Page Load Ajax


The purpose of this plugin is to minimize page load time and resource usage by updating the page title and content only rather then reloading the entire webpage.
The new contents and titles are fetched by ajax calls.

As the rest of the page like header including all styles and scripts, footer and sidebars are not affected, you should only use this to switch between pages with the same overall layout and requirements.

You can enter shortcodes in the page content that will show up as a button or a text link.
When activating the link, the pages title and content will be replaced by the title and content of the specified page.

There are four possible independant arguments to the shortcode:
– page (required). This can be the page title or the page id.
– text (optional). The button text or textlink text.
– title-elm (optional). The title element id or class if it is not the default as entered on the settings page.
– content-elm (optional). The content element id or class if not default.

Examples: [pla page=”Tet page”] [pla page=”5″ text=”Go to the testpage”] [pla page=”My Page” content-elm=”#my-div”]


After standard installation, one should specify the preferences on the WP Settings -> Page Load Ajax settings admin page.
It is important to know the html element id or class of the page title and page content. This is dependant of the theme being used.
Id’s should be prefixed by a hashtag (#) and classes by a dot (.) when specifying these settings.
IMPORTANT: After installation: go to the WP Settings -> Permalinks admin page and acitvate the Save Changes button, even when you did not changed anything.


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  • Initial release.


  • Added do_shortcode filter to widget text to enable [pla] shortcdes in widgets to create pseudo menus.


  • It is no longer required to save the setup -> permalink admin page after installation.