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EZee Copyright Protector


EZee Copyright Protector prevents copying and plagiarism of your original or copyrighted content. It works on Mozilla Firefox,
Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge and Opera browsers. It prevents selection, copying, cutting, pasting,
dragging and saving of your content. On trying any of these operations, a modal dialog box is presented to the user.
This dialog can only be dismissed by clicking the cross on the top right of the dialog. The admin can change the title and
text of the copyright notice which appears as a modal popup. This plugin does not claim to support shortcodes from other
plugins in its text editor field.

Thank you Rochana Deb, for the art work!


Browse to the site where you installed this plugin.
To test the popup, position the mouse on your page and try clicking the select all, copy, cut, paste, drag, save and
inspect element on the page in the browsers mentioned in the plugin description. You should see a popup and verify that
it can be dismissed by clicking the cross marked close button. You should also not be
able to view source for the page you are on by pressing Ctrl+U.


The following features exist in this plugin:

  1. It prevents users from copying the site content when the plugin is active,
    by showing a modal popup when any key combination is pressed to copy the content. e.g. Ctrl + C
  2. You can dismiss the popup by clicking the cross button in the top right of the popup.
  3. The users cannot view the source of the page they are on when the plugin is active.
  4. The user also cannot view or use web developer tools to copy your site html content.
  5. The popup auto-scales to the content visible in it.
  6. The popup’s title and text are editable. You can also add media such as images, videos and
    audio clips to the body text. Audio and video are HTML5 based.


  • The screenshot-1.png shows the demo modal popup that appears in the frontend when the plugin has been installed and activated.

  • The screenshot-2.png shows the modal popup as it appears on the front-end after editing. The body of the popup shows that html content as well as media can be added to it.

  • The screenshot-3.png shows the admin section of the plugin where you can configure the settings such as title and body text.


There are two ways to install the plugin once you have obtained the zip archive of the plugin.

Option 1: Unzip the plugin to install it

  1. Unzip the archive with the name beginning with ez-cpyright-protector.
  2. Connect to your website via FTP.
  3. Browse to ‘/wp-content/plugins/’ directory in FTP.
  4. Upload the entire ‘ez-cpyright-protector’ folder to FTP.
  5. Login to the Admin Dashboard ‘/wp-admin’ of your website.
  6. Browse the plugins page. You will see ‘EZee Copyright Protector’ plugin in the listing.
  7. Activate the plugin in step 6 above.

Option 2: Upload the plugin archive as is

  1. Login to your admin dashboard ‘/wp-admin’.
  2. Under ‘Plugins’ in the left sidebar, you will see an ‘Add New’ menu. Click it.
  3. You will be taken to the plugin install page. Click ‘Upload Plugin’ button on top of this page.
  4. A form will open up prompting to upload a Zip file. Upload your plugin archive and click the submit button.
  5. Click the ‘Activate Plugin’ button under the ‘Plugin installed successfully.’ message.
  6. You will see the message ‘Plugin Activated’ on the plugin listing page.

IMPORTANT: Either way, you need to configure the plugin for first-time use in your site.

  1. Click on the ‘EZee Copyright Protector’ menu in the left sidebar of your admin dashboard.
  2. Configure your popup according to your needs on the page that opens up.
  3. You can enter the title and body text of the popup.
  4. Although you can add media in the body text, avoid using wallpapers thousands of pixels tall or wide.
    Likewise, do not add videos that are hundreds of megabytes in size.
  5. Don’t forget to click ‘Save’ at the bottom.

Preguntas frecuentes

Q1. I installed and activated this plugin. But I did not see a proper modal popup with any proper message on clicking copy, etc.
What’s wrong?

A1. The plugin needs to be configured for first-time use after installation and activation:

1.  Click on the 'EZee Copyright Protector' menu in the left sidebar of your admin dashboard.
2.  Configure your popup according to your needs on the page that opens up.
3.  You can enter the title and body text.
4.  Although you can add media in the body text, avoid using wallpapers thousands of pixels tall or wide, very long audio 
    clippings or videos of sizes of hundreds of megabytes.
5.  Don't forget to click 'Save' at the bottom.
6.  Verify that a proper popup shows up by clicking the key combinations given in the plugin description.

Q2. I activated and configured the plugin. Then I clicked a key combination , like copy (Ctrl + C). But I don’t get any popup. Why?

A2. You need to refresh the page in the browser after activating the plugin.


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