galleries.


Fix bug that broke the gallery in IE.


First version released to the public.