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The Real WYSIWYG plugin turns the TinyMCE Visual Editor in to a real WYSIWYG editor.
TinyMCE allows you to import style sheets into the editor window. The Real
WYSIWYG plugin uses this ability to import your theme’s style sheet, allowing it to display
the post as it will look when published.

Release Notes

  • 0.0.2
    • Fixed bug that prevented automatic support for the Default Theme.
    • Added some more CSS for the Default theme.
  • 0.0.1
    • Added filter for inserting extra CSS.
    • Tweeked the escaping of the generated extra CSS output.
  • 0.0.0
    • Initial Release


  • Editing a post (in the Vistered Little Theme) using TinyMCE and the Real WYSIWYG plugin
  • The same post as published.
  • Screenshots 1 and 2 combined at 50%. Pixel Perfect.


  1. copy the ‘real-wysiwyg’ directory to your ‘wp-contents/plugins’ directory.
  2. Activate the Real WYSIWYG plugin in your plugins administration page.
  3. If your theme supports Real WYSIWYG then the editor window should now look
    the same as your posts. Otherwise, you may need to configure Real WYSIWYG via the options
    menu to include any extra stylesheets your theme may have and to include any extra css
    so that the editor body will be correctly styled.
    For instance, for the default them, the following CSS is some of what is added to the Extra CSS field:
    .mceContentBody {
    margin:2.5ex auto;
    padding: 0pt;
    background:transparent url(‘../../themes/default/images/kubrickbg-ltr.jpg’) repeat-y scroll center top;

Preguntas frecuentes

How do I make my theme support Real WYSIWYG

If your theme uses more than onw style sheet, then you should add a filter
on real_wysiwyg_style_sheets and add the URI for you stylesheets to the
array that is passed in.
If you have stylesheets that are only for IE 6,
then you can create a filter on real_wysiwyg_style_sheets_ie and add your
IE 6 stylesheets to it’s array.
If you have inline styles that need to be applied, then create a filter on
real_wysiwyg_extra_css and add your required CSS to the string.

You will also need to update you stylesheets so that the CSS that applies
to a post also applies to an element with a class of mceContentBody. If
you don’t have it already, Firebug for Firefox is excellent for determining
what styles are applied on an element. You can use this to see what is
applied to the post and create extra rules for the mceContentBody for
anything it missed. Finally, I use screenshots of the post in the editor
and as published to compare the styles and tweek the mceContentBody style
as needed.


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