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Import From Shopify


Migration from Shopify to WooCommerce. Easy!

The migration process has never been so easy as it is now, we do not need to use API, keys, etc. We will only use the CSV file from Shopify. Interesting? Let’s get started and make your project better!
This plugin should be installed on Woocommerce and is focused on ease of importing all the important components of your site, such as Products, Customers and Orders.
Our slogan: migration – it’s convenient and simple.

What is the main role of this migration plugin and why developers and customers can work with this extension?

I can describe this in these steps:

  1. Shopify has the ability to export customers files, products and orders to CSV, in other words, you open the product page and there you find the button -> Export to CSV.
    You find the same thing on the pages of customers and orders, as a result we have different files exported to 3 types of data.
  2. install the migration plugin on your website
  3. The developer enters the admin area – into the tools and selects this plugin and there he sees 3 tabs: Import Products, Import Customers, Import Orders.
  4. He chooses, for example, Import Customers and can see the whole variety of custom settings:

For Customers: roles, notifications, updating existing users, updating roles for existing users and etc.
For Products: import products and attachments and etc.

Features of the PRO VERSION

All free features for customers and products.

Plus special import for Orders:
* Inserting user (if not exists) into WordPress database
* Updating order (if already exists) in WordPress database
* Taxes: If taxes exists in Woocommerce they will be added to order
* Link Shopify product to order by name or SKU
* Payment method: select a payment method which will be added to payment methods list (if this payment method is not in the list of Woocommerce yet).

Let’s go to PRO VERSION

  1. Then the developer clicks the “Import Customers” button and all buyers from the file are inserted into the wordpress or updated. The same actions can be done with orders and with products.

Even if at some point something happened to your site, and you have CSV files, you can restore the data, it’s like making a restore from backup.

Everything is simple and very effective.

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If you have any questions, contact with us directly.


  • Export from Shopify
  • Import Customers from Shopify
  • Import Products from Shopify
  • Import Orders from Shopify


23 de agosto de 2021
Tried import products, but after crash uploading crash, there no indication that it's still uploading products, after ~3 uploads finished import 258 products with variations, but there is still missing products, categories doesn't get attached. Waiste of time.
1 de abril de 2020
Does it's work and saves your time. Description is detailed, so you don't need to spend a lot of time to get your job done.
31 de marzo de 2020
I have already worked with WordPress/Woocommerce a long time, but I didn't work with Shopify. It was a big problem with my current project. This plugin was very useful for me. Thank you!
29 de marzo de 2020
I have already looking for a similar solution on the Internet, but I couldn't find anything similar anywhere. Thank you, cubydev, for making a free solution to the migration problem. Thanks to this, I was able to successfully finish with the client's project.
29 de marzo de 2020
Top Quality! Thanks a lot for your plugin, guys. It was very helpful for my current project.
27 de marzo de 2020
Thanks for this plugin, all is ok! Can we use your help to add new fields that I need?
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