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Imaxel personalization platform



This plugin connects your Woocommerce with Imaxel’s HTML5 personalization editors. You can offer personalized products on your website: photo books, photo albums, photography, enlargements, mugs, cushions, calendars, cards, greeting cards, posters, banners, t-shirts, rollups, canvases, collages, methacrylates, aluminum, blackboards, catalogs, invitations, merchandising, decoration, textiles, large format and almost any product that you can personalize and print.

The editors include a complete system that covers the entire personalization + sale + printing process. All this integrated into the business cycle of your Woocommerce.


  • You as a merchant can use the standard products that are already included, or create and offer your own exclusive products and designs.

  • Merchant manages the printing and manufacturing. The system automatically downloads ready-to-print files to the merchant’s production center. No need to modify the files or do prepress manipulations.

  • Merchant receives ready-to-print files in PDF or JPEG format, which can be directly connected to print servers and printers from Fujifilm, DNP, Citizen, Mitsubishi, Noritsu, EPSON.

  • Plugin does not affect the performance of your website. The entire process of uploading images, editing, rendering and downloading is done within the Imaxel platform on AWS, prepared to handle thousands of requests per day.

You have more information at


  • Before configuring the system, Merchant has to contract its account and a usage plan with Imaxel. There is a free trial plan. Then the cost of the platform is variable depending on the use you make. There are very affordable plans for entrepreneurs who are starting out, and also special prices for businesses that have a high daily orders volume.

  • The plugin by itself will not be useful until the merchant has an Imaxel account. When contracting the service, Imaxel will provide the Merchant with instructions and the keys for the installation and creation of personalized products.

You have more information at


  • The plugin allows users to create a new type of product in WooCommerce called “personalizable”. This new type of product is compatible with the rest of the products in WooCommerce, so merchants can sell personalized and non-personalized products simultaneously.

  • In “customizable” products, the “buy” button is replaced by the “create” button, which adds the intermediate personalization process before the product is added to the cart.

  • Pressing “create” opens a screen with the editor so that the consumer can edit the product: choose designs, upload photos, add texts and add cliparts.

  • The consumer visualizes how his product will look once personalized (WYSIWYG: what-you-see-is-what-you-get) and if he is satisfied, he can add it to the WooCommerce shopping cart.

  • When the consumer makes the payment in WooCommerce, the plugin confirms the design and the Imaxel personalization system automatically launches the preparation process. The merchant receives the files ready to print in a few seconds.

You have more information at


  • Image of exemple product
  • Image of uploader
  • Example of one of our editors
  • Template configuration
  • Settings the plugin backoffice
  • Projects list in the plugin backoffie
  • Exemple of Front-End


  1. Activate the plugin through the “Plugins” menu in WordPress.

  2. Remember to configure the plugin in the Imaxel Services and Imaxel Printspot tabs of the WooCommerce Settings section, entering the API keys provided by Imaxel in the service registration document.

  3. Import products from Services platform into WooCommerce, link them with your WooCommerce products and publish them to activate the integration with our editors.

You can contact and hire personalized support here

Preguntas frecuentes

Does the plugin work stand alone or requires a subscription

This plugin is a connector to imaxel platform and requires a subscription to platform. Contact for details and prices.

What is platform

platform is an online HTML5 editing platform that can be integrated into any ecommerce and is accessible from desktop, tablet or smartphone devices.

How do I sign up for an account with Imaxel?

The hiring process is managed through one of Imaxel’s technicians. Once the agreement is closed, you will be assigned a technician who will send you your access data and all the necessary information to start.

How long will it take to receive the credentials to access my account once I have registered?

You will receive the credentials for the different environments of the solution, ready to start selling, within 24 to 48 hours.

What kind of support will I get from Imaxel?

At the same time the account is contracted, and in the absence of an individually negotiated SLA, you will have the right to support via email with a guaranteed response within a maximum period of 24 hours. In addition, Imaxel also has packs of hours of technical support, implementation or design of templates that are charged as a separate service.

What type of service guarantee does the Imaxel solution offer?

All of our cloud software is hosted and served by one of the world’s leading hosting service providers, so the system uptime is 99.95%.

To what extent can I request modifications or adaptations of the software?

If there is any functionality that you need that is not included in the software, you can always request it to the Imaxel team to evaluate it and, if so, we will prepare a budget for the implementation cost.

How can I see a working environment?

Get in touch with us, and we’ll provide you access to a demo, so you can check if our software really suits your needs.

Can I buy the Imaxel solution if I don’t have a website?

Yes. With our standard solution, we provide you with a WebApp already configured and ready to use. In this way, your clients will be able to use it on the internet and on their mobile. And if what you want is to expand your sales through a well-positioned website, we also offer you the possibility of developing an e-commerce portal for photo products and positioning it in the main search engines.

Can I use the Imaxel ordering and personalization platform as a kiosk in my store?

Of course! All you need is a computer with a touch screen or an “all-in-one” computer with an internet connection where you will install our kiosk software and connect it to your Imaxel account.

Can I create an account with Imaxel to start a business of selling photo products and gifts or personalization products if I don’t have printing equipment?

Yes. You put the creativity and the ideas, and Imaxel will do the rest. We have a network of printers around the world to be able to serve those who do not have equipment to print.

Can I integrate Imaxel solution with the website that I already have?

Yes. You do not have to give up the use of your website or e-commerce if you already have one. We have extensions for the main platforms on the market and an API REST for systems made with our own code.


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Registro de cambios


*SimplePhotobook2 products workflow review (save button, edit project, duplicate project, etc…)
*Minor bugs fixes.
*Code refactor Admin area.


*Disable “Read more” link for imaxel products
*Fix post warning in imaxel_operations
*New way of deactivating add to cart button for imaxel products
*Woocommerce 5.3 compatibility
*ICP products
*Javascript assets now include version info as a parameter in the .js path to avoid cache issues.
*Removed iWeb products
*Creative / ICP projects management modifications in my account section
*Cron for orders management

Previous versions

*Fix compatibility with WooCommerce ~4.0.0


*Add the possibility to edit the project once in the shopping cart


*Add possibility to use woocommerce variations with Imaxel Variants
*Solve bugs with Creating Users and Creating Categories
*Solve bug with iWeb not updating the price of saved projects on the cart page


  • Integration Iweb


  • Alternative function to grab products from imaxel


  • New Print Packs prices in products


  • WP 4.5.2
  • WOO 2.5.5
  • Fixed automatic send to production on order status update


  • Fixed automatic send to production on order status update
    = 2.9=
  • Fixed import products


  • Fixed send to production on some orders


  • Fixed send to production on some orders


  • Fixed send to production error on automatic mode


  • Fixed send to production error


  • Sync prices from imaxel when visit import section


  • Fixed automatic send to production option


  • Fixed some bugs on call to the api


  • Fixed some bugs on call to the api


  • Fixed some bugs on call to the api


  • Prepare for uninstall data on uninstall
  • Better call to the imaxel api
  • Fixed some bugs on call to the api
  • Override woo template theme
  • Tested on woo 2.4.13


  • Tested in wp 4.4.1 and woo 4.10.12
  • Import loop products from imaxel fixed
  • Problem with cart cookies modifications fixed


  • This is the first version after wordpress revisions


  • This is the first version