PlacePress adds Location and Tour post types, structured map blocks (for single and global locations), structured tour stop blocks, and custom taxonomies.

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Este plugin proporciona 4 bloques.

  • Location Map
  • Global Map
  • Tour Stop
  • Global Map by Type


The quickest method for installing PlacePress is:

  1. Install PlacePress either via the plugin repository or by uploading the files to the plugins directory on your server.
  2. Activate PlacePress.
  3. Navigate to the PlacePress options page at Settings > PlacePress and update the default options.

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  • Updated for WordPress version 5.9


  • Adds fix for iOS Safari bug that prevented Location Type selection on Global Map by Type block
  • Adds support for Tours and Locations on Author archives
  • Adds support for Tours and Locations on Tag archives
  • Manage scroll wheel zoom on all map blocks to minimize accidental interactions
  • Minor CSS changes


  • Fixes bug that broke Location Type selection on Global Map by Type block unless clustering is enabled
  • Now bypasses remote lookup when user enters valid coordinates for address query in Location Map block
  • Minor UX enhancements for map blocks
  • Very minor CSS changes


  • Updated WordPress version compatibility

1.3.0 / 1.3.1

  • Adds customizable text for map info windows (e.g. for street addresses)
  • Adds Help panels to all block settings inspectors
  • Bug fixes and minor improvements


  • Updated WordPress version compatibility


  • Improved accessibility/keyboard controls
  • Bug fixes and minor improvements


  • Compatibility fix for subdirectory installations


  • Transform between Global Map and Global Map by Type blocks
  • Bug fixes and minor improvements


  • Adds Global Map by Type block
  • Enables block transforms in Tours (Heading => Tour Stop)
  • Marker popups open automatically when viewing map for a specific Tour Stop
  • Bug fixes and minor improvements


  • Preemptively addresses bug/change in WP 5.6-RC1 re: Dashicon component


  • Adds a compatibility option for themes that display pages as component sections within a front page template


  • Bug fixes for Safari users (inaccessible geocode input fields, in-map user controls)


  • Adds Tours
  • Adds optional Location Maps to archive pages
  • Enhanced user interface for settings page, including Help menus
  • Improved documentation in README file
  • Bug fixes and performance improvements


  • Initial release.