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JSON Data Feed


JSON Data Feed can be used to supplement a WordPress blog’s normal XML feeds with a JSON feed. Install it, activate it, and you’re done.

The JSON feed can be accessed by going to {a url on a WordPress site}/json


  1. Unzip the plugin folder.
  2. Upload the unpacked folder to your plugins directory.
  3. Activate the plugin.
  4. Enjoy!

Preguntas frecuentes

Can I add my own data to a post’s JSON feed?

Yes, you can!

In your theme’s functions.php file, you can use a filter to add whatever data you need.

add_filter("get_json_meta", "my_metadata_function");
function my_metadata_function($metadata){
    $myData = ""; //Add your data here.
    array_push($metadata, $myData);

Every post type also has it’s own meta data filter. If you need to add metadata only to a single post type,

add_filter("get_json_meta_{post_type}", "my_metadata_function");
function my_metadata_function($metadata){
    $myData = ""; //Add your data here.
    array_push($metadata, $myData);

Any data you push onto the array will be available in {post}.meta section of the JSON feed.

Can I get full category and tag objects in the feed?

Sure can! You can change that in the plug in settings.

Settings can be accessed from Settings->JSON Data Feed.

Can I modify the blog info in the data feed?

Why yes, you can! Once again, through the magic of filters, anything is possible!

add_filter("get_json_bloginfo", "my_bloginfo_function");
function my_bloginfo_function($bloginfo){
    $myData = ""; //Add your data here.
    array_push($bloginfo, $myData);


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