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Overwrite web form actions and within external services from your serverless WordPress backend with FLATsite Serverless Forms plugin: the #1 WordPress forms plugin for serverless WordPress websites.

FLATsite has helped thousands of websites worldwide convert their websites to static HTML to optimize page load speeds, boost website security, etc. Now FLATsite has created a responsive serverless form plugin to give you access to hundreds of WordPress Forms, without using a database. This serverless form plugin will guarantee better user experience for serverless website and it works with any static WordPress website.

Top Serverless Forms Features:

  • Serverless feature which remove server side. Works on serverless and PHP base WordPress
  • Works with external services such as IFTT, FormKeep, Basin, Formspree among others.
  • Single HTTP Endpoint with custom thank you page.


1.Install FLATsite Serverless Forms to your WordPress site.
2.Activate it, then navigate to FLATsite Serverless Forms options under the Admin settings section on your WordPress Backend.
3.Add your custom Endpoint.
4.Setup your third-party form.
5.Test to ensure the form works properly on your site.
*Thank you page and Custom Form Lookup are not required.


  • How to Install plugin.
  • How to Activate the plugin.
  • How Setup the plugin.

Preguntas frecuentes

Do I need to set up something?

Yes, you will need to set your custom HTTP Endpoint for handling the form under “Settings” -> “FLATsite Serverless Forms”.
*No changes are necessary for the other fields.

Does this plugin supports sending files?

Not yet. This feature depends on the 3th party form you are using. If Handler is your script you might be able to send files.

Does this plugin have forms implementations?

No, you need to provide a specific ID or class to look up. Once you install the plugin, it will overwrite form functions using ajax instead of the standard PHP on WordPress. It’s compatible with both static and WordPress sites.

Does Serverless Forms include an AntiSpam bot?

Not yet. We are working on it but as 3th parties are not fully supported, we encourage you to use custom made scripts where you can control this.

Does FLATsite Serverless Forms plugin support all plugin forms?

We have tested several plugin forms. FLATsite works best with WPForms, Contact 7 Form, Gravity and many custom made forms.


22 de noviembre de 2021
No doubt, exceptionally fast support. Recommend FLATsite solution. Agencies and clients benefit from the fastest and most secure tool that can manage thousands of sites. Thumbs up!
5 de noviembre de 2021
While English is set as default, the platform is fully multi-lingual and comes with 135 different common languages to choose from. Yes, FLATsite really is that fast. In fact, even though that was one of the platform’s key selling points, I was still pleasantly surprised at just how quick and simple it was to use. Thumbs up!
28 de octubre de 2021
Moved to FLATsite and fully-satisfied with their services. Our sites are ultra-fast, even with the most basic hosting. It provides lightweight static sites that are affordable and maintenance-free. Plugins are typically created for single sites and as a result, not all plugins work with Multisites.
7 de septiembre de 2021
Guys, I am happy. FLATsite not only allows me to set the name, live URL and server, it also allows me to set the display language for my Wordpress websites. Tech support is all important to me, I do not know a lot but want to do so much, they help me along the road all the way. You will not be disappointed.
30 de agosto de 2021
They have given me great advice, and solved all my problems within 10 minutes. FLATsite serverless forms and search will gave me optimal exprience on unhackable WordPress platform. I am extremely satisfied.
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