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Link Harvest


Link Harvest will go through all of your posts and pages and compile a list of all external links. Then it will create a live updating linkroll for you, based on your actual linking activity.

Harvesting Your Links

Once you have installed Link Harvest, you need to run a harvest to pull out links from your existing content. Running a harvest is simple, but it takes time. The harvest on my blog (~1250 posts with links) took several hours. You need to leave your browser open during this time for the harvest to complete.

To run a harvest, go to the Link Harvest options page (Options > Link Harvest), click the button to begin a harvest and follow the steps on the screen.

Note, harvest actions must be enabled (on the options page) to do a harvest. Harvest actions are automatically disabled after a completed harvest.

Once you have completed a harvest, any links you add in future posts will be added incrementally as you create the posts.

Viewing your Link Harvest

Your links list is available to you at all times in the WordPress Admin interface (Dashboard > Link Harvest). You can also choose to show your links list in your blog.

Showing your Link Harvest

Token Method

The token method is the easier way to show your links list, and is enabled by default. To show your links list, simply add the following to a page or post:


and your links list will appear in this place in the page/post.

Template Tag Method

You can always add a template tag to your theme (in a page template perhaps) to show your links list:

<?php aklh_show_harvest($count = 50); ?><h3>Adding a links list/blogroll to your sidebar</h3>

To add a links list to your sidebar (like a blogroll), you can use the following template tag:

<?php aklh_top_links(); ?>

This will show the top 10 links, to show a different number of links set the number like so:

<?php aklh_top_links(25); ?><h3>Known Issues</h3>

Token Processing Time

Using the token method to show your links list will add very minor additional processing to each post display on your site.


  1. Download the plugin archive and expand it (you’ve likely already done this).
  2. Put the ‘link-harvest.php’ file into your wp-content/plugins/ directory.
  3. Go to the Plugins page in your WordPress Administration area and click ‘Activate’ for Link Harvest.
  4. If you are using a version of WP prior to 2.1, upload the included prototype.js to your wp-includes/js/ directory

Preguntas frecuentes

My harvest got screwed up, how do I start over?

You can re-harvest your links at any time by clicking the (Re)Harvest All Links button on the Link Harvest options page (Options > Link Harvest).

Is there a way to fill empty page titles?

Yes, simply go to the Link Harvest options page and use the links under the ‘Backfill Empty Titles’ heading.

Anything else?

That about does it – enjoy!

–Alex King


3 de septiembre de 2016
Seven years old plugin, but still works very good. Thanks!
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