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CW World News


Get the latest news from Feedzilla (

Articles are obtained from a network of news sources.

Allow site visitors to select from a range of languages, categories and subcategories.

Allow site visitors to search articles for specific search terms.

Use of the Feedzilla service is subject to the following terms of service:

Install the plugin and use the [cw_feedzilla_newsfeed] shortcode on any page to display the news.

The shortcode also accepts the following attributes, all of which are optional:
[cw_feedzilla_newsfeed language=”en_us” category=”World News” subcategory=”Top Stories” order=”date” search=”wordpress”]

If attributes are provided to the shortcode the relevant selections are removed from the navbar, e.g. if language is provided in the shortcode the language dropdown is removed from the news navbar. If all the attributes are provided the navbar is removed altogether. In this way you can list articles from a specific category and visitors to the site will not be able to change the selection.

Live example at


  • A list of the Top Stories in World News.
  • A list of the Top Stories in IT.
  • Where the article includes images those are included with the summary.
  • The admin settings


  1. Upload to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress
  3. Use the [cw_feedzilla_newsfeed] shortcode to display the news on any page.

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Registro de cambios


  • Fix dynamic loading of AddThis buttons.


  • Prepopulate category and sub-category dropdowns so they are never blank


  • Layout improvements
  • Ensure default category is set when visitor first arrives


  • Add AddThis share buttons to articles (optional admin setting)


  • Fix for error on sites that do not have upload_dir set.


  • Fix for potential jQuery errors on some sites causing refresh to fail
  • Update shortcode to accept attributes for language, category, etc.
  • Hide navbar when all attributes are passed to shortcode
  • Fix for auto refresh timing issues
  • Cache language, categories and subcategories for better performance and bandwidth utilisation.


  • Improve layouts
  • Add short code instruction to Description
  • Fix for broken More.. link
  • Clear Language, Category and Subcategory select boxes while loading


  • Add sort by option
  • Improve portrait layout
  • Add “More…” link to full article
  • Add headline count, titles only and include images options to admin settings


  • Add portrait layout


  • Fix to ensure AJAX calls made only on news page to avoid performance issues
  • Present error notices gracefully – avoiding popup alert messages


  • First release