Linear Checkout for WooCommerce by Cartimize


After you have invested vast resources into building your store and customer acquisition through pay per click campaigns etc., it seems almost unbearable that 69% of users – after having added items to their cart – then choose to abandon their purchase.

Why is it that this many orders are abandoned? And what exactly can online retailers like yourself do to improve this sad state of affairs?

All design and user-experience decisions are based on 134 checkout-specific guidelines distilled from Baymard Institute‘s 54,000+ hours of large scale e-commerce UX research. The very same research used by leading e-commerce companies like Amazon, Nike, Walmart, Target, Google, Macy’s, and Office Depot to name a few.

Implement The Best WooCommerce Checkout UX and gain as much as a 35% increase in conversion rate, in under 5 minutes.

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Faster, friction-less, smoother checkout

Minimizing the default number of displayed form fields and selections are particularly important for the WooCommerce one-step checkout implementation. It’s key to achieve the perceived simplicity that the one-step style can afford.

  • Hide Optional fields behind a link –
    The main component in reducing the amount of needless attention drawn to optional fields is collapsing them behind a link. This performs well, as empty form fields in the checkout are generally seen by users as a potential task that has to be completed. Removing the form field from the default checkout flow will greatly reduce the amount of needless attention.

  • Make the coupon section much less prominent –
    Showing a coupon code field and apply button directly in the checkout flow is one of the best ways to make sure all users without a coupon notice that they could be getting a better deal on their purchase.
    A well-performing way of reducing the amount of emphasis on the coupon field, while still keeping it discoverable for users who do have a coupon, is to collapse it behind a link.
    Although WooCommerce hides the actual coupon field and apply button behind a link, both the design and placement of the link still demand needless attention.

  • Allow logged-in users to save and choose from multiple addresses –
    Logged-in users can add multiple shipping and billing addresses during checkout, or pick from their previously saved addresses for both delivery and billing.
    80% of people use the same address most of the time. Your customers can choose a default address for shipping and billing, and it will automatically be selected during checkout.

  • Enclosed Checkout –
    During the checkout process, the number of elements shown to users should be reduced to a minimum to allow them to focus on completing the checkout process. This, in particular, means removing the main site-wide navigation in the header and the various potentially distracting links in the footer during checkout.


Reduce shoppers’ cognitive load

Making users think, evaluate or make up their mind during the checkout causes interruptions. Since these interruptions lapses a user’s ability to progress in their checkout, it’s important to reduce them to any extent possible.

  • Let users enter their ‘Shipping Address’ first instead of ‘Billing Address’ –
    A shipping address determines where the product is being delivered – a straightforward terminology which users have no issues understanding. A billing address, on the other hand, can be used for several purposes. Asking users to type their shipping address instead of a billing address performs better.

  • Use ‘Shipping Address’ as ‘Billing Address’ by default –
    For most B2C sites, the majority of customers typically order products to their own address. Setting the “Billing Address to equal the Shipping Address”, by default, performs vastly better than either not having the feature or not having it as a default selection.

  • Explain why you need the users’ phone number –
    Users continue to be concerned about the security and confidentiality of their personal information on the web. This can range from serious concerns over identity theft to more mundane concerns, such as an aversion to receiving marketing phone calls – making them reluctant to hand out personal information.
    When it’s truly necessary to require users to supply the information, it should clearly be explained why the data is required. One well-performing pattern is simply using a short inline explanation, in close proximity to the field, such as “Used for payment validation”, “For order questions only”, or whatever the information is actually used for.

  • Disable Shipping Address for virtual products –
    If the cart contains only virtual products, the delivery address form will be hidden.

  • Disable Billing Address –
    For stores who do not need to get a billing address from their users, it is best to hide the form altogether.


Delight users with a thoughtful checkout flow

Besides speeding up the completion of the form, a thoughtfully designed checkout flow has the potential to bring delight to users in an otherwise dull typing process.

  • Live inline error validation of form fields –
    “Live inline validation” is where the validity of the user’s inputs are checked live as the user progresses through the form, as opposed to checking the inputs in a lump sum when the user submits the form.
    We time and again observe that there’s a direct correlation between how and when users are presented with form validation errors and the pace and effort with which they are able to resolve those errors.

  • Positive inline validation –
    It has been observed to perform well that instead of only telling users what they’ve done wrong, we also tell them when they’ve done something right. During testing, sites that used positive inline validation, by adding a checkmark next to correctly inputted values, added a sense of delight and progression to the whole typing experience.

  • Sticky Order Summary section – With the multi-step checkout, the forms can extend well beyond the fold of the checkout page. In such cases, the order summary and payment methods section can be made to stick to the top so that it’s always visible to the user.

Advanced PRO features

  • A Better Thank you page [PRO] –
    The order confirmation page (thank you page) is the final leg in the checkout process. The first job of the confirmation step is to let all users know that their order has been successfully completed. It’s important that this information is communicated clearly to users to avoid them looking for further tasks that have to be completed before the order is placed. When this isn’t communicated clearly, users would wonder if they needed to do something else to finalize the order.
    Another key aspect of the confirmation step is to clearly prioritize the information, making the order confirmation information sufficiently prominent. This includes not collapsing all the order information or plastering the page with auxiliary options that are much more dominant than the actual order information.

  • Google Address Auto-complete [PRO] –
    Reduce post-order headaches and cut down address form fields by auto-completing your customers’ address entry.

  • Cart editing in checkout page [PRO] –
    Keep customers in the checkout page itself by allowing them to edit their cart without having to go back to the cart page.

  • Delayed account creation [PRO] –
    While users should always be allowed to complete the checkout process as a guest, having an optional account creation option is often appreciated by users. This begs the question of at which point during the checkout flow is it best to ask for the optional account creation.
    Based on previous checkout usability tests, it’s clear that delaying the optional account creation option performs the best. In fact, it’s often best delayed until the order is finalized; hence presenting the optional account creation option on the order confirmation page works best. This concept is called ‘Delayed Account Creation’.

  • Hide or make billing address optional for virtual and downloadable products [PRO] –
    For stores that do not need to get a billing address from their users, it is best to hide the form altogether.

  • Remove Cartimize branding [PRO] –
    Remove the ‘Checkout Powered by Cartimize’ badge and make the checkout your own.

Advanced PRO features – COMING SOON

Our laser-focus is on improving the checkout flow to maximise conversion. We are working on premium features ranging from minor but significant design improvements to major overhaul of systems to make it easier for users.

  • Cart order bump [PRO] –
    Increase your average order value by presenting an eye-catching yet non-interruptive upsell offer before your customers checkout. The offer is presented within the order items summary as a small widget where they can accept the offer by simply adding it to the cart.

  • Cross-device persistent cart [PRO] –
    Considering how easy it is to complete the mobile checkout process using a desktop computer instead, it is no surprise that a Baymard research study showed that 21% of mobile users consistently use a desktop device to complete their mobile-initiated orders, while 40% do it occasionally. To support this behaviour, cart items are sync’d between the mobile and desktop checkout sessions for logged-in users.

  • Auto-Detect City and State from ZIP [PRO] –
    While we can’t avoid requiring some information from users, we should minimize the amount of typing required whenever possible. Both “State” (/region) and “City” inputs present such an opportunity, as both can be auto-detected from a ZIP or Postal code in most countries.

  • A Better Cart page [PRO] –
    An effective Cart page should allow users to get an idea of the total order cost before they have to fill out multiple form fields, support that some users will use the cart as a temporary storage tool (for short-listing products) and a comparison tool (especially for spec-driven industries), auto-update quantity changes instantly without needing to click on an ‘Update’ button, allow users to easily re-add removed items and, allow users to ‘Save’ cart items for later.

  • OTP and link based account creation and login [PRO] –
    The password reset flow is the weakest link of the checkout process. Any issues with the password reset process technically lock users out of their account, at which point abandonments are very likely.
    OTP and link-based authentication via SMS and email, which were traditionally used only for 2-factor authentications can be used to completely eliminate the need for a password. Both account creation and logging in can be done through this system.

  • Login with social profiles [PRO] –
    Users simply don’t want yet another account, for yet another site, with yet another password. 34% of shoppers abandon their carts when they are required to create an account. One easy way for users to create an account is to allow them to login with their social profiles. No more usernames, emails or passwords to enter and remember.

  • Display positive user reviews for products in the cart [PRO] –
    Even after adding a product to the cart and starting the checkout process, users can still be skeptical of their purchase. Reassuring them of their decision nudges them to complete the purchase.
    One way to do this is to display the product-specific user reviews right in the checkout page itself. When a real customer tells them that the particular product worked well, chances are that they will feel confident to purchase it.


  • Step 1: Customer Info & Delivery Address
  • Step 2: Shipping Methods
  • Step 3: Payment Methods
  • Step 4: Review & Place Order
  • Mobile-first checkout, built from the ground up.


This section describes how to install the plugin and get it working.


  1. Visit the Plugins page within your dashboard and select ‘Add New’.
  2. Search for ‘cartimize’ and in the ‘Linear Checkout for WooCommerce by Cartimize’ plugin, click on the ‘Install Now’ button and once installed, click Active button.


  1. Upload the ‘linear-checkout—-’ folder to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory.
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress

Preguntas frecuentes

Is this compatible with my theme?

Yes. This plugin works independently of your theme and will not be affected by your theme’s styles. If you face any issues with your theme, send us an email to and we’ll get it fixed asap.

Can I style the checkout to better reflect my brand and website’s theme?

Absolutely. You have full CSS control over all aspects of the checkout page. We also provide a custom-styled checkout service to help you make your checkout completely your own.

Why are my store’s header, navigation, sidebar and footer not included?

Read this article to know more about Enclosed Checkout and why leading e-commerce sites, including Amazon, use it.

What payment gateways do you support?

We have developed the plugin in such a way that most payment gateways work out-of-the-box. The plugin simply uses existing payment methods that you have already set up. In other words, if it works with the default checkout, it’ll work with the plugin. If you face any issues with your payment plugin, let us know at and we’ll fix it immediately.

Will it work with my shipping plugin to calculate and display shipping rates from carriers?

We have developed the plugin in such a way that most shipping plugins work out-of-the-box. If you face any issues with your shipping plugin, let us know at support at cartimize dot com and we’ll fix it immediately.

How can I report a bug?

If you think you have identified a bug or a compatibility issue, send us a Bug Report using the link inside the plugin settings. If you would like a quick resolution, please avoid using the plugin’s WP support forum.

How can I request a new feature?

You can use the ‘Request a feature’ link inside the plugin settings. It will send you to our idea management platform where you can post, vote on and discuss about your idea and other ideas from other users as well.

How can I get support?

For anything other than bugs, compatibility issues and feature requests, send us an email at: support at cartimize dot com


26 de marzo de 2023
I baught 5 websites subscription. it auto renews each year but can't cancel the subscripion becuase it can't be done maunally and have to contact support to cancel but they don't answer as there is 0 support for this plugin. It's way too buggy and nothing works normally. STAY AWAY!
18 de octubre de 2022
This plugin is simply awesome, I tried many different plugins to customize my checkout to a more easy and quick format rather than the default Woocommerce checkout. You guys did a great job on this, appreciated. Thanks and love from Michel
7 de septiembre de 2022 1 respuesta
Im going out of my way to write this review (I usually don't do this type of thing) I would like to encourage you, the one reading this to install this checkout plugin, its really worth it, give it a try, no really do. Ive been using it probably for a year now and its near perfect. It will give you a higher checkout success rate for sure. Amrit (and his team i assume) have done an excellent well thought out job with this plugin. Their support is also excellent. When i have a request to change or adapt something they respond fast and are willing to help. This needs to be the No.1 checkout plugin for wordpress
30 de junio de 2022 1 respuesta
We have two websites, and we had issues with people leaving carts and not purchasing. We looked at many cart and checkout plugins, with intent to streamline the process. After many tries, we found Cartimize. In our opinion, one of the most streamlined and beautiful checkout plugins out there. When we had an issue with the streets fill in form, we contacted the company via email through their plugin bug report. Cartimize replied within a day, and after just 24 hours and some questions, the issue was resolved! No payment involved, no hard questions or lack of service. We truly recommend their plugin and services, these guys guarantee customer satisfaction. Cheers,
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1.1.7 – April 20th 2023

  • Improvement: Support for TwentyTwentyThree
  • Fix: PHP Deprecated: Required parameter $value follows optional parameter $setting in \includes\Controllers\SettingsController.php on line 31
  • Fix: Noticed this invalid HTML showing up at the top of the checkout page only when LCW is enabled
  • Fix: Product images not showing in item summary with Woodmart theme and Lazy load option enabled
  • Fix: Shipping form hiding while YITHWooCommerceCheckoutManager plugin active

1.1.6 – July 15th 2022

  • Improvement: Mobile payment UI Improved
  • Improvement: UI improved WooCommerce Payment Gateway – SUMIT
  • Fix: Country UI issue If we set the default country and sell only one country
  • Fix: Full width does not apply to the form element. If the checkout field editor plugin active
  • Fix: update_order_review ajax call keeps on going if the woo-payment-gateway-officeguy payment plugin active
  • Fix: Some of the translation strings not present for translation
  • Fix: Switzerland Postal Code always throwing error in both biling and shipping
  • Fix: RTL css has some UI issues

1.1.5 – June 9th 2022

  • Fix: Not able to submit the first step if Elementor Pro plugin v3.7.1 installed

1.1.4 – June 7th 2022

  • Feature: Support added for All Custom WooCommerce checkout Fields plugins
  • Improvement: Support added for SiteGround Optimizer plugin
  • Improvement: Support added for ​​Twenty Twenty-Two theme
  • Improvement: Support added WooCommerce Extended Coupon Features PRO plugin
  • Improvement: New Item summary UI for mobile mini cart
  • Improvement: New Payment UI if single payment available
  • Improvement: Coupon code field moved to Item summary from payment step
  • Improvement: Extra Billing fields (not present in shipping address form) will show while choosing same as “Same as Delivery Address”
  • Improvement: The email field will show in the checkout if logged in user doesn’t have a saved email address.
  • Improvement: Email field placeholder removed
  • Improvement: Place order button name changed to Place order securely
  • Improvement: Shipping and Billing Zip/Postal code inline validation improved
  • Improvement: Zip/Postal code field Input mask added for a few countries (Hungary, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Belgium, India, Puerto Rico, Liechtenstein)
  • Improvement: Error messages will show in the initial page load if any error is present
  • Fix: RTL Site form not filling from right to left
  • Fix: Item summary text not available for translation
  • Fix: Fatal error for get_label() function includes/Actions/UpdateCheckoutAction.php line 190
  • Fix: Down scroll arrow showing in mobile mini cart at review step
  • Fix: Vat price not included in shipping method summary
  • Fix: UK zipcode inline validation not working properly
  • Fix: Horizontal page scroll showing in mobile if more number of payment methods present

1.1.3 – December 23rd 2021

  • Improvement: Support for FluentCRMPro plugin added
  • Improvement: Support for Ultimate Member plugin added
  • Improvement: Support for Gift message for WooCommerce plugin added
  • Improvement: Support for Themify theme added
  • Improvement: Variable products variables design improved in item summary
  • Improvement: Alert messages now will display in every active step
  • Fix: Klarna payment UI not showing.
  • Fix: The United Kingdom County field had placeholder
  • Fix: Stripe recent update caused a validation issue
  • Fix: Free shipping method was not choosing while applying free shipping coupon
  • Fix: PHP Fatal error: Uncaught Error: Call to a member function is_type() on bool in SettingsPage.php:157
  • Fix: While pressing Return key in order notes text field, the active step was being submitted in form

1.1.2 – November 19th 2021

  • Improvement: Support for Authorize.Net – WooCommerce plugin added
  • Improvement: Support for Kidz theme added
  • Improvement: Support for Flatsome theme added
  • Improvement: Support for WooCommerce Delivery Slots plugin added
  • Fix: Paypal plugin Place order button not showing if Stripe payment activated in WooCommerce payment plugin.
  • Fix: Translated string from WordPress not working.
  • Fix: Update checkout ajax call keep on going if Divi BodyCommerce plugin activated
  • Fix: Demo link not working in Cartimize Setting page if store contains only variation product.
  • Fix: Paypal payment button showing after placing order.
  • Fix: UI overlap if account email has more character in the checkout page for logged-in users.
  • Fix: GPay and Apple Pay payment request button not showing in checkout page if Stripe plugin installed.
  • Fix: Fatal error in the review step in certain servers.
  • Fix: Shipping and Estimated shipping value not showing in the item summary
  • Fix: GPay Payment request button not working in cart page
  • Fix: Recent update in Elementor plugin causing checkout freeze.

1.1.1 – October 13th 2021

  • Improvement: Cartimize account creation made optional.

1.1.0 – August 10th 2021

  • Feature: Pro plugin support
  • Improvement: Payment method icons will show in payment step
  • Improvement: Shoptimize theme support improved
  • Improvement: AfterPay payment support
  • Improvement: Billing field syncing added to support all payment m
  • Improvement: Country field moved before state field
  • Improvement: Place Order loader improved
  • Improvement: Global notice added on failure case if return URL does not come back to the review or payment step
  • Improvement: Added viewport meta tag
  • Improvement: Logo link changed to home page URL
  • Fix: iPad 8th gen and safari browser v14 – in the landscape view fields of the country, state & Pincode UI was breaking.
  • Fix: Empty Express checkout fields showing while activating Apple Pay option in Stripe gateway
  • Fix: Out of stock product added to cart and landed in checkout page – Now a message will be displayed.
  • Fix: The country does not get displayed in the summary tab for Germany.
  • Fix: Default base address country Austria showing empty state filed in billing address
  • Fix: Checkout UI collapse for certain users if the applied style for .row CSS class
  • Fix: Billing address fields UI is breaking in tab desktop view.
  • Fix: Delivery address fields & billing address fields UI is breaking in tab desktop view (Landscape view).
  • Fix: Number and neighborhood value now show in shipping and billing address summary in checkout field while using Brazilian Market on WooCommerce plugin
  • Fix: Review step content will show based on product type
  • Fix: Billing address postcode field is not set based on the country. It’s setting based on the shipping address post code.
  • Fix: Mobile Billing checkout field title for Postcode / ZIP becomes scrambled while choosing Singapore country
  • Fix: Without payment checkout page not working in mobile
  • Fix: Countries like Germany, Austria in billing address empty state/country (optional) field heading is showing.

1.0.6 – April 7th 2021

  • Feature: Support for ‘Brazilian Market on WooCommerce’ plugin added
  • Improvement: Internal top-aligned label for form elements for a more minimal look
  • Improvement: Logo aligned to the centre of the header
  • Improvement: Auto apply coupon code logic improved while submitting payment step
  • Improvement: Bigger loading indicator for Order Total amount
  • Improvement: Docs link added in cartimize settings page and plugin list page.
  • Improvement: Admin toolbar hidden from the checkout page.
  • Improvement: Support for latest release of the ‘WooCommerce Stripe Payment Gateway’ plugin
  • Fix: Support added for tablet portrait and landscape mode
  • Fix: Delivery and billing address form not validating while enabling option Shipping-> Force shipping to the customer billing address
  • Fix: Checkout page not loading sometimes in Safari browser below 13.3 in iOS
  • Fix: After placing the first order by using the direct bank transfer payment method, form steps are not resetting while the same customer places a second order
  • Fix: Select2 form element error case UI issue

1.0.5 – March 3rd 2021

  • Feature: WooCommerce Points and Rewards support added
  • Improvement: Initial checkout page load time reduced
  • Improvement: Removed title of shipping and payment if only one option is displayed
  • Improvement: Setting for Shipping method ordering
  • Improvement: Coupon code will display in the item summary
  • Fix: All steps collapsed for logged in users when Woocommerce setting -> guest checkout turned off
  • Fix: Payment and shipping options were not refreshing while changing country
  • Fix: In mobile “Billing” is being added for delivery address labels when turning on Woocommerce setting -> Force shipping to the customer billing address
  • Fix: Default loading class conflict with other themes
  • Fix: wd_shortcode plugin causing the UI break issue
  • Fix: Custom Terms and condition page are not working

1.0.4 – Jan 25th 2021

  • Improvement: Woocommerce field description support added
  • Fix: Translation text-domain loaded to detect other translation plugins

1.0.3 – Jan 21st 2021

  • Fix: Fatal error: Uncaught Error: Call to undefined function Cartimize\Admin\wp_get_available_translations() for certain users

1.0.2 – Jan 21st 2021

  • Feature: Translation support added
  • Improvement: Blocksy theme support
  • Improvement: Greenmart theme support
  • Improvement: Metro theme support
  • Improvement: All internal CSS declarations are now removed
  • Improvement: Logout option for connected Cartimize account in Cartimize setting page
  • Improvement: Company name improved in Billing/Shipping address summary.
  • Improvement: Product icon in item summary height will be set automatically.
  • Improvement: Privacy policy content will open in modal instead of a new tab
  • Improvement: Apply coupon ajax call improved
  • Improvement: Coupon code will apply when clicking on Continue to Review & Place Order button without clicking the Apply button.
  • Improvement: Remove coupon code will be performed via ajax call instead of page reload
  • Improvement: Link added to login ‘You must be logged in to checkout’ page.
  • Fix: On the Media Library page, Js script error (Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property \’model\’ of undefined) causes issues to other plugins (Image Regenerate & Select Crop)
  • Fix: Cartmize feedback integration API loading all the admin pages instead of Cartimzie setting page
  • Fix: Keyboard tab index added for Terms and Condition checkbox
  • Fix: Singapore Town/City field is supposed to be optional but it says that the value is required.
  • Fix: Page scrolling to top while applying coupon code in mobile

1.0.1 – Dec 23rd 2020

  • Feature: Option to report a bug
  • Feature: Option to Become an insider
  • Feature: Option to use the custom store name instead of logo
  • Feature: Custom CSS on the checkout page
  • Improvement: I accept terms check-box error box out of view in mobile
  • Improvement: WeaverXtreme theme support
  • Improvement: PeakShops theme support
  • Fix: Required Billing fields are not validating in Square and brain tree payments
  • Fix: TypeError: Cannot read property ‘msie’ of undefined in WordPress v5.6.
  • Fix: Fatal error: Cannot declare class WordPress_SimpleSettings, because the name is already in use in
  • Fix: Fatal error: Uncaught Error: Class ‘CartimizeCompatibilityThemesCartimize’ not found in /www/wp-content/plugins/linear-checkout-for-woo-by-cartimize/includes/Compatibility/Themes/Astra.php:28
  • Fix: Shipping summary currency symbol not following in currency options in WooCommerce general
  • Fix: Empty Express checkout box showing if Stripe payment enabled
  • Fix: Country success border not showing if Default customer location selected as No default location in WooCommerce general option
  • Fix: “button” class assigned to a non-buttons element in the checkout page

1.0.0 – Nov 30th 2020

  • Initial Public release
  • Feature: Custom Logo upload for checkout
  • Improvement: Oxygen Builder Plugin with PayFast plugin support
  • Improvement: Email field removed if a user logged in to the site

0.9.3 – Nov 10th 2020

  • Improvement: Braintree For WooCommerce Plugin support
  • Improvement: WooCommerce Braintree Payment Gateway Plugin support
  • Improvement: PayPal for WooCommerce Plugin support
  • Improvement: PayPal PLUS for WooCommerce Plugin support
  • Improvement: WooCommerce Square Plugin support
  • Improvement: PayPal Plus for WooCommerce Plugin support
  • Improvement: Cart Flows Plugin support
  • Improvement: Astra Theme support
  • Improvement: Atelier Theme support
  • Improvement: Atik Theme support
  • Improvement: Avada Theme support
  • Improvement: BeaverBuilder Theme support
  • Improvement: Blaszok Theme support
  • Improvement: Divi Theme support
  • Improvement: Electro Theme support
  • Improvement: Flevr Theme support
  • Improvement: GeneratePress Theme support
  • Improvement: Genesis Theme support
  • Improvement: Jupiter Theme support
  • Improvement: Jupiterx Theme support
  • Improvement: Konte Theme support
  • Improvement: Listable Theme support
  • Improvement: Optimizer Theme support
  • Improvement: Porto Theme support
  • Improvement: Savoy Theme support
  • Improvement: The7 Theme support
  • Improvement: TMOrganik Theme support
  • Improvement: Verso Theme support
  • Improvement: Zidane Theme support
  • Improvement: Multisite Support
  • Improvement: Make the ‘Terms and Conditions’ hyperlinks open in a popup modal box
  • Improvement: Decimal separator disappear in checkout page
  • Improvement: Option to disable coupon field
  • Improvement: Review steps modification
  • Improvement: Add compatibility with TC Extra Product Options Plugin
  • FIx: Visible bullet list at top of page

0.9.2 – Sep 29th 2020

  • Feature: Klarna Payment support
  • Improvement: Oxygen Builder Plugin support
  • Improvement: OCeanWP Theme support
  • Improvement: Woodmart Theme support
  • Fix: Name field validation will not pass with Cyrillic names
  • Fix: Full name not auto completing.
  • Fix: Removed unwanted element in footer.

0.9.1 – Sep 18th 2020

  • Improvement: Shoptimizer theme support
  • Fix: Fatal error when trying to enable plugin
  • Fix: Some PHP notices were blocking the checkout page load if we set WP_DEBUG true

0.9.0 – Sep 17th 2020

  • Initial Private Beta release