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Education Addon for Elementor


Education Addon covers all the Must-Have elements for creating a perfect Education website using Elementor Page Builder. 20+ Unique & Basic Elementor widget covers all of the Education elements.

Demo Education Website

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20+ Education Website Widgets

Each elementor widget crafted based on Education Websites in Mind. So, this plugin covers all 20+ free must-needed elementor widgets to fulfill your education website needs. At the same time, it grabs your visitor’s attention. 🙂

Easy to Customize

User-Friendly wise Elementor is the best choice of Page Builder in WordPress. We assured that same editing experience in our Addons plugin too. Every widget comes with plenty of options with easy to edit user experience.


Supported Education Plugins

  1. LearnPress – WordPress LMS Plugin
  2. The Events Calendar
  3. Tutor LMS – eLearning and online course solution
  4. MasterStudy LMS – WordPress LMS Plugin
  5. Sensei LMS

Professional Support

Our experienced Team supports your every question carefully, and your points/notes will take to the core development team to improving our plugin gradually.

20+ Education Free Widgets & Counting

You can find all of the following 20+ most useful widgets of your Awesome Education Website.

All elements list: Elements List

Basic Widgets

  1. Banner – Two Styles, Title, Button, Link, Student Image, Stylings, Slider Controls
  2. Blog – Two Styles, Limits, Blog Listing Orders, Stylings, Meta Informations Controls
  3. Categories – Two Styles, Listing Orders, Stylings
  4. Classes Form – Two Styles, Forms, Popup Video, Contents, Styling Controls
  5. Countdown – Date and Time Controls, Limitless Dates, Specific Dates, Time Formats, Stylings
  6. Courses – Two Styles, Listing Orders, Meta-information controls, Stylings
  7. Event Listings – Two Styles, Listing Orders, Meta-Informations, Stylings
  8. Instructor – Two Styles, Listing Orders, Social Media, Stylings
  9. Meeting – Two Styles, Listing Orders, Meta-Informations, Stylings, Links
  10. Newsletter Form – Two Styles, Title, Description, Subscribe Form, Stylings
  11. Offer – Two Styles, Title, Description, Button, Stylings
  12. Plans – Two Styles, Title, Price, Contents, List, Button, Stylings
  13. Courses Carousel – Two Styles, Dynamic Data’s.
  14. Pricing Table – Three Styles, Price, Title, Lists, Recommended Plan, Button, Stylings
  15. Services – Carousel Settings, Carousel Title, Carousel Description, Services Title, Services Description
  16. Appointment – Title, Description, Phone Number, Working Hours, Button, Link.
  17. Notice – Title, Description, Button, Link, Stylings
  18. Step Flow – Icon, Title, Description, Stylings
  19. Process – Two Styles, Number, Title, Description, Image, Stylings
  20. Testimonials – Two Styles, Image, Content, Name, Profession, Stylings
  21. Profile – Two Styles, Name, Profession, Description, Social Links, Contact Informations, Image, Stylings
  22. Section Title – Title, Description, Alignments, Stylings


  • Education Addon for Elementor
  • 20+ Must-Have Free Elements/Widgets
  • Top 5 Supported Plugins from Education Website
  • Most Needed Elements are Covered


  • Make sure you already have a WordPress site and the Elementor plugin installed and activated.

Default Installation

  1. Install “Education Addon” via the WordPress plugin directory.
  2. Once installed, Activate “Education Addon.”

Manual Installation

  1. Upload the plugin folder to the “/wp-content/plugins/” directory.
  2. Activate the plugin through the “Plugins” screen in WordPress

Preguntas frecuentes

This plugin work with any theme?

Yes, for sure! It will work with any theme that “Elementor Page Builder” works.

Is this plugin work without Elementor Page Builder?

No, it’ll not work without Elementor Page Builder, it’s an addon for Elementor.


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= 1.1

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  • Course Carousel
  • Services
  • Step Flow
  • Pricing Table
  • Notice
  • Translation
  • Few CSS Fixes

= 1.0

  • Initial release