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Customize WooCommerce by disabling Preferred Analytics, Notice, Scripts, Widgets, Marketing Hub, and Such

Disable unnecessary WooCommerce features and make your shop faster and cleaner. If you don’t like or don’t need the new bloatware features, use this plugin and forget about them forever.

It may be a good idea for small shops to disable the features that are slowing your page down. Simplify your WooCommerce admin panel. Use good, old, clean, fast WooCommerce!

Disable WooCommerce Bloat

Disable bloatware features introduced in WooCommerce 4.0 and later:

  • WooCommerce Admin (Dashboard)
  • Analytics (New reports view)
  • Notification bar
  • Marketing Hub
  • Home screen

Clean Admin interface

Make your admin panel faster and cleaner:

  • Disable notice (Connect your store to to receive extensions updates and support.)
  • Disable WooCommerce Status Meta Box
  • Disable Marketplace Suggestions
  • Disable WooCommerce Extensions submenu

Increase your site performance

Disable these options to make your shop faster:

  • Password Strength Meter
  • WooCommerce scripts and styles
  • WooCommerce Cart Fragments
  • WooCommerce Widgets



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Registro de cambios

v0.0.3 -> July 9, 2021

  • Feature: WooCommerce Custom Add To Cart Button Text
  • Feature: WooCommerce External Product New Tab
  • Feature: Redirect User to Previously Visited Page After Login by WooCommerce My Account

v0.0.2 -> May 16, 2021

  • Feature: Added the customization option of the core WooCommerce Menus and feature. It will help to increase the WooCommerce store performance by disabling WooCommerce bloat/unnecessary features


  • Initial Release