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Razorpay Quick Payments


This is the official “Quick Payments” plugin for Razorpay merchants. This allows
you to do the following:

  1. Add a few custom variables and some markup to a page.
  2. Specify the amount, name, description and other custom details as page metadata.
  3. Write [RZP] wherever you want on the post and the button to show up.
  4. The plugin takes over and completes the payment.

This makes use of the Razorpay Orders API, and the flow is the follows:

  1. The plugin parses the page before it is rendered
  2. Inserts its javascript/css/html if it finds the relevant data and markup
  3. A click on the button creates an “order” using Ajax/Razorpay API
  4. The order ID is passed to checkout with auto-capture enabled
  5. The payment is completed there itself and the customer is informed


For this plugin to work correctly, please mention the following items as page metadata (using Screen Options for >4.8) -> Custom Fields:

  1. ‘name’ of the product.
  2. ‘description’ of the product.
  3. ‘amount’ with a minimum of 1 rupee.


22 de julio de 2021
I made the mistake of integrating with Razorpay for my website, and not only do they charge exorbitant TDRs (with no intimation of changes to charges and fees) but the plugin is absolutely pathetic. I created a support topic for two CRITICAL site health issues that their plugin creates on WordPress, and have tried escalating through their official merchant support, but there's been no response. Note that the issues involved are super basic and easily fixed, but the team is just so inept that they haven't bothered to respond (or do the most basic testing). On top of this, the plugin is so badly built that it doesn't bother to plumb through details of payments into the system - i.e. after a payment is made on my website, I have no physical way to verify the "name" field associated with the plugin defined on my page. Which makes it extremely difficult to track down what the payment was for. The email sent by Razorpay for each payment is also super poorly designed - it doesn't include the "description" field for each payment, you have to log in to their website (at least four clicks) to find that. A complete waste of 2-3 minutes, when all that is needed is an email that contains both the "name" and "description" fields defined in this plugin. Finally, when I use Razorpay's flexible payment link (where you can define your own custom fields on a page hosted by Razorpay), you get two separate and differently formatted emails. It's just so bizarre. Why get two emails? Again, that creates duplicate workflow, pretty bad design. Pathetic product, pathetic service, exorbitant fees. Avoid at all costs.
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  • Bug fix
  • Tested upto WordPress 5.5


  • Added Callback Url support for in app browser
  • Tested upto WordPress 5.4.2


  • Added metadata information.
  • Updates Razorpay SDK
  • Tested upto WordPress 5.3.2