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Reforestum – Carbon neutral products at checkout


The customizable plugin allows you to set your WooCommerce shop according to your own needs and those of your customers.


In order to enable the plugin, you will need to set a user account in Reforestum’s app. You must register in our app through this link:

Once you are able to link your WooCommerce shop to our API, you will be able to configure the basic parameters of the plugin, as for instance, whether you want to show the amount of CO2 of your products and where to do it:

  • In the product page
  • In the shopping cart
  • In the checkout page

You will be asked to configure whether you -the merchant- want to pay for the offset, or your customer will pay for it, in which case the price of the offset -it will remain optional for the user- will be added to the final invoice.


The plugin allows you to enter the carbon footprint of your projects either individually, or grouping them by category. For each project or category you will be asked to provide the amount of CO2 and also -optionally- the amount of CO2 for the shipping of your physical products.


Upon availability, Reforestum’s marketplace will offer several projects to pick up from. The projects are divided in 2 different categories:

  • Conservation projects: We select the best VCS certified projects from around the world. Your clients will then be able to purchase carbon credits to offset the goods they are buying.
  • Reforestation projects: These types of reforestation projects are developed by Reforestum’s team and officially certified by the local governments (see the description of each project in our marketplace for further information). Your clients will be able to acquire forest shares.

In both cases, once the offset has been executed, your client will receive an email to activate their account in Reforestum’s marketplace so that they can keep track of their carbon credits or forest shares.

Notice it’s your responsibility as a merchant, and accordingly to your local confidentiality legislation, to ask your customer consent so that Reforestum can receive your user´s Name and Email for the assignment of the carbon credit or forest shares. Typically, this will imply that you need to update the terms of the service of your e-shop.


  • Plugin settings
  • Product offset settings
  • Category offset settings
  • CO2 offset in product page
  • CO2 offset in shopping cart
  • CO2 offset and forests selection in checkout page


  1. Upload “reforestum” folder to the “/wp-content/plugins/” directory.
  2. Activate the plugin through the “Plugins” menu in WordPress.

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How do i get support?

You can get support by going to Support section of this plugin page

Does this plugin GDPR compatible?

Yes, we don’t store any personal information and not using cookies


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