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RetargetPal is an online advertising platform that combines technology with human experts to provide you with great advertising experience. We will expose your ad to new and relevant visitors as well as to returning users, so you would have a fair chance of actually selling your product or service.
Reach 96% of your website visitors.
Most of your website visitors will not buy from you during their first visit. Our innovative app will make sure these visitors see your ad across the Internet to shorten the time until their next visit and increase the likelihood of eventually buying from you.
Create and publish your ad in 5 clicks
We have created the perfect tool that automates the ad creation process to publish your ad in less than 3 minutes and with zero distractions.
More than just retargeting
We will also help you reach new clients to increase website traffic.
24/7 online support
Need Assistance? Have a question? We’re always happy to help.
Why RetargetPal?
* RetargetPal helped business owners to increase traffic to their website for more than 3 years.
* Full customer Support 24/7 .
* Campaign performance tracking is available for you on our dashboard and you can track campaign results at any time.
* No extra charges!! All fees included, Your daily budget will be divided evenly for maximum exposure.

Note: RetargetPal’s interface, Help Center, and customer support are currently available only in English.

Features of the paid plan

Custom ad creation
Advanced audience settings
1 Retargeting campaign
1 acquisition campaign
Advertise to a similar audience
Full customer support
Analytics integration

Preguntas frecuentes

How Many Monthly Visitors Should I Expect?

The monthly visitors that RetargetPal will bring to your site depends on multiple parameters. Below is a list of some of the most significant parameters that affect this number.

Your Location
Customers advertising in countries and areas where more advertisers exist, and are willing to pay more, will generally be paying more for each exposure (i.e. each single ad shown) than customers which are located where exposures / impressions don’t have high demand.

The most expensive places are New-York, California, London, and other super rich urban areas.
In other places – most of Asia and South America – there is less demand for ads and less purchasing power, so you are expected to reach more people.

Offline businesses typically advertise to a much smaller audience – only to people who might show up physically to buy the product. This includes any service that requires an actual visit to the store or studio.

Online businesses can easily provide the same service country-wide and sometimes even worldwide, which makes each exposure cost less.
Your Business Vertical
Some of the business verticals / domains are in higher competition than others. Such a vertical is the insurance business where clicks are known to be super expensive.
The rule of thumb is that the higher the margin per sale is – the more expensive exposures will be.

Why my ad was rejected

Each ad is manually reviewed by our quality control team. When the quality control team discovers that a specific ad has failed to conform to our advertiser guidelines, it will be rejected and you will be notified of that rejection in the dashboard. If you have your email configured in the system, we will also notify you via email.
However, if you believe your ad has been mistakenly rejected, please contact us.

When comparing daily visitors and weekly, the numbers don’t add up

Unique visitors

Unique visitors are visitors that we identify as different actual human beings. While our methods are proprietary and there’s no single full proof method, our estimates should be within 1% of the actual number of unique visitors.

When the same user visits your website more than once in different time periods, that user will be counted once on each of these time periods individually, but will also only count once in a larger time period that includes both time periods

For example:
Day 1: 50 unique visitors
Day 2: 50 unique visitors

During these 2 days, some of the visitors from Day 1 also visited your site on Day 2.
If there is an overlap of 20 visitors (meaning 20 visitors visited your site both on Day 1 and on Day 2), then the total unique visitors during these two days would be 80 unique visitors.

Discrepancies between platform

When comparing the number of unique visitors calculated by different platforms (e.g. MixPanel, Google Analytics, etc.) the numbers might not perfectly match.
In most scenarios the difference in numbers is minor, but it might become substantial due to several factors:

  1. Session length – when a platform shows the number of non-unique visitors, and there are visitors who visited the site multiple times, the distinction between different visits isn’t set in stone. While it’s usually 15 minutes, there are many ways to measure that.
  2. Uniqueness – each platform has its own criteria for measuring uniqueness. This might include cross device synchronization in some cases, IP address, and other heuristics performed by the different platforms.
  3. Time period – each platform updates its data at a different rate. This means that the data on one platform can be more up to date than the data on another.
  4. Tracking mechanism – some browsers can be set up to block some of the measurement techniques. This might cause platforms that rely on a specific technique to show less visitors

RetargetPal – Service Costs

Monthly Fee
The monthly fee of the RetargetPal service is based on the subscription you choose, on the duration of the subscription, and the currency you’re using.

We offer 2 plans:
– Free plan, which is $0/month.,
Paid plan, which is $45/month or the equivalent in your currency,
Cost per Click
There is no additional cost for the visitors attracted to your site by Retarget.
The monthly fee includes all costs.
Additional Costs
There are no other additional costs.
You can cancel your service any time.

When will my ad start showing?

There are two major processes that have to happen before your ad is displayed on the internet. These processes could take a few business days to complete. Please note that we will keep you updated via email as soon as your ad is published.

  1. Quality control
    In order to provide our service, we work with multiple display platforms. Each of these platforms interacts with a different portion of the users who visited your site. They engage with these users at different times, different costs, and different contexts.

In addition to our own manual review of each ad that is uploaded to the system against our advertiser’s guidelines, each of the display platform partners mentioned above also takes his own measures to assure advertising quality.

While the review process could be completed within a day, it usually takes 2-3 business days to complete.

  1. Minimum visitors
    Our system does not require a minimum number of visitors to your website before we can start retargeting.However, we start tracking your visitors as soon as the RetargetPal app is installed.

In addition to the processes above, some of our reporting data takes up to 24 hours to update in the system.

Why Don’t I See My Own Ad?

There are many parameters that control the display of a specific ad to a specific user, and this is also true for our service.
If your dashboard doesn’t show any impressions, and you’ve just set up your account – this might be a different issue, see When will my ad start showing? If you’ve passed the first few days, read below for possible reasons.

More Relevant Ads
Whenever a user browses the Internet and visits a page that displays ads, the advertising ecosystem weighs the different ads that are available for that user behind the scenes, and shows him or her the most relevant ad for them. The concept of a most relevant ad doesn’t have a single definition, yet in most cases it includes the context of the ad (the content of the page), the potential value the user might generate for the advertiser, and the changes of the user actually clicking the ad.

When there are many relevant ads for a user – they might not see your ad.

Specific Ad Placements
Only some of the ads on the Internet are available for us to advertise on them. If you’re trying to find your ad on a specific site, or in a specific position – it’s possible that we just can’t advertise on that specific placement. This could be for several reasons, and the most common reasons are:
* The placement is pre-sold and always displays the same ad.
* We don’t work with this site or with the technology provider who runs this site.

Privacy Settings
Some users may have their privacy settings configured in such a way that they will never see Retarget ads.

What Can I Do About This?
The RetargetPal system monitors the impressions your ad receives, and dynamically optimizes the process to maximize the exposure of your ad.
While there is nothing specific you can do to manage this on your own, you can always contact us and suggest improvements, or request changes.

How to set up an ad?

You can set up your ad by following the simple steps below.

Go to your WP dashboard, on the left hand side menu pick the “RetargetPal” installed app, and then choose “Manage Ad” from the RetargetPal menu.

Fill in the ad message and company name you would like you retargeted visitors to see, and select or upload an image.

You can see a preview of the ad on the right hand side of the screen.

When you click “Submit Ad” your ad will be put in pending state until approval by our quality control team.

Why do you need my email address?

We use your email address for weekly and monthly scheduled reports, and occasional emails with updates.
You can always remove your email through the dashboard.

I’ve entered my email but I didn’t receive an email from you

You should receive an email notification whenever you add or change your email address.
Maybe it was mistakenly added to your spam folder. If so, please mark it as safe to use

Other than that email, we will only send occasional updates and reporting emails on a weekly and monthly basis.


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