Use Roomcloud plugin to embed our Booking Engine form into your wordpress site.
This allows your customers to make online reservations on the web site of your hotel.
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  1. Upload roomcloud.php to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  2. Upload CSS and JS folders to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  3. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress
  4. Depending on the Roomcloud Booking Engine version you use, prepare your shortcode string using one of the formats as described at and briefly listed below
    • SE1 Horizontal Search Form: [roomcloud hotel=’xyz’]
    • SE1 Multi Account Horizontal Search Form (for group of hotels): [roomcloud_multi hotel=’xyz’ multi_id=’xxx;yyy’ multi_desc=’xxx_desc;yyy_desc’]
    • SE1 Vertical Search Form: [roomcloud_vertical hotel=’xyz’]
    • SE1 iFrame: [roomcloud_iframe hotel=’xyz’]
    • SE1 iFrame with resizer module: [roomcloud_iframeResizer hotel=’xyz’]
    • SE2 Horizontal Search Form: [roomcloud_v2 hotel=’xyz’]
    • SE2 Multi Account Horizontal Search Form (for group of hotels): [roomcloud_multi_v2 hotel=’xyz’ multi_id=’xxx;yyy’ multi_desc=’xxx_desc;yyy_desc’]
    • SE2 Vertical Search Form: [roomcloud_vertical_v2 hotel=’xyz’]
    • SE2 iFrame: [roomcloud_iframe_v2 hotel=’xyz’]
  5. Place the roomcloud shortcode inside the page of your website using wordpress page editor.
  6. In case of internal page, place the roomcloud_iframe shortcode inside the page with specified page_id using wordpress page editor.

Preguntas frecuentes

Do I need a Roomcloud account?

Yes. Please complete a signup

I have logged into my account and configured it. What’s next?

Take note of your unique hotel code from roomcloud extranet. Go to wordpress admin page and install Roomcloud plugin. Then add your shortcode using one of the formats reported abovein the page of the website where you want to show the booking form. That’s all!

Where can I get more information about Roomcloud booking engine?


Do I need to have jQuery?

Yes. If you haven’t it add the parameter load_jquery=’true’ in the shortcodes

Where can I find a complete guide?

Please visit


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  • Initial support


  • Added roomcloud_iframe shortcode


  • Contains a security bug fix to prevent cross-site scripting attacks


  • Iframe src in https


  • SE2 integration
  • multi account integration
  • vertical form introduction


addess CSS and JS folders


added CSS and JS files


added parameter load_jquery


added litepicker support


fixed bug on vertical forms


updated Javascript
fixed bug on plugin positioning


updated Javascript


updated Javascript


removed text from btn


added parameter hide_children (set hide_children=1 to hide children in search options)