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Like dislike plus counter | Like Dislike Buttons


The plugin automatically adds like and dislike button after the post and before the comments section with the functionality of “Share on Social Websites” functionality. The plugin support like and dislike button:

  • After the post
  • After pages
  • On the Homepage
  • On product pages (single product page)

Buy pro version from this link: Pro version

Beautiful and modern style like and dislike buttons with the icon, like and dislike text and like/dislike counter. Admin can update icon, button color and button text on the admin panel. Admin can view post like and dislike statistic on the admin panel.

Theme(buttons) FEATURES:

  • More than 600 Font Awesome icons
  • More than 45 custom themes(buttons)
  • Gradient themes(buttons)
  • Modern and unique styles
  • You can customize like and dislike text
  • Can change the background of the buttons


  • Admin dashboard
  • Pie Chart for showing likes and dislikes
  • Total Likes and dislikes
  • Liked/disliked posts list with the number of likes/dislikes


  • Like and dislike plus counter functionality using Cookies(no need to log in)
  • Like and dislike plus counter functionality using the account(need to log in)
  • Can show and hide like dislike plus counter button on the “Home Page”, on “Product Page” and on “Custom Posts”
  • Share functionality after clicking on like button


  • Post like and dislike button example after post content
  • Post like and dislike button customization on the admin panel
  • Statistics of likes and dislikes


  1. Upload the plugin files to the /wp-content/plugins/plugin-name directory, or install the plugin through the WordPress plugins screen directly.
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ screen in WordPress
  3. Click on ‘Likes & dislikes’ option on the navigation bar and customize button.
  4. Click on ‘Statistics’ tab and you can view post likes and dislikes statistic

Preguntas frecuentes

What I need to do after activating the plugin so I can add like and dislike button?

Like and dislike button automatically added after activating the plugin.

Can I customize like and dislike buttons?

Yes, you can customize like and dislike button. Clicking on -> Likes and dislikes navigation option on the main admin navigation bar.

Can I view post likes and dislikes statistic?

Yes, you can view post likes and dislikes statistic. Clicking on -> Likes and dislikes navigation option on the main admin navigation bar. Click on ‘statistic’ tab.


22 de julio de 2022
If you open plugin configurations, all you can read is "Pro only (Buy now)"; it appears 45 times. People dislike this kind of thing and that is the reason why this plugin was uninstalled about 30s after installing it. It looks great, but would have better free options and less "Pro only (Buy now)".
11 de enero de 2022
Pluses: + Just likes and dislikes, no unnecessary trash like other plugins Minuses: - Has no shortcode - Hence: awful customization potential (only CSS-overloaders helped me)
30 de agosto de 2021
Le plugin est basic il fonctionne, mais pour customiser il faut passer par du code. Pas de shortcode ce qui est vraiment dommage, on serait libre de le pauser ou on veut précisément.
17 de marzo de 2019
Exactly what I was looking for.
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