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Gooten Shipping for WooCommerce


Run your online store like one of the big guys.

Gooten is an order management system & service that automates the hard work of fulfilling customer orders. It includes:
* creation and management of unlimited varieties of over 100 different product types (apparel, prints, home decor, etc.)
* simple integration with multiple marketplaces & platforms (Shopify, Etsy, WooCommerce, even your own custom application)
* on-demand production — no inventory required — from a high quality, global network of top-tier manufacturers
* simple shipping to customers around the world
In short, if it comes between a customer placing an order and receiving it, Gooten takes care of efficiently and reliably. And now, the Gooten’s WooCommerce plugin offers easy, seamless integration with your WooCommerce-powered WordPress site.

The power of a complex global supply chain without the hassle.

At Gooten, we’ve learned that while merchants appreciate the simplicity of a single manufacturer and fulfillment provider, relying on one production source — no matter how good it is — puts harsh limits on a store’s ability to grow. But working with multiple manufacturers creates logistical headaches many sellers simply don’t have the time, resources, or expertise to handle themselves, and it leaves most of them with little or no leverage on pricing or quality.

Gooten gives you the best of both worlds — a single system and service provider connected to a managed global manufacturing and shipping network capable of fulfilling more orders, to more places, than anyone else. That means:
* more products for you to choose from
* reliable production and backup suppliers, even during peak seasons
* a broad selection of unique products from specialty manufacturers
* higher quality & fewer errors
* better pricing from Gooten’s purchasing power
* the ability to mix print on demand with bulk production for optimal efficiency
* a single, friendly, and familiar point of contact for all of your operational questions

Who is Gooten for?

Online retailers come in all shapes and sizes, and grow and change over time. Gooten is designed specifically for established ecommerce businesses that have outgrown manual fulfillment (or are beginning to), but aren’t big enough to cost-effectively build their own complex supply chain and fulfillment operations.

If that sounds like you, try Gooten today by creating a free account at Getting started is simple, and we have a variety of tools and services for easily migrating one (or all) of your existing products.

How does the Gooten Shipping for WooCommerce plugin work?

Because Gooten allows you to use high quality manufacturers from around the world, shipping options, destinations, and costs will change from product to product.

Out of the box, WooCommerce doesn’t work this way — and that’s where the Gooten Shipping for WooCommerce plugin comes in. It allows your store to both support and display individual shipping options for each product in a customer’s cart.

If you use Gooten, you’ll need this plugin. If you don’t use Gooten, you might find this plugin useful, but we don’t recommend it for non-Gooten stores, and we’re only able to provide support for Gooten partners.


  • Once the plugin is installed, use the “Gooten” shipping class to display the correct price and options for each item in a cart.
  • With Gooten, create and manage unlimited varieties of over 100 different product types.
  • On-demand production — no inventory required — from a high quality, global network of top-tier manufacturers.


  1. Go to your WordPress Settings > Permalinks and select “Post Name” on Common Settings.
  2. Install and activate the Gooten Shipping for WooCommerce plugin.
  3. Connect to WooCommerce store through your Gooten.

That’s it — you’re now able to set and display individual shipping options inside a customer’s cart.

Note that these are only instructions for setting up the Gooten Shipping for WooCommerce plugin itself. The Gooten knowledge base has more details on how to set up new products, link them to your store, and perform other store management tasks.
Read our setup guide


7 de marzo de 2021
Keep getting the following error message: Error: An error occurred in the request and at the time were unable to send the consumer data.
28 de julio de 2020
Does not work. Don’t beat your head against a wall.
25 de mayo de 2020 6 respuestas
Followed all the instructions – seasoned WooCommerce and WordPress user. Can’t integrate my store – constantly get Error: An error occurred in the request and at the time were unable to send the consumer data. Prepared to accept it could be my WooCommerce but Printful and Printify integrate. This plugin is now 11 months without an update and isn’t even guaranteed to work with this version of WooCommerce. I suspect it is broken.
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