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Create and manage all your events the easy way. Events Calendar Registration & Booking by Events Plus, allows you to create events and allow visitors to register and pay online. Display all your events in an events calendar, events list, events widget, and an awesome events grid design.

Our WordPress events calendar plugin is updated regularly. New features are added constantly and we provide support to all our customers. Take a look at some of the main features below:

WordPress Event Registration

Allow your visitors to register and book a seat for your event online. Visitors can choose an event, amount of seats to book, and pay for it online.

Events Google Maps Integration

A google map is automatically generated when you create your event. This allows your visitors to view the exact location of your event.

Multilingual Events Plugin

With the new WordPress 4.0 language switcher, you can switch the plugin’s language with one single click. Now you can have your admin section and plugin in the same language!

Shortcodes Driven Events Plugin

Using the built-in shortcodes you can easily display events on any page or post. Add an events calendar, events list, and events grid using shortcodes.

Events Tickets and Coupons (premium only)

Create different ticket types: Adults, Children, VIP, Free events, etc. Offer your visitors discount coupons and specify the time limit to use those coupons.

Events Custom Registration Forms (premium only)

Create your own questions for customers to fill out during registration. Choose from multiple fields such as radio buttons, dropdowns, checkboxes, etc.

Unlimited Calendars and Category Colors

Add your own colors to your events calendar so that it matches your theme and brand. Choose colors for categories, calendar header, and calendar sub header.

Events Countdown Timer

Now you can add a countdown timer to all your events. Choose from the admin section if you would like to display the countdown timer and entice your visitors to signup for your event.

Responsive Design

Created using twitter bootstrap, Events Plus has been optimized and built to display perfectly on all screen sizes and mobile devices.

Events Stats Dashboard

View all your event’s important information in a modern dashboard design. Take a quick glimpse at the latest payments, latest events, event categories, and latest attendees.

Well Documented Plugin

We have built an easy to use knowledgebase online so that you can find your answers quick. Browse through the articles to find tutorials on how to setup and run the plugin.

Responsive Events Calendar

Finding the right WordPress Events Calendar is no easy task, with all the free and premium calendar plugins is hard to make a choice. Luckily, with events plus you get all the features at no extra charges.

Pixel Perfect Single Event Design

Our WordPress register plugin has been coded using the latest trends and techniques to fit on all mobile devices and across all web browsers.

Beautiful Events List Design

Display a beautiful events list on any page or post using a simple shortcode. Our WordPress events list design has been created to show your events in an elegant and easy to read format.

Events Grid Layout Design (premium only)

Our WordPress events grid allows you to display all your events in a fancy grid layout. Stand out from the crowd with our events grid plugin.

Events List Widget

Display your events in a compact list using our wordpress events widget feature. Chose the amount of events to display and the event excerpt length as well.

Summary of Main Features

  • Responsive Events Grid
  • Bulk Discounts
  • Countdown Timer
  • New Bootstrap 3.0 event display
  • WordPress 4.0 ready!
  • Register & Pay via Paypal or
  • Create ticket prices for your events
  • Multilingual Plugin
  • Recurring Events
  • Display events in Ascending or Descending order
  • Display dates in American and non-American format
  • Display event time in AM-PM or 24hrs. format
  • Limit amount of seats per event
  • Create discount coupons for your events
  • Add your own header image
  • Automatic google maps integration
  • Easily translatable via .PO language file
  • Add your own colors to the calendar
  • Create custom fields for the Registration form
  • Sidebar widget ready
  • Colored Categories
  • Create custom emails for attendees after registration
  • Export Events List
  • Export attendees list
  • Wait List
  • Keep track of payments
  • Accept donations for your events
  • Close registrations on start or end of event
  • Send confirmation emails
  • Copy events with one single click
  • Add calendar or single events via shortcodes


Documentation is available on our website for all customers.


  • The Events Calendar.
  • The Single Event design without display the registration form.
  • The Single Event design display the registration form.
  • The Events List Design.
  • The Events Grid Design.
  • Create an event options.
  • Event Categories.
  • General Settings options
  • Events Management options
  • Statistics Dashboard


Install and Activate

Installing our events calendar plugin is easy. Just follow these steps:

  1. From the dashboard of your site, navigate to Plugins –> Add New.
  2. Select the Upload option and hit “Choose File.”
  3. When the popup appears select the file.
  4. Follow the on-screen instructions and wait as the upload completes.
  5. When it’s finished, activate the plugin via the prompt. A message will show confirming activation was successful. To the left, a new menu will appear so you can navigate the plugin options.

That’s it! Just configure your settings as you see fit, and you’re on your way to creating your new events. Need help getting things started? Check out our new knowledge base for help with settings and features.

Preguntas frecuentes

I’m having trouble setting up the plugin. Where should I start looking?

The first thing you want to do is visit our documentation & knowledgebase section. Search through our articles and you are most likely to find your answers there. If you do not find your answer, you can post your question in the forum. Keep in mind that premium support is only provided to customers who have purchase the premium version of our plugin.

I’m Stuck, where do I report a bug or submit a support request

All of our customers who use the lite version of our plugin can post a question in the forum, which could take up to a week to respond. Make sure you check our documentation & knowledgebase section first. If you don’t want to wait, you might want to consider purchasing a premium license of our events plugin instead.

I’m interested in upgrading to the premium version where do I buy?

You need to go to our website and click on the purchase button on the top menu. Your purchase comes with 6 months premium support and unlimited updates. You pay only one time, no annual fees.


10 de agosto de 2021
*Plugin Hey admin, Never miss an important update - opt in to our security & feature updates notifications, and non-sensitive diagnostic tracking with If you skip this, that's okay! WP Events Lite will still work just fine. ----------- but skip is not possible, it doesn´t work! ---------- and the non-sensitive datas ... look at the Website ... ---------- * What exactly is tracked? • Events Plus Lite state (active, inactive, uninstalled) • Events Plus Lite version • Site URL • <strong>Your user’s first & last name</strong> • <strong>Your user’s email address & IP</strong> • WordPress locale (country + language) • WordPress version • PHP version • MySql version • List of installed plugins (optional) • List of installed themes (optional) ---------- This is sure NOT non-sensitive !
12 de marzo de 2019
We purchased this plugin and the functionality seemed great. However the excitement was short lived as the plugin does not support one of the largest international payment gateways - Sage Pay. Sage Pay is part of the Sage Group PLC, one of the leaders in payments processing, accounting -and payroll processing globally. They offer various other free plugins for most of the large and reputable Wordpress (and other CMS) shopping carts and as such EventsPlus would have made a nice add on for South African users. The developers were asked to include Sage Pay as it would be beneficial for other users of WP EventsPlus but the quotation received is almost 10 (ten) times what the website cost the customer and not viable.
10 de septiembre de 2018
"Please help us improve WP Events Lite! If you opt-in, some data about your usage of WP Events Lite will be sent to If you skip this, that's okay! WP Events Lite will still work just fine." The "skip" option does not work. 🙁
7 de julio de 2018
Entire process of adding an event is a little cumbersome - many different screens to go through to add info to just one event. Then they all have to be connected. I never did figure out how to get a list of all events on one page. Lots of error messages too.
17 de abril de 2018
I just tried the plugin, after seeing the Pro version on codecanyon, and I have to agree with @nretter. The docs are sparse and there's zero info there for programmers. I couldn't even activate the plugin until I fixed 3 bugs in the init code. Once it was up, I had to choose whether to allow the plugin to spy on me using freemius. Clicking the Skip button, did nothing. So I clicked the I Agree button, which worked naturally, so I could at least see the plugin's interface. The parts that weren't broken looked nice. I tried to add an event, but was met with so many PHP errors, warnings, and WordPress deprecation notices that the page was unusable. Same for the settings page. I saw very little by way of customizing the output HTML, a lot of it was hard-coded with no filters or overridable templates. Searches for hooks revealed very few that weren't just intended for internal use. Most of the code seemed well written otherwise, with some really old crufty bits in places, and some SQL code that really needs to be updated to using ->prepare(). It could also use a reduction in the number of front-end dependencies it's loading, I counted 16 between the CSS/JS files. Also, the first review is by the plugin author...
12 de marzo de 2018
Answer to questions and/or bug reports from people trying to evaluate the thing is: "Buy the pro version and then ask the question (or report the bug)". And there's a lot to ask questions about since no user-guide sort of documentation is available. Docs are just a set of minimalist notes about specific fields in the plugin's configuration forms. My experience in just this first morning of trying the plugin has included five bugs of varying severity, and that's before even reaching the point of an event showing up on my site. If you persist in using this plugin, good luck getting that to happen. Totally disappointing.
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1.0 – 16 March 2017

  • Initial Plugin Release

1.1 – 02 May 2017

  • Workflow improvements
  • Google Geo location fix

1.2 – 02 May 2017

  • Improvements

1.3 – 19 Jun 2017

  • Bug Fixes

1.4 – 19 Oct 2017

  • Currency list updated
  • Currency filter added

1.5 – 11 Nov 2017

  • Bug Fixes

1.6 – 19 Oct 2017

  • Video embed bug fix

1.7 – 5 Jan 2018

  • Shortocde Warning bug fix

1.8 – 28 Sep 2018

  • General Release & Bug Fixes

1.9 – 11 Nov 2018

  • General Release & Bug Fixes

1.9.1 – 11 Nov 2018

  • Calendar shortcode added

1.9.2 – 18 May 2019

  • General Improvements