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Kindle Best Seller Calculator


Amazon KDP is pretty cryptic. The only way you can tell how well someone else’s Kindle ebook is doing is by checking out that ebook’s Best Seller Rank.

But what does that mean?

Thanks to the Kindle Best Seller Calculator plugin, you and your readers no longer have to try to figure it out. Just download this plugin, add it to a specific page or your sidebar and viola, you now know how many books per day any Kindle book on Amazon sells.

How this will Help Your Website

Not only will this be valuable for your own Kindle eBook research, by having this plugin on your website, you will have a valuable tool that your readers will love to use.

Basically, when they want to know how much money someone is making with their kindle book, they will go to your website, and use the Calculator every time. This is an incredible way to get your readers to come back for more and find more value in your site.

Don’t Have a Website?

No problem, we have you covered. Just head over to our KDP Calculator page and use our tool there.

Strong Support

If you have any problem with this plugin or any other Kindlepreneur plugin, contact us on our Contact Us page and we will get right with you and taking care of the problem.

Different Uses for this Calculator

There a couple of ways you can use this calculator for your self publishing benefit.

  1. Figure out how many sales per day someone else’s book is making.
  2. See if certain keyword or category is profitable by looking at all the Best-Seller Ranks for that particular term.
  3. Verify is someone is telling the truth when they say they are making money with Kindle.
  4. Check to see how a friends ebook is doing on KDP.
  5. Conduct better keyword research and category selection by choosing the right ones based on the Calculator’s output.

These are just a couple of ideas, but I am sure you are starting to get the point.

So, add this incredible tool today and start improving yours and your reader’s Kindle research.


  • The Kindle Best Seller Calculator as it looks on your side bar
  • Once you place the Best Seller Rank and click "Click Here," the Kindle Best Seller Calculator will calculate the "Sales Per Day" for that particular book.
  • To place this on a sidebar, you need to drop and drop a Text widget into the sidebar and then add the shortcode [Kindle-rank-calculator] to it.
  • What's even cooler is that our shortcode [Kindle-rank-calculator] works on pages and not just on sidebars. So create your own page specific calculation...which is nice. If you don't have a website, you can go ahead and access mine at


  1. Upload the wordpress plugin folder to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  2. Activate the WordPress Kindle Best Seller Calculator through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress.
  3. Take the code [kindle-rank-calculator] and place it on any page or post.

If you want to place the plugin on a sidebar:

  1. Inside your wordpress dashboard go to >Appearance>Widgets
  2. Drag a “Text” widget to your side bar.
  3. Inside the “Text” widget, add the words: “[kindle-rank-calculator]”
  4. Click “Save”


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