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Narnoo Distributor


The Narnoo distributor plugin allows a tourism organisation, wholesaler, online booking site to connect with their product’s promotional media hosted on Using the plugin Distributor’s can manage their operator lists, access their operator’s media in real time and display this media throughout their WordPress pages and blogs. The plugin allows the distributor to manage their own promotional media within Narnoo as well. Narnoo provides shortcodes that make displaying image galleries, videos and brochures simple and easy to achieve. All media files are hosted on Narnoo’s global servers therefore, freeing up the users server requirements.


  • This screenshot show how you can interact with your members through the WordPress admin panel.


  1. Upload plugin-name.php to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress
  3. Retrieve your APP authentication keys from your account at You will need your Access Key and corresponding Secret Key. Log in to your account -> My Account -> either create a New APP or View Applications.
  4. Enter your APP keys in Settings -> Narnoo API -> API Settings area.
  5. Your WordPress site is now connected to your account.

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How to I get my Narnoo APP keys?

You can retrieve your APP keys from your account on Simply log into your account and go to the My Account -> View Applications menu option. From here you can either create or view existing key pairs.


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Registro de cambios

16-03-2019: Bug with operator album display
14-05-2019: Updated libraries and tested with latest WP version
08-02-2019: Added error checking when creating web hooks
06-02-2019: Webhook DB update for WPV 5
20-01-2019: PHP 7 integration plus WPV 5
04-12-2018: Continued updating of Narnoo API to latest version
22-11-2018: Minor bug fixes and API improvements