Freesoul Deactivate Plugins – Plugin manager and cleanup


FDP te permite desactivar los plugin en páginas específicas para optimizar la velocidad, depurar y resolver problemas.

Funciona para todas las páginas, artículos, custom post que se pueden consultar públicamente, archivos y páginas de back-end.

Deshabilite complementos en páginas específicas para mejorar el rendimiento

Con FDP puede deshabilitar todos los complementos donde no los necesite. No solo limpiará los recursos de los otro plugin, el código PHP tampoco se ejecutará. Por lo tanto, las páginas tendrán menos solicitudes HTTP y menos consultas a la base de datos .

Mejorará el TTFB (time to first byte) también cuando la página no esté servida por la caché .

Usualmente, el número de plugins que se necesitan para una página específica, es menor que el número de plugins activos globalmente.

¿Por qué no mantiene los plugin activos solo en las páginas donde los necesita?

La mayoría de los plugin cargan sus recursos y consultan la base de datos en todas las páginas, sin importar si hacen algo útil. Esto provoca muchas veces un empeoramiento del rendimiento.

Con FDP, no importa cuántos plugin tenga, puede mantenerlos activos solo donde los necesite.

How clean up your website in minutes

Watch this video to have an overview of how to clean up your website with Freesoul Deactivate Plugins.

Desactive los plugin en páginas específicas para resolver conflictos

Con FDP puede obtener una vista previa de la página cargando plugin específicos. Esto es muy útil para detectar qué plugin está causando problemas.

Consulte Cómo comprobar qué plugin está causando problemas en 1 minuto para más detalles.

Si en una página específica mantienes activos solo los plugin que realmente necesitas, la mayoría de las veces la probabilidad de tener conflictos entre complementos es menor.

Features of the free version. With the free version of FDP you can:

  • Deactivate plugins on specific pages, posts, custom posts, post types, archives, term archives, search results page, devices
  • Deactivate plugins and the theme on specific backend pages
  • Deactivate the JavaScript execution for problem solving (preview on front-end)
  • Deactivate plugins by custom URL both for frontend and backend
  • Have an automatic suggestion about the unused plugins for the homepage and the backend
  • Change plugins firing order
  • Create a functional plugin in no time
  • Import/Export list of favorite plugins
  • See a preview of the pages deactivating specific plugins and switching to another theme without affecting the public site
  • See a preview of the page with Google Page Speed Insights for single posts, pages and custom posts (preview without cache, the page may give lower score without cache, use it for comparisons during the optimization)

Y mucho más…

Features of the PRO version. The premium version also includes:

  • Unused plugins automatic suggestion both for frontend and backend
  • Unused plugins automatic check after content update
  • Recording of Ajax activities to find out on which Ajax action you need to disable specific plugins
  • Recording of Post activities to find out on which Post action you need to disable specific plugins
  • Rest APIs cleanup
  • Translated URLs cleanup
  • Cron Jobs cleanup
  • General bloat deaactivation
  • Options autoload management
  • Stylesheests and scripts deactivation of remaining active plugins, theme and core
  • Import/Export FDP settings
  • Bulk actions to activate/deactivate plugins in the FDP settings
  • Plugins deactivation by logged and unlogged user
  • Automatic GTMetrix and Google PSI reports generation

Clean up on mobile

FDP allows you to disable specific plugins for mobile devices. But if you disable a plugin on mobile, that plugin will be disabled on all the pages on mobile.
If you want to selectively disable plugins on mobile pages, you can install Specific Content For Mobile that is fully integrated with FDP.
If you create mobile versions with SCFM, you will find the mobile pages in the FDP Singles settings. There you can disable plugins as you do with normal desktop pages.
FDP and SCFM together are powerful tools to selectively clean up mobile pages.
If you clean up the mobile, remember to set up your caching plugin to separate the desktop and mobile cache, in another case you may have issues.
For instance W3 Total Cache, WP Fastest Cache, Powered Cache, and LiteSpeed Cache are caching plugins that can serve a different cache on mobile.


Solo las estructuras de permalink “Día y nombre”, “Mes y nombre”, “Nombre artículo” y las personalizadas que terminan con “%postname%” son compatibles para desactivar complementos permanentemente (también son mejores para SEO).

No podrá deshabilitar complementos de forma permanente con otras estructuras de permalink.

Lo mismo si está utilizando complementos para cambiar los permalink, por ejemplo, Permalink Manager Lite.

Add-ons de FDP

Recommended plugins to use in conjunction with FDP to improve performance

FDP is compatible with all optimization plugins. If your favorite plugin isn’t in the list above, and it gives conflicts, don’t hesitate to open a thread on the support forum.

Recommended plugins to use in conjunction with FDP for plugins management


Si tiene una instalación multisitio, en cada uno de los sitios podrá administrar solo los plugin que están activos en ese sitio. FDP no verá los complementos que están activos globalmente en la red. Y debe activar FDP en cada sitio, no globalmente en la red.


Consulte cómo desactivar plugin en páginas específicas para aprenda a cargar selectivamente solo los plugin que realmente necesita.

Si tiene alguna pregunta o si algo no funciona, no dude en abrir un thread en el foro de soporte


  • Cómo deshabilitar los plugin en páginas específicas

Preguntas frecuentes

Aquí encontrará las preguntas frecuentes .


18 de enero de 2023 1 respuesta
Didn't need a complicated plugin organize or a plugin with other things like pagespeed boosting to unload assets. I have very few plugins and just wanted to turn off what I don't need on certain pages. This streamlined plugin does it simply and beautifully.
28 de diciembre de 2022
More than a happy user here. After I used free version of Freesoul Deactivate Plugins for more than a year, I bought a PRO version of this plugin, and with one click this plugin does everything for you: it calculates what plugin to use for every single page, post type, archive... On my website it deactivated more than 85% of the plugins (btw. I had 120 active plugins). With the help of one cache plugin, I have a BLAZING FAST website (97+ score on pagespeed ranking for both mobile and web).
11 de diciembre de 2022
I've tried two other plugins that aim to achieve the same. One gave me lots of headaches and didn't work as you'd expect (and I'm a technical user). The other was good but neither offerred the obvious feature - seeing all your pages and archives at the same time with a simple tick box selection. The page preview feature is spot on, too. The free version gives you loads and will help significantly speed up any site especially if you have lots of essential plugins that aren't needed across every page. This plugin differs from the others as it completely strips the PHP too - giving even more performance. It's a winner!
7 de diciembre de 2022 1 respuesta
I run a pretty resource demanding site with almost 60 plugins. All super needed but definitely all the same time! This plugin turns my big slow website into a small simple site again! Ex. all 60 plugins would load on my home page, whereas I would only need 15 in that location. I deactivate all unused and my site just runs fast again! The same for any admin edit page. The pro version even solves more challenges! I'm very excited to finish optimizing all of my crucial pages! In combination with caching and other little tweaks the results are just great!
25 de octubre de 2022 1 respuesta
Once you have the pro version, you literally sit back, and watch it calculate every single page, post type, and archive one by one... And then deactivate 75% of the plugins on each of them. Then, you'll have a BLAZING FAST website. This is so much better than Perfmatters is almost incredible that this isn't as popular... it soon will be! 😁🙌
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  • VULNERABILITY FIX: Vulnerability when an admin exports the list of plugins, an unauthorized user may get the list of the names of the exported plugins
  • Fix: Post requests to the homepage triggering plugins deactivation according to the homepage settings.
  • Fix: FDP preferences shown in the user profile page also to users who can’t activate plugins

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