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Live Flickr Comment Importer


This plugin uses Flickr API to import comments from you Flickr photostream
photos to a post of your choice in your WordPress Blog. It additionally
imports the Flickr Avatar Icons and displays them as appropriate.

The Live Flickr Comment Importer Plugin features

  • Uses the Flickr API via the excellent phpFlickr class
  • Can automatically detect Flickr photos embedded in the post.
  • Can also use a custom field in the post to import comments thus your Photos and posts need not have the same title
  • Comments on multiple photos can be imported in a single post
  • Also imports the flickr user icons / avatars
  • The comments are imported whenever anyone sees a post where comments are to be imported
  • Allows import of even the old comments
  • Can cache the results of flickr API
  • Show thumbnails in comments
  • Allow disallow HTML in comments
  • Exclude certain pictures using custom field
  • Favorites can also be imported as comments optionally


  1. Upload the folder ‘live-flickr-comment-importer’ into your to the
    ‘/wp-content/plugins/’ folder

    1. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress
    2. To configure plugin options start by clicking on ‘Configuration Page’
      link near plugin name or ‘Settings’ -> ‘Live Flickr Comment Importer’
      navigation link.
    3. You will have to enter and your flickr API key for this plugin to work.
      Flickr API key can be got from
    4. For caching of Flickr API results and thus in turn a better performance
      ensure that your plugin directory must be writable by webserver.
    5. Follow the instructions given on the configuration page on how to
      import comments into a post


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  • Added https to the phpflickr class, the plugin should work now.


  • Added the latest phpflickr class
  • Recoded the options page according to Settings API, with some small tweaks to the UI
  • Added option for importing favorites as comments, This option intelligently tries to merge favs and comments by the same person into a single comment
  • Added option for Comment Prefix


  • Added setting to allow or disallow HTML in imported comments
  • Added setting to allow or disallow thumbnails in imported comments. Can be overridden by custom field
  • Added new custom field flickr_exclude_id to exclude comments from certain pictures
    All above added on suggestions from Tom Allen of


  • Work around for some themes not passing the comment object to get_avatar, should work in all themes irrespective


  • Bug fix for comments not in correct order
  • Display of comment thumbnail configurable by post custom field ‘flickr_show_thumnail’. Set to 1 to show thumbnails. Off by default
  • Added custom field to prevent comments from being imported ‘flickr_dont_import’. Set to 1 to prevent comment importing
  • Workaround code for comments getting duplicated


  • A couple of bug fixes
  • Multiple comma separated ids can be put in custom field
  • Small thumnail of the picture added to comments


  • Fixed a bug with custom field not working.


  • Fixed a bug in API key saving routine.
  • Added code to allow importing of comments from multiple photos in a single post
  • Imported comments show a small thumbnail of the photo for which the comment is


  • Changed the name of phpflickr class to t_phpflickr so that it plays well with other plugins using the phpflickr class


  • Added code to try and extract Flickr Id from the URL of photos embedded


  • First release