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3D FlipBook is PDF Viewer that allows to browse images, PDFs or HTMLs as a flipbook. It can be used for demonstration magazines, books, cards, brochures, booklets and much more in natural way. 3D FlipBook helps to attract user attention and make more impression on him.

3D FlipBook WordPress Plugin – Video de demostración

Características principales

  • Google Analytics
  • Predefined flipbook styles
  • Resolución automática
  • PDFs de página doble
  • Categorías 3D FlipBook
  • 3D FlipBook shortcode generator
  • RTL – right-to-left, top-to-bottom script
  • Default flipbook template option in General Settings
  • Default flipbook lightbox option in General Settings
  • Capas de CSS
  • Idiomas
  • Búsqueda de PDF
  • 3D FlipBook thumbnails
  • Sonidos de cambios de página
  • Flipbook deep linking
  • PDF bookmarks
  • Imprimiendo
  • Modo de página única de 3D FlipBook
  • Control de personalización de 3D FlipBook
  • Enlaces PDF
  • Amigable con móviles
  • Modo de paneo inteligente
  • Plantillas de 3D FlipBook
  • Vista realista
  • Esquinas de páginas flexibles
  • Smart pages loading
  • HTML, PDF e imágenes como fuentes.
  • Amigable con el usuario
  • Alto desempeño
  • Efecto de caja de luz
  • Interactivo
  • Responsivo
  • Fácil de usar


Vista realista

3D FlipBook allows to create volume book, with page thickness. It is the most exact computer model of a book or a magazine from real world.

The plugin is able to simulate book opening process.
Modeled flipbook repeat the same actions as its real prototype:
while the cover is opening or closing the internal flipbook pages are deforming as it happens in real life.
The deformation can be customized. You can reduce it or switch off.

Comportamiento natural

The plugin is called 3D FlipBook, for sure, it can perform page flipping animation.
But this is very common ability so all typical plugins are able to do it.
3D FlipBook allows to customize the shape of flipping pages but it is still not enough to be unique.
The main feature is using specially designed physics engine that perform all interaction with a user.
This engine is based on physics laws so all user actions with the flipbook seems realistic.
3D FlipBook allows you drag and throw pages together. The engine solve the collisions and show natural scene.

Physics engine has a lot of properties: gravity, mass, flexibility, page flipping velocities and much more.
But it is little necessary to know for using the plugin because all those properties have default presets.

Esquinas de página flexibles

The main goal of 3D FlipBook is maximum user friendly. Main key of being friendly is behave in habitual for user way.
How are we used to turn pages in books? – of course it is dragging a page while holding a corner!
3D FlipBook is one known 3D flipbook plugin that has such feature.

Skins support

Supporting skins makes 3D FlipBook customization very easy. It is necessary just to choose appropriate skin and that is all.
Now there are available skins for light and dark themes – the most universal ones.

Smart pan

3D FlipBook has smart algorithm to show the book in maximum comfortable and appropriate for user way.
Flipbook automatically chooses book scale and alignment on the screen, disallows user to drag the book out of view port.
The pan makes only smooth moves that seems very friendly for user. All these abilities help the book to look richer.

HTML, PDF e imágenes como fuentes.

The plugin can use PDF, images and HTMLs as pages. Supporting HTML format as texture is a new technology no one of other plugins support it.
HTML allow easily create interactive books, handle user events, manage plugin behaviour. Using HTML textures is next important step in development web animation.
Supporting PDFs allows to create PDF flipbooks and use the plugin as PDF Viewer.

Smart pages loading

3D FlipBook is not just pretty but it is smart. It has user behaviour prediction system.
Flipbook tracks user actions and try to predict next necessary pages.
In the background it loads predicted pages and renders them. When the user go to next page it is ready to be shown.

3D FlipBook uses priorities for page loading. First of all it loads visible for user pages then predicted ones.
You can customize amount of pages to preload.

Amigable con el usuario

3D FlipBook is designed to be maximum user friendly. It has familiar to user page flipping control.
Flexible corners help user to understand that he can turn the page by means drag and drop technology.
Physics engine computes page transforms in similar to real world way.
Modeling book is close to natural book – it has the same volume and shape.
It is possible to use hard flat covers to create hard bending and use flexible pages, make whole book flexible or flat.

3D FlipBook has specially designed animation of page loading process.
It is created automatically for different page colors.
3D FlipBook computes animation colors as inversion of page color.
It looks nice for all colors.

3D FlipBook supports fullscreen mode. It is comfortable to watch magazines in this mode, they look like alive.

Sometimes it is useful to change lightning. 3D FlipBook gives to its users such ability.
User can change lightning to do it appropriate for him. It is important option for reading long texts.

Alto desempeño

The plugin performance does not depend on number of pages because it does not manage single pages.
3D FlipBook works with blocks of pages, it allows to keep in memory just visible for user pages.
So if the book is closed then there are 2 or 3 blocks.
The first is left cover, the second is right cover and third is internal pages.
If the book is opened there can be two blocks for left and right internal pages.
There can be more blocks just when the flipping animation is performing.
The plugin has no problem with more than 50 simultaneously flipping blocks.
When the turn is finished the turned block merges with neighbour block.

For fast rendering 3D graphics 3D FlipBook uses WebGL. WebGL is a API for creating interactive 3D graphics without using plugins.

PDF Viewer uses lightweight Mozilla PDF.js library. It allows to render PDFs very fast and in high quality.


Supporting HTML opens wide abilities for creating interactive books.
It allows to use CSS3 and JavaScript, create navigation, use hover effects and much more.
3D FlipBook as PDF Viewer supports PDF links, highlighters and any HTMl as the second layer markup.


3D FlipBook is designed to occupy whole container where you place it. So if the container size changes the plagin recompute its dimensions.
So keep the container responsive and plugin will be responsive too.

Fácil de usar y personalizar

3D FlipBook is well documented, has a lot of examples and getting started manual. It is easy to start.
Flipbook supports skins, so it is possible to create own skins or customize style or template files of existing.

3D FlipBook has a lot of customization options. You can always watch our lessons on our YouTube channel.


  • Closed book in Lightbox mode
  • Búsqueda de PDF, volumetric book with paddings
  • Pages flipping
  • Corners flexibility demonstration
  • Fullscreen mode, table of contents - thumbnails
  • short-white-skin
  • white-skin
  • short-black-skin
  • black-skin


Para instalar el plugin usa el sistema usual de instalación de plugins en WordPress. Para obtener más detalles ve el manual de usuario.

Para entender como funciona el plugin observa los siguientes dos videos:

How to create 3D FlipBook from images

How to create 3D FlipBook from PDF

Más videos en el canal oficial de video del plugin.

Preguntas frecuentes

¿Cómo funciona el plugin?

Lee el manual de usuario.


9 de abril de 2021
As an author this tool gives me the opportunity to add my books to my website for my readers to read at their own tme. For all other products I can manage the backend of the book and gain momentum for my business.
29 de marzo de 2021
It does what it promises, and it does it very good. It's rather lightweight, configurable to a large extent, and easy to edit with the plugin editor if need be. We did not need to contact the developers for whatever reason, as out of the box it just works.
2 de mayo de 2021
Interactive 3d flipbook is a amazing wordpress plugin. Will go for Pro version soon.
22 de marzo de 2021
using the free version and it works perfekt, the plugin has everything you need for a beautiful display of PDF on websites, responsive also works wonderfully
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Colaboradores y desarrolladores

Este software es de código abierto. Las siguientes personas han contribuido a este plugin.


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Registro de cambios


  • Font loading patch for Safari (buttons disappearing fixed)


  • Supporting Unicode in filenames


  • Order for importing pages


  • The same scale for all pages
  • Toolbar moved below the book


  • Skins refactoring
  • Book option: interactive corners


  • Option in settings: where to initialize the plugin
  • Function FB3D_CLIENT_LOCALE.render() for manual rendering unrendered plugin instances (after Ajax)
  • Encoding plugin data


  • ReactJS library was updated to 17.0.2


  • Pro version auto updates
  • Book editor details are wrapped in iframe to avoid conflicts with other plugins


  • Added query parameter: [3d-flip-book mode=”thumbnail-lightbox” query='{“orderby”: “date”, “order”: “ASC”}’ cols=”3″ tax=””][/3d-flip-book],
    see all options: https://developer.wordpress.org/reference/classes/wp_query/


  • Insert dialog / shortcode generator: styles for fullscreen mode: height, background color, background image


  • Advanced options switch
  • For mobile devices plugin height = 0.9*screen height
  • Single page mode is active by default for mobile devices


  • Error messages
  • Hidden controls while loading
  • Supporting 1, 2 and 3 pages books – no blank pages


  • Auto updating permalinks after activation


  • b64 encoding for template data
  • Up to 5% page width difference in doubled pages PDFs


  • Nuevo pdfjsLib 2.5.207
  • Fixed a bug in doubled pages PDFs navigation


  • Preloading font for toolbar buttons
  • Control settings for disabling Print and Download in narrow view mode


  • CSS class fb3d-fix-title to fix title in thumbnail mode


  • Auto launch lightbox using a CSS class or the book name as URL hash: http://example.com/page-with-book/#book1/5, where book1 is CSS class or the book name, 5 – page number


  • Google Analytics
  • CSS class fb3d-auto-launch to auto launch lightbox after page loading
  • CSS class fb3d-activate-fullscreen to launch fullscreen instead of lightbox


  • CSS layer helper classes: play-on-shown, pause-on-hide, go-to-page, youtube


  • Nuevo estilo de la miniatura
  • Estilo del botón
  • New lightbox style


  • Removed white line on the left side of a closed book


  • Saving auto generated thumbnails on the disk for for fast loading on the client side
  • Default lightbox that you can choose in the plugin settings
  • User friendly pages rendering queue


  • Propiedades simplificadas del libro
  • Added predefined book styles
  • Smooth page landing


  • FullScreen emulation for iPhone


  • Added error messages for flipbook editor
  • Fixed zoom gesture for touchscreen devices
  • Detecting mobile mode by screen diagonal


  • Mejora de desempeño – carga inicial mucho más veloz
  • Enlaces útiles
  • Limited height for automated widget size computation: height = min(90vh, 0.75*width)
  • Added CSS class ‘fb3d-default-page’ for customization plugin default page


  • Removed toolbar transparency


  • Se cambió el logotipo del plugin
  • Review reminder
  • Fixed a bug in PDF rendering


  • Disappearing page CSS Layer properties (CSS, HTML, JS) was fixed


  • Nuevo PDFJS 2.3.200


  • New pages predicting algorithm


  • Performance optimization – disabled 3D rendering for idle


  • Fixed disappearing on Android devices – Updated THREE JS library


  • Fixed the bug: “Failed to initialize plugin: 3dfbInsert”


  • Fixed disappearing edit details


  • Se corrigió error en bloques clásicos – insertar diálogo


  • Función lista para JavaScript
  • Editando la url en PDF


  • Fixed an admin side styles issue


  • Fixed the zero size bug in FireFox
  • Fixed a bug with links in doubled page PDFs


  • Fixed a bug in hits highlighting
  • Se corrigió un error en las capas CSS


  • Vista estrecha


  • Se corrigió el problema al cargar PDF en Edge


  • Se actualizó PDFJS lib – carga más veloz para PDFs


  • Enlaces en IE11/Edge
  • Esquinas interactivas para Mac


  • Se corrigió el problema al cambiar el tamaño del iframe de iOS (alineación incorrecta)


  • Se corrigió el error con el botón para descargar que desaparecía


  • Changed the PDF range chunk size – faster PDF loading


  • Resolución automática
  • PDFs de página doble
  • Pantalla completa en IE11


  • Se corrigió un error cargando los idiomas desde el directorio global.


  • Categorías 3D FlipBook


  • Generador de shortcodes


  • Modo RTL
  • Opción de plantilla predeterminada en los ajustes generales


  • Capas de CSS
  • Idiomas


  • Búsqueda de PDF


  • Miniaturas
  • Sonidos de cambios de página
  • Enlaces profundos


  • PDF bookmarks
  • Imprimiendo
  • Modo de página individual
  • Control de personalización
  • Fit view command
  • Scripts controlables para las plantillas


  • Enlaces PDF
  • Amigable con móviles
  • Estilo de la animación al cambiar de página
  • Carga de animaciones y progreso


  • Modo de paneo inteligente
  • Estilos
  • Voltear las portadas junto a las otras páginas


  • Vista realista
  • Comportamiento natural
  • Esquinas de páginas flexibles
  • Usa un sistema predictivo de comportamiento
  • HTML, PDF e imágenes como fuentes.
  • Amigable con el usuario
  • Alto desempeño
  • Efecto de caja de luz
  • Interactivo
  • Responsivo
  • Fácil de usar
  • Bien documentado