WP fade in text news

This plugin will create the fadein and out effect in the text. It is an superb excellent way to transition between announcements.

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Just Fading Slider

Donate link: http://www.zoranmaric.com

Tags: photo, images, slider, slide, fading, responsive, simple, jssor

Requires at least: 4.

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Flash News / Post (Responsive)

This plugin help to display post types and custom content in your post/page/sidebar or footer as a responsive slideshow .You can also display the post …

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KCPT Fading Image Widget

A simple image widget, you can set a url for the image to link to upon click. You can also specify a title, and a 2nd image which the 1st image will …

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Tab – Accordion, FAQ

Tab allows you to create a simple tabs, responsive tab, animation tab, horizontal tab, vertical tab, circle tab, FAQ, accordion, animation accordion.

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Easy Testimonials

Testimonials widgets and shortcodes for easily adding Testimonials to your WordPress Theme, with a simple interface.

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