Fast Checkout for WooCommerce


Fast Checkout enables a hassle-free, secure one-click checkout experience for your customers. Install it in minutes so your customers can check out in seconds.

Simply install & configure the Fast Checkout for WooCommerce WordPress plugin to start seeing fewer abandoned carts and more sales for your business. Our top sellers have seen a 20-35% uplift in conversion within one week of installing Fast Checkout.


Follow our installation guide over on GitHub

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How much does Fast cost?

Fast replaces your current payment processor. You can see our fee schedule, similar to Stripe’s, on our pricing page.


22 de abril de 2021
First off, I want you to know that I lead Developer Relations at Fast. I thought you should have that context so you can decide how this review affects your decision. Fast increases conversion, boosts sales and delights customers. Once a seller purchases from a Fast store, their private data is stored in their Fast account. The next time they visit your store—and many others across the internet—they'll be able to checkout in seconds. I personally see it like 1password on steroids, a way to safety store my payment and shipping information for me to leverage quickly—seconds in this case—when I'm shopping online. I can't wait until subscription companies start leveraging Fast too.
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  • Add widgets to display the Fast Checkout and Fast Login buttons.
  • Add Gutenberg block types to display the Fast checkout and Fast Login buttons.
  • Add an option to prevent the Fast Login button from being displayed in the footer.
  • Display admin notices whenever the Fast plugin is in Test Mode or Debug Mode.
  • Add a footer to the Fast settings page that includes useful links and the latest version number of the plugin.
  • Replace inline admin CSS with enqueued CSS file.


  • Require an active WooCommerce plugin before loading Fast and add notification indicating that WooCommerce is required.
  • Add ability to check for specific WooCommerce versions before loading certain features.
  • Add an option under Fast settings to allow the admin to choose where the store redirects after successful checkout.
  • Update the Fast settings page to use templates.
  • Add a support tab to include documentation and support ticket link.


  • Add tabs to the Fast settings page in the WordPress admin.


  • Add an option to select the hook used to display the Fast Checkout button on product details pages.


  • Fix a sytax error in the debug logging.


  • Add debug mode and logging.


  • Improve and simplify logic for conditions to hide checkout and login buttons.
  • Add check to hide buttons for shortcodes.


  • Add an option to select specific products for which to hide the Fast Checkout button.


  • Hide the Fast Checkout button for variable subscription products.


  • Fast Checkout for WooCommerce launch