Este plugin no se ha probado con las últimas 3 versiones mayores de WordPress. Puede que ya no tenga soporte ni lo mantenga nadie, o puede que tenga problemas de compatibilidad cuando se usa con las versiones más recientes de WordPress.

Flyzoo Chat


¡Añade un chat a tu sitio web en 5 minutos! Está perfectamente integrado con los plugins de redes sociales y membresías más populares.

Flyzoo Chat te da todo lo que necesitas para construir una comunidad floreciente.

Perfect for dating websites, forums, webinars, social networks, traders, gamers, radio stations, events and any other kind of site looking to connect users and boost engagement.

Start your 14-day free trial now. Need more time to get started? Just open a support ticket, and we’ll extend your chat trial.

Listo para BuddyPress y Ultimate Member.


  • Single Sign On: members can log in and chat with their existing accounts

  • Friends & Profile Sync: usernames, avatars and friends are automatically synchronized with the chat

  • Chat grupal: create multiple, full-featured chat rooms with emojis, moderation, image and video preview, file sharing and much more!

  • Embeddable Chat: embed group chats into your pages to improve the user experience (PRO+ Plan)

  • Private (one to one) Chat: users can have multiple private chat conversations at the same time

  • Cloud-based: enjoy a fast message delivery without using your server’s resources

  • Chat Moderation: ignore and ban users, block IPs and control swearing in chat rooms with customizable bad words filter, control the maximum message length and send rate to reduce spam

  • Role-based access: restrict access to group chats depending on the user role (i.e. paid, pro…), perfect for sites with paid membership levels (JUMBO+ Plan)

  • In-browser chat experience: browse the site and chat at the same time, resize or minimize chats

  • Compartir archivos (PRO+ Plan)

  • Live Support Chat: customize online/offline greeting messages. Support requests are automatically routed to the first available operator

  • Real-time visitors monitoring: identify and chat with potential customers to increase sales! (PRO+ Plan)

  • Pop out chat windows: enjoy group chats in external browser windows

  • Customization: customize colors, layout, and features

  • Eye-catching design: sleek, modern chat interface

  • Responsive: App-like chat layout on mobile devices

  • SSL: chat encryption for HTTPS/SSL based websites

  • Chat History: group and private chat history & transcripts

  • Multilanguage: chat interface already available in 20 languages.

  • Side chat mode: use a site-wide, global group chat

  • User list mode: show a chat list with users, friends, group chats and recent conversations

  • Allow Subdomains: i.e., allowed from the same subscription (PRO+ Plan)

  • Connect Domains: connect more sites under the same chat (JUMBO+ Plan)

  • API de Javascript

  • REST API: create users, group chats and much more right from your server (ULTRA+ Plan)

Live Support Features

Live support chat is essential to increase conversions and sales. See where visitors came from and what page they are on, chat with potential customers and increase sales!

All the most valuable insights are available at a glance:

  • Current visited page and pageviews
  • Keywords and Campaign data (utm source, campaign, medium, search terms)
  • Referrer
  • Returning visitor


Ultimate Member

  • Avatars and profile link (more coming soon!)


Avatars, Profile link and friends.

Avatar Plugins

El chat obtendrá automáticamente avatars de los siguientes plugins:

  • Gravatar
  • Avatar del usuario
  • WP User Avatar
  • Simple Local Avatars
  • UserPro (
  • Ultimate Member
  • Users Ultra


Chat interface available in English, Spanish, French, Portuguese, Italian, German, Finnish, Slovak, Polish, Russian, Persian (Farsi), Vietnamese, Bulgarian, Arabic, Turkish, Hebrew, Japanese, Swedish, Czech, Serbian, Danish, Chinese, Dutch, Greek and Romanian.
Need another language? Contact us!

Questions? Contact us now!

Flyzoo Chat – Customer Support >>


  • Chat grupal
  • Chat de soporte en vivo con monitoreo en tiempo real de los visitantes
  • Chat privado
  • Monitoreo de visitantes en tiempo real
  • Moderación de usuarios avanzada
  • Lista de usuarios personalizable
  • Compartir archivos
  • Responsivo en móvil
  • Personaliza el color, el layout y las funcionalidades


Instrucciones paso a paso >>

1) Install Flyzoo Chat for WordPress Plugin

  1. Install and activate the chat plugin from your WordPress Admin
  2. Click on Flyzoo Live Chat on the main menu

2) Create your account on

  1. Create a new account on Flyzoo >>
  2. Enter your URL, click next and copy your Flyzoo Application ID
  3. Paste the Flyzoo Application ID and save the configuration


Personaliza tu chat desde el Escritorio >>

Preguntas frecuentes

Is that a free live chat?

We don’t offer free live chat plans; anyway our subscriptions are very affordable.

Need more time to get started? Open a Support Ticket >>, and we’ll extend your trial.

Try it free for 14 days (no credit card required). Save up to 33% with the yearly plans and upgrade, downgrade or cancel your subscription at any time.

How do I go online and chat with visitors?
  1. Visit your website and locate the chat at the bottom of the page
  2. Click on MENU > “Log in or Sign up.”
  3. Enter the e-mail and password you used to join Flyzoo

The main button will turn from “Leave a message” to “We are online”.

I need more time to test the chat, can you extend my trial period?

Sure, we’ll be glad to extend your chat trial if needed!

¿Puedo probarlo en localhost?

Yes, but you still need to provide your production url when you sign up.

How do I embed a group chat on a page?

Log into the Dashboard, click on SETUP > LAYOUT & FEATURES and select the DOCK or USER LIST MODE
(the SIDE CHAT mode does not support embedded group chats). Finally click on SETUP > GROUP CHATS,
locate your chat room and click on “Get embedding code”.

Here you find the shortcode (or javascript version). Copy the shortcode and paste it into the desired page.

(Please note: to embed a group chat you need at least the PRO plan)

Check the Pricing >>

Can I use Flyzoo for customer support?

YES. Log into the dashboard and set this configuration:

  1. SETUP > CUSTOMIZATION > FEATURES set the main button action to “Live Support”
  2. SETUP > LIVE SUPPORT ENGAGEMENT > customize the “we are offline/online” popups
  3. Visit your site and Log into the chat widget to go online for your visitors (see FAQ above)
Do you offer customer support?

YES. We always reply to support requests. Flyzoo Chat Support >>

How do I buy a subscription?

You can buy a subscription with PayPal from the Dashboard >>

How do I recover or change my password?

Clic aquí para restaurar tu contraseña>>

Will this chat slow down my site?

No, el chat se carga asincrónicamente y nuestros servidores se harán cargo de toda la carga de trabajo del chat.

I removed Flyzoo but it still shows on the frontend, how do I remove it completely?

Probablemente las páginas están en caché. Por favor intenta:

  • Limpia la caché de tu navegador
  • if you are using a caching plugin, force a refresh: this should fix the issue.

Otherwise, please check that you haven’t embedded the chat script into some .php file – like footer.php for instance.

Can I suggest a feature?

Sure, feel free to contact us.


13 de enero de 2022
The plugin worked well for our site for a year or two, and then suddenly stopped working. The support was abysmal. They no longer offer a free version, so I don't trust them to pay the $80 to try it again only to have it not work and get little to no response from the developers. You should be ashamed charging for a product that doesn't work and then not supporting it!
5 de julio de 2021
the plugin worked quite well, but trying to get a response from support was so hard, i lost all confidence in the plugin. Please delete all details from my account, including the database of users. thank you. Shame, because i didnt find a better plugin technically until now for community chat.
30 de marzo de 2021
This plugin works well - We had problem contacting support but from the support address provided here we got excellent support. Easy to use and configure
1 de julio de 2020
Beautiful chat and support! The best wordpress / buddypress chat community I have tested =)
9 de junio de 2020
I have submitted several support tickets with no response. My latest request was sent one month ago, and I have followed up on it several times and still nothing. Not acceptable for a plugin I'm spending $US 60/month on.
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Colaboradores y desarrolladores

Este software es de código abierto. Las siguientes personas han contribuido a este plugin.


Traduce "Flyzoo Chat" a tu idioma.

¿Interesado en el desarrollo?

Revisa el código, echa un vistazo al repositorio SVN o suscríbete al registro de desarrollo por RSS.

Registro de cambios


  • IMPROVED: Layout for WP 5.2.2 dashboard.


  • FIXED: Passing all roles assigned to the user for the Role-based Access feature


  • NEW: Admin can hide the User’s IP Address from the dashboard (for the Admin and/or Operators)
  • NEW: Allow/disallow Admin and Operators to access user’s conversations
  • NEW: Allow/disallow Admin to access operator’s conversations


  • NUEVO: se agregó el idioma coreano


  • NUEVO: se agregó el idioma rumano


  • FIXED: Support for default avatars (MonsterId, Retro, etc…)


  • IMPROVED: layout / reduced white space and avatars, new user counter
  • IMPROVED: check for new messages after a disconnection in private chats
  • IMPROVED mobile experience for Side Chat mode
  • IMPROVED: clear chat history from the dashboard in now propagated real-time
  • NUEVO: Opción para desactivar el monitoreo en tiempo real
  • NEW: Option to Force SSL for content posted by users
  • NEW: Compact mode with smaller avatars
  • FIXED: menu randomly not appearing in user list/group chat
  • FIXED: language not set on menu


  • NEW: JS API to count the number of users on a specific group chat
  • NEW: BAN option visible hovering on the message
  • NEW: Admin can check user’s chats from the dashboard


  • NEW: enable/disable editable profile fields
  • NEW: allow only the Admin to clear the group chat from the widget


  • NEW: Restrict private chats only to specific roles
  • NEW: Option to immediately start a private chat or just notify the new message
  • IMPROVED: hide/show embedded chat when operators are offline


  • NEW: Allow only specific roles to chat with users and/or operators


  • 2.2.7 Fixed: language selection works even if SSO is disabled


  • Added Greek language, improved German translation


  • New: REST API – available for ULTRA+ plans
  • Nueva función getUserStatus en JS API


  • New: Custom sounds
  • New: Custom user online/offline icons


  • New: keep users logged in across connected websites (jumbo+ plan)
  • New: set the label counter to users online or users on chat


  • New: option to show offline users
  • Improved sorting in user list


  • New input sanitizer to improve security


  • Nuevos filtros anti-spam
  • Improved UI Alert/Confirm windows


  • Improved media content embedding


  • Improved tab status: opened/closed status restored after reloading the page


  • New: set the chat window popup direction to right-to-left or left-to-right, improved user list spacing


  • Improved avatar support for Ultimate Member and WordPress Social Login/BP.


  • New layout modes for mobile devices (details here:


  • 2.2.4: Updated signup link


  • 2.2.3: Minor code cleanup


  • New: Option to force widget language if needed


  • New: Remove single or all messages for a specific user on group chats
  • New: Filters to allow/deny link posting for specific domains


  • Nuevo: modo de chat lateral compacto


  • Integración con Users Ultra
  • Improved scroller: faster and smoother scroll both on desktop and mobile
  • Total rewrite of the virtual keyboard handling on mobile devices
  • Added “SEND” button (useful to immediately send the message after adding an emoji)
  • Improved click responsiveness for header icons
  • Fixed events not firing on hybrid (touch + keyboard) devices
  • Added BAN option from the private chat for operators
  • Added user’s online status in the private chat windows
  • Se mejoraron las traducciones al italiano y el sueco


  • Se agregó el idioma holandés


  • Added API Secret Key to improve security: starting from November, 1st 2015 all API SSO requests must provide a valid API signature,
    please log into the dashboard and retrieve you API Secret Key as soon as possible.


  • Nuevo: Comienza un chat privado desde un mensaje en el chat grupal
  • Nuevo: Compatible con urls de perfil para Ultimate Member 1.3.15
  • Corregido: Carga de archivos en iOS


  • Fixed: Avatar issues with Ultimate Member 1.3.11


  • New: Option to sort group chats
  • New: Option to customize the main button label when set to “Users Online & Chat rooms” mode


  • New: Added avatars support for Ultimate Member


  • New: Customizable chat bubble colors
  • New: Option to show only users with the same role
  • New: Disable invisible mode for users and guests


  • New: Hide group chat if user is not in allowed roles
  • Improved: remember private & group chat window state across page reloads


  • New: Option to disable the widget on mobile devices


  • Improved: virtual keyboard support on iPad


  • New: Customizable user list background and font color in group chats
  • New: Enable/disable message posting for registered users too
  • New: Hide/show a group chat on the main chat list
  • New: Set max width for group chats media content preview
  • New: Three layout modes for messages in group chats (Full, No Avatars, Full Row Compact)
  • New: Hide/Show Friends and Recent conversations TABs
  • New: Show recent conversations under the CHAT tab instead of users (this affects only users, operators will still see the standard chats/friends/recent list)
  • New: Hide registered users on main list (use in combination with hide guests to show only operators)
  • New: Dashboard > Editable IP Blacklist
  • New: Change password from user the widget under MENU > EDIT PROFILE
  • New: Added Czech language
  • New: Added Serbian language
  • New: Friends label can now be set to “Friends” or “Favorites”
  • Improved: virtual keyboard management on mobile devices
  • Improved: User search in Dashboard (new filters and sorting options)
  • Improved: Reduced spacing between chat messages
  • Fixed: file upload in iPad devices randomly not triggered
  • Corrección: traducción al japonés


04.22.2015 * 20+ new features, improvements and integrations!

  • Lista de amigos (integrada con BuddyPress)
  • API sync (avatar, name, friends and roles)
  • Integration with UserPro
  • Integration with User Avatar plugin
  • Integration with WP User Avatar plugin
  • Integration with Simple Local Avatars plugin
  • Recent conversations accessible from the site to all users
  • Ignorar usuario
  • Requiere que los invitados cambien de nombre antes de acceder al chat grupal
  • Compartir archivos
  • Image cover for group chats
  • Clear private conversations
  • User list resizable in group chats
  • Side chat mode
  • User list mode
  • Role-based access
  • Cookieless design (chat available to browsers blocking third-party cookies by default)
  • Customizable user list (show/hide guests, show/hide group chats, start from friends)
  • Allow Subdomains
  • Allow Multidomains
  • Link to user profile
  • Improved bad word filters
  • Option to switch sound off by default
  • Mejoras en la infraestructura y la CDN


01.09.2015 * Fixed a potential conflict using avatars with some themes


11.10.2014 * Plugin optimizations / improvements


10.22.2014 * NEW: Page Filters: enable/disable the chat on specific pages


10.14.2014 * Fixed minor bug / missing avatars


10.6.2014 * Fixed minor bug / curl


10.3.2014 * Fixed minor SSO bug


* NEW: Chat from your site and/or from the WordPress Admin
* NEW: Easier to install!
* NEW: WordPress Log out turns the chat off


* New translations: Spanish, French, Italian and German
* Improved users online counter
* Avatars are now served from a worldwide CDN to improve chat performance


* New feature: Secure Connection over HTTPS/SSL


* Now Single Sign On is optional, improved infrastructure and chat message delivery


* Improved signup procedure


* Official Plugin for Flyzoo Chat Released!